‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is coming to you on April 1


Star Wars: The Force Awakens went up for pre-order on Google Play without a specific release late last year almost at the same time the film started showing in theaters. Although a release date wasn’t provided, we knew the latest Star Wars installment would arrive in a digital format and on Blu-ray/DVD within the first few months of 2016. Films usually see home releases within four months of their original premieres.

Today, The Walt Disney Company’s Bob Iger announced that Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be available on personal media platforms next month.

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Walmart Pay to launch in selected Walmart stores this week, rolling out nationwide by mid-2016

Walmart_Pay (2)

When we think about the various services we can use to pay for groceries with our smartphones, there’s a good chance that Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and Apple Pay are the three most common options. It seems other companies want a slice of the mobile payments pie as well, though. One of which is Walmart, that has just announced its own payment service imaginatively called ‘Walmart Pay’, launching in selected stores in the US from Thursday. Walmart Pay is expected to become available nationwide (US) by the first half of 2016.   Read more

LG’s Lucky LG16 smartphone costs less than $10 at Walmart


What would you regard as a cheap smartphone? It all depends on your circumstances, some would consider the Moto G 2015 to be a cheap handset, whilst others would be looking at a price in double figures as a good start. What about under $10? You may think its crazy, but LG’s TracFone Lucky LG16 costs just $9.82 from Walmart. Really. And if that isn’t enough of a bargain for you, shipping is included free of charge.  Read more

Total Wireless overprices the Galaxy S III more than three years later


Someone needs to have a word with the executives at TracFone and Walmart. Total Wireless, a carrier operated by TracFone and available exclusively through Walmart, is attempting to sell customers a device that was released in May 2012. The latest commercial from Total Wireless shows that the Galaxy S III can be purchased for $250.

Correct, a carrier actually thinks that it is completely fine for a phone from three years ago to be priced at $250 sold in 2015.

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Tango opens an in-app store powered by Walmart and Alibaba


Two of the world’s largest companies in commerce are assisting Tango with the launch of its in-app store. Walmart and Alibaba have come together to bring their digital stores to Tango users in the United States. Users can browse millions of items offered by Walmart and AliExpress without ever leaving Tango. Purchases are also done within the messaging service’s app. Tango then curates lists of products for users to view based on preferences. This is another step in the direction of ‘social shopping’ and Tango encourages users to share their lists with friends and family.

Tango does plan to include additional retailers and markets over time.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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Walmart to launch Chromecast competitor for VUDU video service

vudu-spark-walmartAccording to leaked FCC documents Walmart is readying its own Chromecast competitor for its own streaming/digital copy retrieval service, VUDU. The VUDU Spark as it looks to be called, resembles the media sticks of its competitors namely the Roku Streaming Stick and Fire TV Stick. The stick will come with an RF remote control (Zigbee based) and will pump the Vudu streaming service straight into your TV. We’re not sure if it’ll do anything other than that, like screen-mirroring, and we’re not sure on how much this will retail for.

source: FCC
via: engadget

Walmart offering low-cost T-Mobile tablets with ‘free data for life’


T-Mobile announced this morning that in a new partnership deal with Walmart, the wholesale corporation will be offering a few low-cost tablets which will come with ‘free data for life’ from T-Mobile.

Granted, the ‘free data’ only includes up to 200MB/month, it’s still a solid deal given it’s ‘free.’  Hit the break for details on each tablet and alternative data plans.

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HP readies $99 Android tablet for back-to-school sales at Walmart


HP is looking to continue its success in the low-end tablet market as the company prepares to release a $99 tablet to be sold at Walmart for back-to-school sales.

The device is reportedly being built by Chinese company BYD, will have a 7-inch display, and a single-core Medfield processor. Nothing else is known about the device at this point, but we do know that if all of this is true, this will be a nice addition to the list of the low-end tablets available on the market. We’ll just have to wait and see…

Source: DigiTimes

Walmart to begin taking Galaxy S 4 preorders on Tuesday


If you’ve been itching to preorder the Galaxy S 4, you might get that chance starting this week. According to some internal material for Walmart, preorders for the device start this Tuesday, the 16th. There’s no word on pricing, but it will launch on multiple carriers. Nothing really groundbreaking there, but it’s good to see some dates.

AT&T has already announced the 16 GB version of the device will run $199, while the 32 GB will be $249. I can imagine that pricing will be similar on the other carriers, and in Walmart. I guess we’ll know in the next few weeks, either way.

source: Phone Arena