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Google pushing for less intrusive app installation pop-ups in mobile web pages

app install bannerGoogle is updating their mobile friendly website test to try and promote less intrusive app installation warnings that hide significant amounts of content. When browsing a website on a mobile device, it’s not uncommon to see a pop-up that prompts you to install the site’s app on a mobile app store. Sometimes it’s out of the way and simple, like a native banner at the top of the website. Sometimes, though, it’s a very intrusive, large pop-up that hides the actual website. I’m sure you’ve seen one at least once since you’ve had a smartphone, but if you’ve managed to avoid it this long, trust me, they’re awful. Read more

Google wants to put the power of donation in your hands with One Today


Google is launching a new app called One Today. The purpose of the app is to donate $1 a day to a cause. Right now the app is in limited pilot, and an invite only. It’s only available on Android, but when you click on the invite button, it asks you which mobile platform (Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Windows) you would like to receive an invite for. This would suggest they are going to bring the app to those platforms at a later time. To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about, continue reading past the break for some examples of what you can donate to:  Read more

Samsung Releases a Bunch of New Galaxy Nexus Instructional Videos

Today is sure a big day for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus! First off, it was released in the UK and oddly enough the first one that was sold got returned. Samsung then updated its US Galaxy Nexus product page, adding an official US spec sheet, 3D view, and outed its official US commercial. The specs sheet then confirmed that here in the US we will be treated to a 100mAh larger battery compared to its overseas counterpart. Specs also reveal that the stateside device is now a half a millimeter thicker than the one originally debuted. And as if that wasn’t enough, to top it all off, the Galaxy Nexus was then put through a brutal scratch test to determine the resilience of its non Gorilla Glass display. Whew! All that and still no US release date!

Anyway, one of the coolest events from today was the additions to the Galaxy Nexus website. You can now watch a bunch of walkthrough videos explaining many of the device’s awesome features. We round up the whole lot and thought we would share them with you here on TalkAndroid. There are quite a few so you will need to jump past the break to check them all out. After you’re done, be sure to let us know in the comments what feature/s you are most looking forward to. I am sure there is at least one that will catch your eye!

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Galaxy Nexus Website Adds Commercial and Walkthrough Videos

Now that the Galaxy nexus is available in some parts of the world, Samsung has updated their product page revealing the US spec sheet and new walkthrough videos. As if to torture us US folks that have already great anticipation, Sammy’s new Galaxy Nexus website will surely get you even more excited for its release. The site is beautifully done and features even more videos yet unseen, even the GN’s official commercial.

As far as the specs go, the only piece of info we had yet to confirm until today is the stateside battery size. It is true that the device will pack a 100mAh larger battery than its international counterpart, bringing it up to 1850mAh. Unfortunately for the US that comes at a small price, but only the hipsters with skinny jeans need to fret. The Verizon GN will be just over a half a millimeter thicker than the device as it was originally announced.

One thing to mention is the fact that reports are showing that Verizon has some how muddled the vanilla Android theory by slipping in its Verizon Backup Assistant and My Verizon Mobile. What gives Big Red? You can’t leave well enough alone? On top of adding the Verizon logo to the back of the device, it seems they are really trying to ruin what should be a additive free experience.

With all that being said, all we really don’t know about the new Galaxy Nexus is when the hell we can actually get our hands on the thing. This has got to be one of the most, if not the most, anticipated device launches in Android history. At this point I plan to camp out at my local Verizon store the night before its release :-D. Jump past the break to check out the commercial to appreciate how Samsung chose a more subtle approach to marketing (cough*Droid Razr* cough), and let us know what you think. It sure makes me wish I was chuckling with a buddy after using Android Beam! Read more

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Battery Cover and Battery Show Up on Samsung’s Website

A few days ago we noticed that Verizon retail stores started to receive a couple different cases already for the Galaxy Nexus. Well, today we are seeing that Samsung has now even added replacement batteries and battery covers onto their website as well.

Earlier in the month we had a little bit of hope that the actual device would carry as little branding as possible. Based on the pictures from Samsung’s website, we see that Verizon has added their obnoxious logo on top of the previously pictured 4G LTE emblem putting all wishful thinking to a rest. At least the screen is beautifully vacant though, right? Now only if we had an official release date! These new website additions leads me to believe that the wait is finally almost over. Are you ready?

[via Samsung]

Amazon redesigns website for tablets

Amazon’s website design has been around for many years, and whether you are a fan of it or not, all things must change. With Amazon about to enter the tablet war, their website (and offerings) might be the most important piece to the success or failure of the upcoming 7-inch Kindle.

They are currently testing a redesign which will make navigating on a tablet easier. In the above image you can see the current site (to the right), which has more color. The newer version (to the left) takes the color down a few notches to simple gray tones. You will notice a lot more white, and to me it looks boring.

Supposedly only a handful of customers will see the new design, and they plan on rolling it out to more customers in the near future. There is no timeline, but this should be completed by the end of the month or early October.

[via slashgear]

Tegra Zone Launches New Website

If you have a NVIDIA Tegra-powered mobile device and want to find the best games to reach the full potential of the that Tegra mobile processor, the NVIDIA Tegra Zone app is a must-have. To the delight of many, NVIDIA has now announced the launch of their new Tegra Zone website to give you access to the latest game news, reviews and release information right from your laptop or desktop too. You’ll also find high-resolution game screenshots, HD gameplay videos, game developer interviews, a community forum and the ability to share your favorite apps through your social networks.

In a comment aimed at game developers, they added that “with over 250,000 Android games in the Android Market, it can be a challenge to get your game noticed” and go on the direct these developers to their ‘Zone In’ section for an opportunity to have their games listed on the Tegra Zone site.

Tell us what you think of their new site. To the developers out there, how do you feel about the exposure the site may offer?

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Google unleashes the Google Phone Gallery, replaces Nexus One website

In a new blog post over at the Google Mobile Blog, Google has announced a change to their website. Google has turned the URL that used to be the landing page for the Nexus One (back in it’s hayday) into the “Google Phone Gallery”. The new page serves as a tool to help people find a new Android phones. According to the blog post:

All the phones in the gallery include Android Market, Google Search, and other Google Mobile services such as Gmail, Maps, and YouTube. There are tools that make it easy to compare phones side by side: you can filter phones by country, manufacturer, and carrier; view and compare technical specifications and features; and find where each phone is available for sale.

So be sure to check it out at, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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