Sony brings voice search to their Android TV remote app


Using a plugin for their Quick remote: TV SideView Sony app, Sony is enabling users to access voice search on their Sony Android TV devices. The TV SideView Voice Plug-in is designed to only work with Sony’s Quick remote app and a compatible Sony Android TV. The app is capable of working with speakers using English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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YouTube app jumps to version 10, but only small changes noted [APK download]


Google has started the process of rolling out an update to YouTube taking it from version 6.0.3 up to version 10.02.3. The jump in version number seems odd as most indications thus far are that the changes are mostly cosmetic in nature with no major changes or features included. The biggest change seems to be in the “intents” screen that pops up when a user decides they want to share a video. Instead of a list of applications to choose from, a grid display is brought up instead. Read more

Developers only need a few lines of code to add their apps to Google Voice Search


We saw glimpses of this at Google I/O, and developers can now make their apps searchable through Google Voice Search. It only takes a few lines of code. Once added, apps can receive the SEARCH_ACTION intent containing the SearchManager.QUERYextra with the search expression.

Examples of such searches might be Ok Google, search pizza on Eat24” or Ok Google, search for hotels in Maui on TripAdvisor.” Imagine the possibilities.

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Teenagers use voice commands most often and really want to order pizza


Teenagers use voice commands a lot and they really want to order pizza. That is just some of what Google found from its Mobile Voice Study. Google looked at 1,400 smartphone users and how they use voice commands from Google Search, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. Teenagers (ages 13-18) use voice commands every day while adults are more inclined to “feel tech savvy” because of it.

Here are some notes from the Mobile Voice Study:

  • 55% of teenagers in the United States use voice commands every day
  • 45% of adults feel geeky when using voice commands
  • 89% of teenagers and 85% of adults believe that voice commands will be “very common” in the future
  • 22% of teenagers use voice commands in the bathroom
  • 45% of teenagers selected “send me pizza” when told to “pick one thing you wish you could ask your phone to do for you”
  • Northeasterners are the most active group to use voice commands — 50% use it at least once per day

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New Google Glass video highlights voice search interface


Google released a new video yesterday showing some examples of real life uses for their Glass devices. Many people have been focusing on issues related to the cameras built into the devices and how those can be used to record life events. However, if Google wants to see the devices adopted widely, a key piece will be the ability of the voice search functionality to perform well since that will be the primary interface between Glass and the user for input purposes. To demonstrate how well voice search works, a couple Google Glass testers posed a series of questions to see what the results would be. Read more

Google Search gets expanded functionality for users, brings new cards and improved Voice Search abilities



One of the major pieces of awesomeness at Google I/O was the introduction of the revamped Search function. Right off the bat, the new Search function for you Google Now users includes not only new cards, but also the ability to set reminders or see real-time public transportation updates. So whenever you want that reminder to “take out the trash before 7am” or want to see continuous updates for the A train at New York’s Penn Station (or other select cities), then Google certainly has you covered. Voice Search users aren’t left in the dust either, as Google has gone ahead and implemented some extra functionality to the nifty tool— so users can ask more questions such as “what time it is my flight leaves Thursday” or something of that nature.

The update is already live in the Play Store now, so be sure to grab it by clicking on the Play Store link below.


Play Store download link

Google back with another ad showing off Google Now


Last month we saw Google release an ad that aired during the Grammys to show off Google Now and how it can be used in real life. While the last ad took us around the world for visits with several people, this latest ad takes place in one location and focuses on a father and daughter. The ad shows the melding of Google’s Voice Search with Google Now and how having the right information at the right time can be so important. Should anyone think the response is a little quick compared to your real life experiences with either of the Google products, you are not imagining things. Virtually hidden, Google has included a disclaimer indicating the sequence was shortened. Hit the break to view the ad.

YouTube Preview Image

Google Voice Search Updated To Support 13 New Languages


Leave it to Google to continue to push innovation as its main agenda for Android users. Google has announced a new version of its Voice Search software and the app can now recognize 13 new languages such as European Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian and Catalan. With the new additions, this brings the grand total of the Voice Search recognition to 42 languages. Of course, users can’t speak all those languages at once— so it will be wise to remember that one language can be spoken into the app at a time.

The new version of Voice Search is available now for those of you who just can’t wait. Keep in mind that not all of the newly added languages have been implemented just yet— though Google should roll out all the new languages by next week at the latest.


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