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Wal-Mart announces plan to accept smartphone trade-ins at U.S. stores


Wal-Mart has announced they are joining several other retailers like Apple, Best Buy, Target and Radio Shack, in accepting trade-ins of smartphones for a credit toward the purchase of a new device. Possible credits will range from $50 to $300 for smartphones in working condition and not damaged. The credits can be applied toward the purchase of a new smartphone on two-year contracts with AT&T, Verizon or Sprint, as well as some prepaid plans. Wal-Mart indicates a working, nondamaged Apple iPhone 5 will be good for a $300 credit while a Samsung Galaxy S III will pull in $175.

Steve Bratspies, executive vice president for general merchandise with Wal-Mart says, “more and more, customers are choosing where they purchase new smartphones based on where they’ll get the best value for their trade-ins.” Analysts appear to have a positive impression of the move and think it will help Wal-Mart’s performance in electronics sales. Even with some weakness in that area, Wal-Mart claims it was the number 1 handset retailer for the quarter that ended June 30th.

Wal-Mart says the new program will start on September 21st at 3,600 Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores throughout the U.S.

source: Bloomberg

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III $98 at Walmart on contract

For those still holding out for a deal on the Galaxy S III, Wal-Mart seems like the place to be as it looks like they’re offering the device for $98 for new contracts as well as qualifying upgrades. This doesn’t look like it’s any sort of promo either as we may see this price for a while. It must be noted however that Wal-Mart only offers Classic plans through T-Mobile so you’ll have to crunch some numbers and see if this deal is right for you since Classic plans are typically more than Value plans, yet you don’t have to pay the extra $20 per month on Classic. Decisions, Decisions… Let us know if you’re jumping on this deal as it’s always intriguing regarding the ‘numbers game’ when we’re discussing T-Mobile.

source: TmoNews

Thinking of nabbing an Android phone this Black Friday? Here’s a list of the best deals you can take advantage of!

With Black Friday just around the corner, knowing about the best deals that are available to you is key. If you’re planning on grabbing an Android powered device this Black Friday season, there’s some awesome choices for you to look at. TalkAndroid has your back with a list of some of the best deals out there that you can take advantage of on or around Friday!

Keep in mind that these are just some of what you can find this Black Friday. If you guys have any other info on some great deals, feel free to use the comments section. As more info comes to us this page will be updated. There’s also other stores worth mentioning such as Target and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart will be offering $100 gift cards if you purchase a device such as the Samsung Galaxy S III (on contract), so keep your eye out for those kind of deals! Or you can also grab the Black Friday app to help you find the best deals possible.

If you’re looking for a tablet this Black Friday, you can check out our round up of great Android tablet deals!

Hope you all get what you want this Black Friday and shop safely. And of course, have a Happy Thanksgiving from the TalkAndroid crew!


Verizon Wireless rolls out $50 unlimited prepaid plan

Back in April, Verizon Wireless started testing a $50 unlimited plan for prepaid phones in select markets. It obviously went well because they are going to make it nationally available this week.

The $50 per month fee will include unlimited talk, text, and Web use. It will be available in Verizon stores, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and Target.

As phone prices come down, the prepaid segment is only going to grow. Right now Verizon only has 4.4 million prepaid customers, and in contrast, Sprint has 13.8 million customers.

“This is a very competitive market, and we want to make sure we have a price portfolio to fit a greater number of customers,” Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney said. “In these times, there are some people who would prefer living on a prepaid plan.”

[via marketwatch]

Straight Talk Offers Samsung Galaxy Precedent for $149.88 Off-Contract (Video)

Straight Talk, the Wal-Mart exclusive TracFone brand known for attracting some of the more value conscious consumers out there, will be offing the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Precedent at under $150 off-contract according to a promotional video. That’s a nice deal coupled with Wal-Mart’s $45 per month plan for unlimited voice, text and data.

The details for this device are mostly unknown besides the generic mention of “multi-tasking, voice-based features and Picute/Video,” however the Precedent’s s appearance may remind you of the Samsung Prevail for both its boxy shape and external microSD located on its side.

You can reserve your very own economically conservative Android by pre-ordering at the Straight Talk website or just sit tight and add it to your next Wal-Mart shopping list.

Hit the break for Straight Talk’s promotional video.

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Great Deals On Acer Iconia A500 Tablet At Target, Best Buy and Walmart

There’s no denying it; now is a great time to get your hands on an Acer Iconia A500 tablet as great deals are popping up all over.  Here’s a quick breakdown of its features:

  • Android 3.0
  • 10.1″ (1280 x 800) display
  • 1Ghz dual-core Tegra 2 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage
  • 5MP rear-cam and 2MP front-cam

Not too shabby, right? Now onto the deals:  Wal-Mart is offing this 3.0 tab + 3 Bonus Games for $398 via their website or you can head on over to either Target or Best Buy, where you can pick up the same tab for $399 and they’ll throw in a $100 Gift Card for their respective stores.

Those are some sweet deals considering Android 3.1 for this device is already available for download and the Android 3.2 Honeycomb update will be released on August 25th.

[via androidpolice]

Droid 2 recalled from Wal-Mart – the Droid 2 Global looming

Wal-Mart called for a recall of their Droid 2 phones this weekend, making room for the hope that the Droid 2 Global is close at hand.  Judging by pictures taken at a local store, there is now an empty display spot where the Droid 2 dummy phone used to be. Shots taken of Wal-Mart’s inventory guns also clearly show that the item has been deleted from the system.

The recall was considered “nondesript”, and the only details we have on it is that all Droid 2 inventory is expected back to the distributor, Brightstar, by Tuesday, October 26th. Hopefully, this means the Droid 2 Global will be in the public’s hand before the end of the month, but as more time ticks by without even an official announcement on the expected device, we will have to wait and see.

[via droid-life]

Wal-Mart Will Soon be Selling the HTC Desire for Telus With No Contract For $448.83

A Wal-Mart employee in Canada snapped a pretty interesting picture for us to see. It is a picture of pricing for the HTC Desire on TELUS with no contract. The price is an amazing $448.83 Canadian ($435.31 for us in the U.S.). That is one killer price for an Android device with the specs as the Desire.

Still no word on availability yet and as you can see in the photo no current stock. This does confirm that it is coming soon though so get your wallets ready you time is near.

[via mobilesyrup]