Here are the top functions and apps available on Android that are NOT on iOS

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Because there are so many different Android devices (and so many variants of those individual devices), developers tend to begin programming their apps on iOS before putting together the resources (and endless hours) to begin porting their creations to Android.

Developing for Android is an arduous task, and Google knows it. That’s why the company will soon be making a concerted effort to streamline the development process. Google has also pushed manufacturers/carriers to stay as close to stock Android as possible by criticizing bloatware and OEM custom skins. But with different phones running different processors, having different amounts of RAM, different screen sizes/resolutions, etc., it’s tough to make sure an app will work seamlessly across the platform, no matter what Google does to ease the process. Android’s vast device offering can be seen as a major strength (and something that has led the platform to be an industry leader in market share) but it’s also been a weakness from the development side.

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Beautiful Widgets update brings new Color Widgets

beautiful_widgetsBeautiful Widgets has always had some of our favorite widgets to customize our devices, and today’s update brings a few more beautiful widgets to the fold. Update 5.6 brings new “Color Widgets,” one of which you can see above. In addition to the new widgets, bug fixes and a new “color picker” is included in this version.

Check out download links for both the Pro and Free versions after the break.

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Widgets Everywhere is a new app that allows you to access your widgets on top of any application


Developers have been getting more and more creative with how they look at widgets, constantly thinking up new functions and designs. A couple months back we told you about a slick new app called Overlays that brings widgets front-and-center no matter what application you are running. An excellent idea, Overlays is only available for Android 4.0 and above. Thanks to XDA Senior Member sak-venom1997, an alternative to Overlays called Widgets Everywhere has been released.

Currently in public beta version 2.32, Widgets Everywhere is a very useful application with some innovative features. Incorporating  XDA Senior Member pingpongboss’s StandOut libraries, users are able to float and move widgets over any running application using pinch-to-zoom gestures to resize. Widgets can overlap each other, and users can float as many widgets as they can fit on their screen.

Planned features for the future include a custom widget-picker, independent of Android’s built-in tool and enhanced resizing options. Widgets Everywhere is compatible with any device running Android 2.1 or newer and is ad-free and free to download at the link below.

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 Download Link

Source: Original XDA Thread

Overlays Android Application Floats Widgets Over Currently Running Apps


App developers are finding more and more ways to take advantage of Widgets in Android. As any Android fan knows, Widgets are one of the major benefits of using Android over iOS.  Widgets give us the ability to preview apps without having to open them time-and-time again (wipe the drool from your chins Apple fanboys [and girls]).

As awesome as Widgets are, developers continue to strive to make them that much better. Applay, headed up by XDA Senior Member liorry, has done just that with its “Overlays” app.  Overlays enables users to “take any existing widget and effectively pin it on top of any currently running application.” Hit the break for a gallery of images and download links for both the paid for and free versions of the app. Read more

Action Launcher Makes Widgets Cool Again With Shutter Feature


I’m very particular when it comes to the launchers that I use. I’ve been perfectly content in my Nova Launcher set up for over a year now. It looks like this is going to change however, as Chris Lacy released an update for Action Launcher today with a killer new feature.  In this update, the Covers feature is taken a step further. Covers brought you your most accessed destinations quickly with the swipe of a finger and Action Launcher’s new Shutter feature looks to do the same with widgets.  For example you can slide your finger up on the Gmail icon and it displays the Gmail widget, giving you quick access to your email. Chrome gives you quick access to your bookmarks (see below). Most apps with widgets have this ability and I particularly liked being able to skip tracks in the Play Music App right from the icon.

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Beautiful Widgets gets updated to version 5.1 to include new widgets, more functionality



Beautiful widgets has just gotten updated to version 5.1 and gives it even more options and flexibility for users—making the awesome app even better than ever. In addition to having a few new widgets available (such as Barebone for tablets), the developer has finally removed the geolocation option in the widget— finally allowing users to manually enter their desired home location manually. Another noteworthy feature is the inclusion of the Lifestyles widget which in conjunction with AccuWeather, helps users to show different ratings in order to help you plan those fun outdoor activities like going out for a run or finally having that long overdue cookout.

There are more neat improvements and new additions to the app, but you’ll need to hit past the break to get an idea of what each are and grab the updated app from the Play Store as well.

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My InfoZone widget from Verizon will give you weekly tips and tricks on your Android device


Verizon is introducing their MyInfo Widget for your Android devices. It’s a handy widget that will show you your battery percentage, battery drain, links to your Verizon account, storage space left, etc. Plenty of things that are helpful to have at a glance. It even offers links for support pages specific to your device. It will also feature a few tips and tricks to help you out here and there, and new tips every week. Verizon says they’ll be releasing 3 new tips per week, so we’ll have to see how that goes. It’s a clean, functional widget, so it looks like Verizon users shouldn’t mind having this one preloaded on their devices too much. Hit the video below to see the widget in action.

YouTube Preview Image


LevelUp Studios releases Beautiful Widgets 5, boasts new features and Jelly Bean support

LevelUp Studios teased some of the new features in Beautiful Widgets 5 not too long ago, and claimed the application was being reworked from the ground up. We’ve already raved about Beautiful Widgets being one of the better weather widget apps available, so new features and more support on top of that can only be a good thing.

This version of BW offers full Jelly Bean support, including better notifications, lock screen widgets, and “daydreams” from Android 4.2. The visual aspects of many of the widgets have also been reworked. There’s also a new forecast app and a theme store. If you like extreme widget customization, you’re going to be very happy with this update. Hit the break for the download links. Read more

Best Android weather widgets for decorating your home screen

Disclaimer: There are tons of great weather apps in the Google Play store and tastes may vary depending on what you’re looking to get out of your weather widget. I’m basing my criteria for a good weather widget on design, customization options, app responsiveness, and accuracy of weather information. So based on those criteria, you’ll find some of my favorite weather widgets listed below. Read more

HD Widgets Gets Updated To Bring More Widgets, Increased Functionality To Android 4.2


HD Widgets has recently been updated to include even more functionality for those of you on Android 4.2. Right off the bat, users of the product will be treated to a total of 11 widgets— 6 for smartphones and 5 for tablets. In addition to the new widgets, users will also be treated improved widget filtering and of course, some minor bug fixes which helps to alleviate any sort of minor annoyances and all.

The latest update can be found in the Play Store today for all Froyo+ devices and will run you about 2 bucks. Hit the Play Store link below or scan the QR code to grab it today.


Play Store Download Link