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LG G4 gets WiFi certification, bringing it one step closer to launch

LG_G3_Back_Slanted_LG_Logo_02_TAAs we get closer and closer to the launch of one of the most highly anticipated devices of 2015, the LG G4 appears to have picked up a WiFi certification by the WiFi alliance, ticking off one more check box on its way to seeing an official unveiling.

The certification was for the LG-H811, which is fairly similar to other rumored G4 model numbers we’ve seen. Aside from confirming that LG’s next flagship will have WiFi radios (which shouldn’t surpriseĀ anyone), the certification does note that the device runs Android L, so the G4 will probably be launching with the latest software from Google. Definitely good news. Read more

New Huawei MediaPad 10 Link surfaces on certification sites

China’s Huawei appears to have some new versions of their MediaPad 10 FHD 10-inch tablet set to be released in the near future. According to NotebookItalia, at least three different model numbers have surfaced at the WiFi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG sites. The models – S10-201W, S10-201U and S10-202U – have all received WiFi certification. Details are still sketchy, but it appears the 201U and 202U versions probably contain antennas for 3G and 3G/4G connectivity.

Dubbed the MediaPad 10 Link, the devices do appear to possess the MediaPad 10 FHD’s 10.1-inch IPS LCD HD display. NotebookItalia compared images of the new device with the MediaPad 10 FHD and noted some very minor variations in the cases. The question remains as to whether the new devices are low-cost alternatives Huawei is trying to bring to market or the next evolution of the MediaPad 10 FHD. Perhaps we will find out during CES 2013.

source: NotebookItalia