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Google CEO Eric Schmidt shows off Gingerbread at Web 2.0 Summit

nexus s

Today at the Web 2.0 Summit, Google CEO Eric Schmidt showed us a device running Android 2.3, and it looked remarkably like a Samsung device! The device in question may be the rumored Samsung Nexus S, and as we continue to hear more about the yet unannounced device, Eric Schmidt did say that Gingerbread will be here “in the coming weeks”.

nexus s

We’ll likely see an Android 2.3 SDK very soon, then updates will start to roll out and new device launches pre-installed with Gingerbread. I’d still like to get more information on that smartphones Eric was handling today…how about you?

For more of a sneak peak at the possible Samsung Nexus S, click the link below.

[via Engadget]