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Walmart to launch Chromecast competitor for VUDU video service

vudu-spark-walmartAccording to leaked FCC documents Walmart is readying its own Chromecast competitor for its own streaming/digital copy retrieval service, VUDU. The VUDU Spark as it looks to be called, resembles the media sticks of its competitors namely the Roku Streaming Stick and Fire TV Stick. The stick will come with an RF remote control (Zigbee based) and will pump the Vudu streaming service straight into your TV. We’re not sure if it’ll do anything other than that, like screen-mirroring, and we’re not sure on how much this will retail for.

source: FCC
via: engadget

Vudu adds new Share My Movies feature, allows up to five users to share movies and shows


Vudu has introduced a new feature to allow groups of people to safely and legally share their movie collections with up to five friends and family members. The Share My Movies feature will allow one central account to authorize up to five separate users to access their movie collection without having to resort to password sharing.  Read more

VUDU gets Chromecast support with latest update


After promising Chromecast support earlier this month, VUDU has delivered. VUDU, the service that allows you to rent or buy movies and stream them, can now be used with Chromecast. So instead of just streaming content on your smartphone or tablet, the update will let you cast it to the big screen. VUDU is also an UltraViolet provider; therefore, compatible digital copies of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs in your library can be casted to a television as well.

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VUDU announces Chromecast support on its way


VUDU has announced they will be adding support for Chromecast to their service enabling casting from Android, iOS, PCs and Macs. According to their blog post, support for VUDU on Chromecast will be enabled via the Chrome browser on computers while the mobile device apps will be updated to add the capability.

VUDU says they are currently accepting registrations for people who want to be part of the beta testing program for the new feature. It does require a new sign-up separate from a user’s regular VUDU account. You can hit the source link for instructions on how to sign up if you are interested.

source: VUDU

VUDU releases tablet app for video streaming

VUDU is a popular streaming app for movies and TV shows. Now VUDU has launched an application for everyone’s favorite new video streaming device: Android tablets. The app has a very clean, nicely designed interface that really utilizes all of the screen space on tablets’ larger screens. It’s worth mentioning that 1080p streaming isn’t supported on tablets (yet) so that may be disappointing for owners of super high-res tablets. Either way, more video streaming apps are never a bad thing. Hit the source below for the download links.

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