Best budgeting apps [2015]


Budgeting is a very important aspect of handling your money, as it’s often way too easy to spend your money as you please without a plan in place. And thankfully, putting that plan in place is something you can do right on your smartphone, thanks to developers who have created some very handy budgeting applications. Gone are the days of writing down your income on an easily lost sheet of paper!

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Google show’s off Android Pay in new Pay Your Way video

Android Pay Your WayGoogle is very keen on showing off just how versatile Android Pay is, so they’ve released a new video demonstrating just a handful of things you can use to pay for with your phone. Everything from tuxedos to sodas out of a vending machine to general items at a convenience store are covered, and while we’re still going to have to wait to see retailers bake in support for Android Pay, the video makes it look pretty awesome. Read more

Google makes deal to bring Wallet to major wireless carriers, buys out portion of Softcard


Google has signed a deal that will lead to the distribution of their Google Wallet app pre-installed on devices sold by by Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T starting later this year. As part of the deal, Google is also buying some technology from Softcard, a mobile payment solution that had been developed by those same carriers.

According to Softcard, the app will continue to work for users that want to make mobile payments – for now. However, this could change as Google starts to rollout their solution on carrier devices. Since Soundcard is selling some of their intellectual property related to the app to Google, it seem unlikely future development will continue. Reports indicate there are no Softcard employees joining Google as part of the agreement, which could be bad news on the horizon for Softcard employees. Read more

Google Plaso could be new voice-activated mobile payment system


A new report from The Information indicates Google has started testing a new mobile payment solution called “Plaso”. The system apparently relies on a voice-activated method for security that involves users saying their initials when they are at the cash register. This trigger helps the hardware at the cash register identify and connect to the correct smartphone to accept payment. Since they were mentioned specifically, it appears Google may have been testing the new system with Papa John’s and Panera Bread as they look for ways to take mobile payments in a new direction.

The need for a change from the current methods that involve tapping phones on terminals seems to have been triggered by Apple’s entry into the mobile payment space with their Apply Pay platform last year. That new entry has put pressure on the Google Wallet solution which had been Google’s standard bearer for payments made from Android phones. To try to not only encourage further adoption of mobile payment systems, but distinguish Android based solutions from their competitors, it looks like Google is searching for ways to make the payments even easier.

source: The Information
via: 9to5Google

Google rumored to be purchasing Softcard


Paying for merchandise using your smartphone via Near Field Communication (NFC) is all the buzz these days since Apple Pay was launched. A lot of people in the media gloss over the fact that Google’s Wallet app on Android has given us this capability for quite a while now, though. Despite this oversight in media coverage, one beneficial thing does come out of it: the momentum generated by Apple Pay should help Google with retailers that were initially hesitant in supporting mobile-based payments.

Apple Pay and Google Wallet aren’t the only products on the field, however. One company that is also offering the same NFC payment services is Softcard, formerly branded as Isis Mobile Wallet. (The name change was due to the company not wanting to be even remotely associated with the militant terror organization named ISIS.) Similar to Google Wallet, Softcard has been struggling to make headway in the payment sector, but unlike Wallet, Softcard has lacked the financial backing needed to keep it afloat while it waits for retailers to catch up.

Google, who has not really put a lot of work into making Wallet a bigger game-changer, is rumored to be eyeing Softcard for acquisition in an attempt to bolster Wallet’s weak offering to Android consumers. Softcard does have a few perks in its portfolio, which Google may find appetizing.  Read more

Google will give you and your friend $5 when you introduce them to Wallet


Google has just launched a new promotion for all Wallet users in the US. The search engine giant is offering to give both you and a friend $5 each in your Wallet Balance when you introduce your pal to the service. All you have to do is send a sum of money, which could be as little as “a penny,” to a buddy who doesn’t have a Google Wallet Balance yet, then when they claim the funds, you’ll each receive $5 free credit within 3 working days.

Hit the break for the full list of terms and conditions.

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Isis wallet becoming Softcard


Isis Wallet announced back in July that it would be rebranding in order to avoid association with the violent Islamic militant group of the same name. Needless to say, associating a company with terrorists can be bad for business. Today, Michael Abbot, CEO announced that the new name for the company: Softcard. Read more

Google Wallet is reportedly on its way to Google Glass

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If you own Google’s Glass device, sending money without even pulling out your smartphone may be coming your way via Google Wallet very soon. Through sources that work closely with Google, Google Wallet integration within Glass is in the works and they are already well into the testing phase. The service is already on certain Google employees, and after a few more months of testing, we could see it roll out to the masses No clear timetable has been given on its impending widespread release so stay tuned for further news!

Would this be a feature you would like to have on Glass?

source: Techcrunch

Google promises to stick with Google wallet despite slow adoption


Google gave a presentation at the recent Electronic Transaction Association’s trade show in Las Vegas. While they acknowledged that consumers have been slow to embrace the mobile payment service Google Wallet, they also said that they plan to stick with it.

Ariel Bardin, the chief of Google Wallet gave the presentation, and mentioned that when Google Wallet was launched it relied on NFC technology and only one carrier – Sprint – to push it. This limited the reach that the service had, and after a year it only supported one credit card and bank combination.

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