Qualcomm Toq smart watch now available through Amazon

by Justin Herrick on
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Qualcomm’s Toq smart watch became available earlier this month exclusively through the company’s site. But starting today, you can purchase one through Amazon. The Toq is priced at $349.99 and comes in black, although white is on the way for Qualcomm’s site. With its high price point, Qualcomm is aiming for developers and early adopters and plans to produce a very limited run. This smart watch, unlike the Galaxy Gear, works with any device that is running at least Android 4.0.3. The standout feature for this smart watch is its Mirasol display that allows for excellent battery life. If you’re interested in getting the Qualcomm Toq smart watch, hit the source link below.

Source: Amazon

Pebble smartwatch to miss September release date but does add new color choice

by Jeff Causey on
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If you were intrigued by the thought of getting your hands on the Pebble smart watch that we previously reported on, a mix of good news and bad news came out of the project yesterday. The good news is that a new color option is now available – orange. Selected based on voter’s choice, orange joins black, white and red options.

The bad news is that the availability of the Pebble devices has been delayed. The Pebble team indicates that due to popular demand, they have had to transition from ramping up for production of 1,000 devices total to 15,000 devices on a weekly basis. This additional demand means they will not meet their target of shipping in September. Even worse, they do not provide a new estimated availability date, so the delay is indefinite.

As consolation, the Pebble team did provide some information on their work to ensure the device moves from R&D to manufacturing and assembly. They indicate they are in the Engineering Verification stage with samples produced of the entire product before moving on to Tooling, when everything is finalized in the production facility.

source: Kickstarter

Sony SmartWatch: Just How Smart Is It?

by Ed Caggiani on
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I’ve been a gadget geek since I was around 7 or 8 years old and got my first calculator watch. This “nerd” watch, as some people call it, was my first foray into multi-function devices and advanced personal technology. This was followed by watches that played games, were powered by solar cells, and held all my friends’ phone numbers.

Even my latest watch had to have some sort of techie gimmick to it. It’s a good ol’ digital Casio watch that also has analog hands. If that’s not enough, it would also sync to the atomic clock in Colorado to ensure it was always accurate. This simple watch has been on my wrist for years now and I haven’t really had the itch to get something new until recently when more and more companies are starting to release interesting wearable gadgets like Motorola’s MotoActv, the Pebble, the Nike+ FuelBand, and the WIMM One.

Sony’s Second Try

Among that group of manufacturers toying with the idea of wearable tech is Sony. They started with their universally panned LiveView watch. This watch was not a commercial success by any means but showed that Sony was starting to think about how to integrate watches and mobile.

Even with the slow start, Sony climbed right back on and released the Sony SmartWatch. In this second iteration, does Sony up the ante enough to have a hit? I recently decided to plunk down the cash ($118 from Expansys during a special they were having) and see for myself.

Hit the break for my review of Sony’s latest SmartWatch.

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Pebble watch for Android (and iPhone!)

by Chris Stewart on
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The dawn of the smart watch may well be upon us. After a rocky start with substandard devices such as the frustrating Sony Ericsson LiveView, 2012 promises to see a multitude of exciting options hit the shelfs. We brought you the news this week of Sony’s LiveView successor, the SmartWatch which already looks to be a huge improvement in many ways over the original. You should also check out our in-depth look at the versatile Wimm One watch to see what it brings to the table.

Next to step up the plate is the little known Pebble watch concept which surfaced through a Kickstarter campaign this week. The Pebble watch is set to support Android and iOS, sporting an e-ink display and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. The watch will allow you to check calls, texts, e-mails, social messaging alerts etc remotely from the watch screen. Music controls and fitness monitoring facilities are on board of course ensuring the spec sheet stands up to the competition.

The project was launched looking for up to $100,000 in funding to get the development up and running and once again the power of the internet has really delivered with Pebble Technology announcing that it had already smashed the original target, receiving $2 million dollars to date. The unexpected generous donations will go towards extra features and getting improved technology on board. The device is expected to retail for £150 when it launches however Kickstarter backers can reserve one for only $115.

Take a look at the video after the break for a taster of what to expect when the watch hits the market. You can also check out the Kickstarter project details in the link below.

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MOTOACTV Gets Torn Down and Rooted, Now The World’s Smallest Wearable Tablet

by Jack Holt on
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So you had a great day yesterday and received the MOTOACTV watch for Christmas. Well it looks like your Christmas is going to get even better because Chris Wade, the gentleman behind the Dingleberry hack for the PlayBook, has one of his own and rooted the device.  Before he rooted it though, he decided to take the MOTOACTV apart and see what was running under the hood. Here is what he found:

- CPU: omap3 (3630) – 600Mhz
- Ram: 256MB
- Nand: 8GB
- Wifi: 802.11n
- BlueTooth: Yes
- Fm Radio: Yes
- GPS: Yes
- LCD: 1.6″ QCIF+

Wade put the device back together then set in on his real work. He managed to find a full boot.img file and was able to root the underlying Gingerbread OS. He took the GPS tracker and turned it into a 1.6-inch tablet by sideloading the stock Honeycomb launcher. Wade took it even further by giving the watch Android Market access allowing you to download and play games like Angry Birds.

