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Wipeout for Android officially hits the Play Store



Let’s face it— most of us secretly enjoy watching all those faceplants, falls and general slip-ups found on the classic TV show Wipeout, but you been itching for a chance to partake in that type of competitive glory? Well famed game publisher Activision is giving us the chance to live out our wildest dreams by unleashing the Wipeout Android game to the masses. Just like in the real-life gameshow, the premise of the game is for players to go through a gauntlet of obstacles with the end goal of not necessarily to complete them— but to wipeout as best as you possibly can. The great thing about this is users get style points for different wipeouts— so if you have a sick wipeout, players won’t be made fun of like in real life— but rather they will be praised for taking the wipeout like a champ and looking cool while doing it! In addition to having different obstacles like the classic Topple Towers, the game also features some cool replay modes like the ability to re-run wipeouts in slow motion and the ability to compete against friends and earn achievements— giving the game some pretty solid longevity.

The game is available now for all Gingerbread+ devices for $1.99, so if you’re ready to try out a different type of cool action– hit the break to grab the game today.







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