TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for March 24 – March 30, 2014


The HTC One (M8) may have leaked like a sieve, but it’s finally official. I think we can all agree that it might be the most beautiful phone ever, but is it as beautiful on the inside? And is that Duo Camera useful or just a gimmick? The Google I/O page is up and registration will be open soon. Google releases a pretty nifty Chromecast app, but was it half baked? Google also brought one of Android’s coolest features to the desktop. We got a few more looks at one of the most anticipated devices of 2014, the Moto 360. Android 4.4.3 could be released very soon. What changes will it bring to the table? It’s time to get caught up and get ready for what is sure to be another exciting week in the world of Android.


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How to use the Multi Window feature on the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4, TabPRO 10.1, and TabPRO 12.2


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Talk Android Weekly Recap, What You May Have Missed

Have a you had a busy week?  Allow us to summarize this week’s hottest topics for you.  Check out the buzz below on what’s hot with this crazy insane union we all call Android.  Hit the break to get all caught up and let us know what your favorite topic of the week is.

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