Facebook Messenger update lets you send voice messages via app

Facebook Messenger got a nifty little update today. The popular messaging app now includes a “voice record” feature. If you’re feeling too lazy to type out a message, you can simply touch “voice record”, hold down the red record button and speak what you want your friend to know. When you’re done recording your message, just let go of the record button and the app will automatically upload your message and send it across the airwaves to your friend’s phone, where they can give it a listen. For now, voice messaging is limited to one minute, so if you’re gonna talk longer than that, you should probably just make a normal phone call (do people even still make those?). If you want to grab the app, use the QR code or download link below.

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Google Play Download Link

Vlingo adds support for Foursquare

Vlingo, the speech recognition app, has added support for location-based app Foursquare. Vlingo was formerly a $9.99 app, but cut its price to free after Google upped its own voice input service. The update shows how Vlingo is truly committed to giving the user the best voice input options available. The app now supports almost all major social networking apps, as it already supported Facebook and Twitter. Presser after the break. Read more