Verizon’s VoLTE, HD voice era to start in the ‘coming weeks’

verizon_VoLTE_calling_appIt looks like Verizon is ready to flip the switch on its VoLTE (voice over LTE) and HD voice services. According to Big Red, the initial rollout will take place in “the coming weeks.”

The good news is that it will be nationwide instead of only a few select areas like their competitors. However, it will be limited to select devices and customers will have to opt-in to use the service. VoLTE will work wherever this is LTE-data coverage.

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T-Mobile flips the switch for VoLTE on a few devices


Right after boasting its wideband LTE and VoLTE networks, T-Mobile has turned on voice over LTE (VoLTE) for a few devices. The devices come from both Samsung and LG. The update to enable VoLTE is appearing on the Galaxy S 5, Galaxy Note 3, and G Flex.

Technically, the update only matters (right now) if you are in one of the 16 markets that the carrier’s VoLTE network has been launched in. Until then, just enjoy the update and wait until your market gets VoLTE.

T-Mobile boasts wideband and VoLTE network presence, removes music streaming from data limits


John Legere and the folks at T-Mobile have done it again. Tonight in Seattle, Washington, Legere threw more punches (with some intense language) at the wireless industry. The carrier announced the entry of wideband LTE in sixteen markets across the country ranging from coast to coast. They also proudly proclaimed that their voice over LTE network (VoLTE) has a presence over 100 million people in the United States. Pretty impressive considering how far behind other carriers are in terms of getting VoLTE networks off the ground. Also, the carrier’s VoLTE support is being extending to the Samsung Galaxy S 5 tomorrow. In addition to this, its VoLTE network will go live in even more markets.

Hit the break for more news out of T-Mobile.
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Verizon aims to launch its VoLTE network this year alongside video calling


Ready or not, Verizon will be launching its VoLTE network (voice over LTE) this year. We just do not know exactly when it will be happening. Over the summer? Near the end of December, just in time for Christmas? Who knows! But what we do know is that Verizon will be utilizing VoLTE for video calling as well. Two VoLTE-enabled device are necessary and Verizon will give callers the option to use voice or voice with video. The launch of the VoLTE network will be done in a rollout format, meaning that you may have to wait longer than anyone else. After all, Verizon does intend on making this a nationwide platform.

In the meantime, enjoy Big Red’s new XLTE network speeds.

Source: Verizon

AT&T to begin rolling out HD Voice and VoLTE on May 23rd


Today, AT&T announced that they would begin rolling out their voice-over LTE (VoLTE) service, as well as HD Voice Support, starting on May 23rd. The rollout will start off in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin but as time goes on it will reach other markets.

The HD Voice support will allow for much clearer phone calls, and VoLTE will allow users to make calls using their LTE service, as long as their phone supports it. Hit the break for the press release.

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AT&T’s VoLTE believed to be coming on May 23, no word on Verizon’s


AT&T customers in Chicago and Minneapolis better be ready for something brand new at the end of this month. On May 23, sources say AT&T’s Voice over LTE (VoLTE) will go live in those two markets. This would utilize 4G LTE networks to make voice calls rather than older 2G and 3G networks.

This would make them the first carrier in the United States to have a VoLTE network operating. Verizon, on the other hand, has remained silent as to when its VoLTE network will go live. The Samsung Galaxy S 5 is reportedly ready to operate with AT&T’s VoLTE network. As early as the start of 2013, we have heard Samsung’s devices were being tested by the carrier.

Via: Engadget

AT&T Chooses Samsung Smartphones to Test Out VoLTE Ahead of Rollout


AT&T has chosen Samsung devices to test its voice over long-term evolution (VoLTE) service that is scheduled to arrive sometime this year. The Korean Company’s Galaxy line will be apart of the group of devices that are being tested for VoLTE. The service will allow for voice calling that enables clearer quality and faster connections over that of the exist 3G networks. Currently, LTE networks have only been able to support data transmission.

This would be a great move for Samsung as it would secure even more of a foothold in US markets. The company already released a VoLTE device in local markets run by SK Telecom Co. and LG Uplus Corp. This move should certainly help Samsung get a competitive edge over its competition.

source: The Korea Herald

AT&T plans to launch Voice-Over-LTE (VoLTE) service this year


As AT&T brings more LTE coverage to more markets, they plan to roll out support for voice-over-LTE, or VoLTE, to select markets by the end of the year. VoLTE will use AT&T’s LTE towers to convert conversations into data packets over an IP network, allowing for not just higher quality calls but also video calling and enhanced messaging services.

AT&T currently has LTE coverage in 212 markets and expects to cover 90% of the country by the end of the year. Calls over the standard UMTS network will still be available when VoLTE is not, or if a device does not support it. It should be noted that these calls will use data, and probably not a small amount. For customers on shared data plans, this could potentially force you into a higher data bracket.

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Verizon CTO Palmer talks wireless technology future in interview


Verizon’s CTO Nicola Palmer recently sat down for an interview to discuss upcoming wireless technology issues like AWS, VoLTE and LTE Advanced. One of the upcoming technologies that Verizon is working on is VoLTE, which got some welcome news yesterday when new tests showed improved battery life for VoLTE devices. Palmer expects VoLTE to be available from Verizon later this year or in early 2014, but she would not commit to any partnership with MetroPCS. Palmer did indicate that Verizon is looking for partners to provide this service to their customers when they travel internationally.
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New VoLTE tests show improved battery life for second generation


As we watch newer, faster smartphones come to market, many of us may gloss over one of the original uses of the devices – phone calls. Manufacturers and carriers have not forgotten though and as they have been working to rollout 4G LTE services, they have realized they could shift voice traffic over to the LTE network, but not without some challenges. To address the situation, some carriers have been looking at moving voice traffic onto the LTE network using technology referred to as VoLTE, Voice over LTE. The problem is that LTE was designed to move data not voice. In addition, LTE currently does not carry SMS traffic which accounts for a large portion of the revenue stream. To make voice calls over LTE means the use of some type of VOIP technology to convert the voice call into data, which means more computing overhead and thus, more demands on a smartphone’s battery. This concept was found to be true in testing in late 2012. MetroPCS and LG have been working to improve this situation as revealed in the results of recent tests.
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