YouMail Update Includes One-Click Unwanted Call Blocking

Unsolicited, unwanted calls. We all get them. They are the spam of voice calls. If you use Google Voice, you can already block unwanted calls, but not everyone wants to port their number to GV. For those folks, there’s YouMail, a visual voicemail app that can use your own phone number as long as you forward unanswered calls to their service.

Today, YouMail has announced that the new versions of both their apps, YouMail and WhoAreYou, now support one-click blocking of calls from unwanted numbers. Blocking a number causes calls from that number to no longer be visible or ring the phone. On top of that, blocked callers will not be able to leave a message, and they receive a greeting that states the number is out of service. Out of service numbers tend to get removed from spammer call lists. Bonus!

Full presser and download links after the break.

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Google Voice Improves with Offline Voicemail and Group Messaging

Today, the Google Voice app recieved a new update in the Android Market that brings a couple of welcomed improvements. The most popular and often requested is the ability to send text messages to multiple recipients. I will admit, I don’t use Google Voice as much as I should but this feature might sway me to increase its use. The most recent update also allows you to pre-fetch voicemails so they can be listened to when data coverage is unavailable, it also improves text message notification.

To get this new update hit the market link below or head to our apps database for the QR code.

Android Market

Apple receives approval for 21 additional patents

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently approved 21 patents that were submitted by Apple. The patents mostly cover software architecture. Some of the more interesting patents are an integrated touchscreen, a graphical user interface for a voicemail management utility, and a modular system for building desktop tower computers.

The integrated touchscreen patent is the merging of touch-sensing components and a display panel into a single unit. This would make the display thinner and brighter.

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After Getting 1 Billion Calls, YouMail has Surpassed 2 Million Users

YouMail has been stirring up the pot recently. The visual voicemail service just received funding for hitting 1 Billion Calls, and has now confirmed that they have over 2 million users. For those of you that don’t know what YouMail is, it is a service that allows people who don’t have Visual Voicemail to use it on their phone. And for anyone that’s used VVM (Sprint users in particular) you know how wonderful it is. It took the company 3 years to get 1 million users, yet it took them only half that time to get to 2 million. Coming from someone who uses AOSP ROMs occasionally (where Sprint VVM is not there) you can bet I’ll be giving YouMail a look as well.

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Google Voice allows number change – or keep old number for $20

Want to change you number but thought you couldn’t on Google Voice? Hold the phone, GV allows you to change you number at no cost, while also allowing you to keep your old one for $20. Things have changed since way back in the early Google Voice Beta stages where they assigned a number for you, and we welcome it!

When you grab a new number and keep the old, calls and texts will go to both, but will only show the replacement number for any outgoing calls or texts, so it may be best to alert your contact list of the number change, even if you’re keeping the old one. Find out more here at the Google Voice Blog.

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Best Of Both Worlds For Sprint Customers And Google Voice Thanks To XDA Member

Not everyone on Sprint is going gaga for Google’s voice integration.  XDA member zikronix had this to say on the subject (unedited):

Ok so I orginally thought the idea of GV integration with sprint was awesome…after fiddling with it. I was very disappointed.

The problems I had with it were…I dont want to use my GV number as my primary. I dont want to change my GV number to my cell number. Each option had issues that I felt needed to be addressed. Changing my GV number to my cell made it to where txt would be comming into my phone via gv app. Yes there is a work around but ita annoying and I dont want my text stored on line.

As a result, zikronix has concocted a little guide for you to have the best of both worlds.  Where would we be without our ever dedicated and hard working XDA developers?  The guide is pasted below for your convenience.  If you have any questions on how the process works, you can hit up the XDA thread here.  Feel free to provide as much feedback to the developer as you’d like. And as always, feel free to drop a comment or two below.   Read more

Tutorial: Get Sprint Visual Voicemail Back on Your HTC Evo 4G running CynogenMod 7

Do you love CM7? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? We do, that’s for darn sure. My only real qualm with it was not having visual voicemail – an issue I was quick to overlook for the awesome functionality of the ROM. But wait! Thanks to XDA, us Sprint users can have VVM back! The instructions are simple:

  • Download the Sprint VVM Titanium Backup zip: Download attached below
  • Extract the Sprint VVM Titanium Backup zip to the root of the SD card.
  • Download & install Titanium Backup from the Market.
  • Launch Titanium Backup and make sure Sprint VVM is removed (if not, use Titanium Backup to remove it).
  • We’re hosting the zip mentioned above here for easy access. If you want some additional help with this, be sure to hit up the original thread at XDA and call out your troubles, if there are any. I can confirm this is working with my HTC Evo 4G, and I love it! Let us know how it goes in the comments!

    [via xda]

    HeyTell for Android turns your smartphone into a Walkie Talkie


    What do you get when you put voicemail, phone calls, and text messages into an Android App blender? You get HeyTell for Android, which will turn your smartphone into a Walkie Talkie! With this app, you can send voice messages to other HeyTell users just like you would send a text. It’ll go to their phone and sit just like a voicemail until they decide to listen to it later. Pretty cool app for people who don’t want to be bothered actually having to call someone and get stuck on a longer call than expected. Or even for those who don’t like to text because their thumbs are too big!

    The app is Free for regular use, and has some added features available for purchase through the app such as voice effects, broadcast a message to multiple recipients, etc. Setting up your list of friends can be tricky, but once you got them added (usually by email invites), it’s gold.

    Give it a try by scanning the QR below or hitting the link.

    heytell QR

    Android Market Link

    [via TalkAndroid Apps]

    Google Voice Suffers Outage – Again!

    It looks as though Google Voice suffered another outage earlier today for approximately 45 minutes. Many Google Voice users as a result were unable to make calls, send or receive texts, or check their accounts online. Attempts to access the Google Voice accounts page via web showed a “502” error preventing access as well as issues connecting from desktop clients.

    Google Voice is working now, but there hasn’t been any real statement from Google explaining what the issue was to begin with. We hope that Google can issue something, as we don’t know which mobile networks were affected, or if it was a total GV outage.

    We’ll let you know here, as soon as we get word!

    [via BGR]

    Pro tip: Setup voicemail on Epic 4G

    Voicemail, it’s one of those things that you setup when you first get your phone and that’s it. But what if you want to change your voicemail message or change how your name appears to people who receive your messages? Good luck finding it in that manual you threw away.

    But setting up or making changes to your voicemail settings is actually really simple. From the home screen, tap Menu > Settings > Call Settings > Voicemail Settings

    Once there you’ll be greeted with the screen above. From here you can change how your notified of voicemails, if you want your contacts’ pictures to be shown, speakerphone on/off, voicemail greeting, from name, check for voicemail software upgrades and the ever exciting about voicemail.

    So there you have it, it’s a very simple tip, but one that I think that a lot of people will find useful.