Check out the photos and video below the break to see the watch broken down and the video of the mini, wearable “tablet” in action. If you have the device and are feeling brave enough to root it, hit the source to find instructions on doing so.  » Read the rest

inPulse Smartwatch pairs with your Android phone

by Robert Nazarian on

We’ve seen a number of watches that either have Android onboard or work in conjunction with your Android phone. inPulse just released a new smartwatch, which is a wrist-computer that pairs with some Android and BlackBery phones to receive notifications or even check-in to Facebook places. There are also a number of watchapps that include different watch faces, as well as an app that lets you control PowerPoint presentations. If you own a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Nexus One, any Motorola device, or a CyanogenMod based phone, you can pair it to the inPulse. Unfortunately HTC and Samsung have an incompatible Bluetooth stack. It’s priced at $150.

I would love to hear from you guys. Do any of you own a smartwatch to go along with your Android phone? I’m not seeing too many out there. Checkout a couple of videos after the break.

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i’mWatch – the newest contender in the Android watch lineup

by Jim Farmer on
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The tiny wrist computer has long been an element of our favorite science fiction films. While they have been implemented in the past, the results have always been rather rudimentary. Lately, however, companies seem to be trying to revive the old notion of this technology, and finally they are starting to produce some eye-catching results. First there was Sony Ericcson’s LiveView. Then more recently Motorola unveiled the MOTOACTV, and now the latest contender is the i’mWatch. The i’mWatch is finally hitting on the core of what we all really want; a wrist computer. It is a cut above being a phone remote like the LiveView and less specialized that the MOTOACTV which is targeted at fitness. The watch of course runs Android and while it seems robust enough to stand on its own, it can pair with your phone to send and recieve calls or text messages as well as borrow the phone’s internet. This watch also has the others beat in terms of apps, at least prospectively. It will feature its own app store hosting apps dedictated to the 240×240 screen. They also gave mention of a music subscription service to go along with it. The last thing that seems to bring the i’mWatch a cut above the rest is aesthetics. For one, it looks like a watch more so than the other two and it also has more class. The thing on my mind now is, how much is this going to cost. If I were going to choose among them, I think I would opt for the i’mWatch, but the price has to be right. I and plenty of others will immediately lose interest if this device surpasses $100, realistically I would probably pay up to $75 for this watch, but I doubt it will be priced as such.  If the MOTOACTV’s price is any indication, I suppose I’ll be waiting a bit longer for my own smartwatch.

Video after the break

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Motorola Unveils The MOTOACTV For Fitness Buffs At DROID RAZR Event (Hands-On Video)

by Robert Nazarian on
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As a little appetizer to the unveiling of the Droid RAZR announcement, Motorola also showed off their new fitness centered device, the MOTOACTV.  Motorola broke out the Ultramarathon Man winner  himself, Dean Karnazes to present the device.

Scorch more calories, shatter personal records and train even harder with MOTOACTV, the new fitness device from Motorola Mobility, Inc.

With just a 46mm x 46mm display the MOTOACTV allows you to take a personal trainer and DJ with you along for the workout.  The device continuously keep stats on your entire routine; time, speed, distance and can even track you via GPS.  Motorola also includes two different models of Bluetooth sports headphones, the SF700 and SF500.  The display is outdoor friendly allowing for easy viewing in the sunlight.  It’s sweat proof, rain resistant and scratch proof for those intense workouts. The device can hold up to 4000 songs and offers a Web portal interface for syncing and storing data for performance statistics.  One of its more smarter features allows you to create a playlist based on how intense your workouts are.  Meaning, if you workout harder during a certain song the device recognizes that and will bump those titles up to the top of your playlist for maximum workout results.  The device will be available on November 6th at Verizon stores only and comes in an 8GB model for $249 and a 16GB model for $299. Think there’s room for a device like this in your life?  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Meanwhile, hit the break for the full list of specs and to catch our hands-on video.   » Read the rest

WIMM wants to make your dreams of an Android wrist watch a reality

by Dustin Karnes on
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Remember, way back in the day, when everyone thought the coolest thing in the world was a wristwatch computer? Well, it looks like those days are still around, and WIMM thinks the idea is cooler than your grandma’s pajama jeans.

Granted, we’ve seen other devices like this… heck, even Motorola had some prototypes in play. According to WIMM, their wristwatch device not only syncs up to your Android device via bluetooth (think Sony Ericsson LiveView), but also has the ability to act as a standalone device that can run its own apps and handle its own computing. The device can be strapped into a watch, clipped on a bike, or attached to a belt clip.

While smartwatches haven’t exactly been the wave of the future they were thought to be, it will still be interesting to see what WIMM can make happen.

[via betanews]

Fossil concept watch displays info from your Android device in style

by Dustin Karnes on
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Looking for some style to go along with your geek tendencies? Looks like Fossil has your answer. The company has done what they do best, and come up with a new concept watch that will communicate directly with multiple mobile devices, to include Android, and looks pretty darn good doing it.

The watch connects via Bluetooth, and displays information such as weather, caller ID info, text messages, and more. While there’s no cost availale yet as it’s still a concept, rumors have been circling of about $200. Be sure to hit let us know what you think in the comments!

[via engadget]