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Samsung buys up 5% of Wacom to back up the stylus fad

Personally, I think the stylus is awesome. Fortunately for those of you that agree with me, Samsung thinks so, too. And considering the amount of marketing power Samsung has invested in their Note brand, it’s pretty easy to see why they just bought 5% of Wacom, the manufacturer of the Note’s S-Pen. That 5% turned out to be around 58 million dollars, which is pocket change for Samsung, but it’s clear that Samsung is intending to evolve the stylus into a pretty large part of their smartphone and tablet lineup. Hit the source below to read up on Wacom’s side of the story.

source: Wacom

Wacom launches Bamboo Paper app for several Samsung devices

Samsung has managed to snag an exclusive deal to lock Wacom’s Bamboo Paper app to the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy S III. Wondering what Bamboo Paper has to offer? Here’s a quick description:

Note taking on your smartphone made easy

Do more with your ideas – sketch or write them in an authentic paper-like digital notebook. Enjoy realistic inking and a fluid interface to make quick notes, sketches or drawings.

Best inking
Feel in control of what you write or sketch with our responsive and fast inking that follows the movement of your hand.

Quick browsing
Finding your notes is as easy as flipping through the pages of your notebook.

Bamboo Stylus
This app works best when paired with the Bamboo Stylus from Wacom. Find out which Stylus is best for you by visiting

The app is free, and I do expect it to get out of Samsung’s exclusivity in due time. Hit the break for a QR code and download link.

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