Alcatel OneTouch to reveal new smartwatch line at CES


Alcatel OneTouch may be poised to catch some people off guard at CES 2015 starting next week when they reveal a new line of smartwatches. As you can see from the image above, Alcatel OneTouch has decided to go with a round watch face for their devices along with several different straps. According to Alcatel OneTouch, they were aiming for a traditional watch look and feel for the hardware, which it appears they may have achieved that goal with their new line of Watch devices. Read more

Google now showing Google Play Movies purchases in YouTube app


To access your purchased Google Play Movies content, you previously had to go to the Google Play Movies & TV application.

But today, Google has updated its YouTube app to now integrate Google Play Movies & TV, allowing you to access your purchased videos straight from YouTube.

Check out the “Purchases” screen after the break.

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Motorola plays down rumored $249 price for Moto 360 on Google+, could still hold true


While we had originally heard that the Moto 360 would cost €249 (around $340 USD), it’s looking more and more that the number associated with the euros (249) is actually how much the smartwatch will cost in USD. Straight from Motorola’s watch-face design competition’s rules, we saw yesterday that the “average retail value” for the phone will be $249. 

However, Motorola spoke up today after Moto 360 fan Michal Tajchert commented on the rumored price on Google+.

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Qualcomm Toq smart watch now available through Amazon


Qualcomm’s Toq smart watch became available earlier this month exclusively through the company’s site. But starting today, you can purchase one through Amazon. The Toq is priced at $349.99 and comes in black, although white is on the way for Qualcomm’s site. With its high price point, Qualcomm is aiming for developers and early adopters and plans to produce a very limited run. This smart watch, unlike the Galaxy Gear, works with any device that is running at least Android 4.0.3. The standout feature for this smart watch is its Mirasol display that allows for excellent battery life. If you’re interested in getting the Qualcomm Toq smart watch, hit the source link below.

Source: Amazon

Pebble smartwatch to miss September release date but does add new color choice

If you were intrigued by the thought of getting your hands on the Pebble smart watch that we previously reported on, a mix of good news and bad news came out of the project yesterday. The good news is that a new color option is now available – orange. Selected based on voter’s choice, orange joins black, white and red options.

The bad news is that the availability of the Pebble devices has been delayed. The Pebble team indicates that due to popular demand, they have had to transition from ramping up for production of 1,000 devices total to 15,000 devices on a weekly basis. This additional demand means they will not meet their target of shipping in September. Even worse, they do not provide a new estimated availability date, so the delay is indefinite.

As consolation, the Pebble team did provide some information on their work to ensure the device moves from R&D to manufacturing and assembly. They indicate they are in the Engineering Verification stage with samples produced of the entire product before moving on to Tooling, when everything is finalized in the production facility.

source: Kickstarter