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This Siri Competitor for Android Looks Utterly Awesome [Video]


Ever since Apple released Siri for iOS, Android developers have been coming out with their “Siri-killers”. We’ve seen Speaktoit Assistant, Cluzee, Iris, and even Google’s upcoming Project Majel, which promises to improve the current Voice Actions for Android. The latest is called utter! by XDA member brandall, and promises something a little different.

Through a video the developer posted on YouTube, we find out that utter! knows about and can use the apps already installed on your device. For example, when asked “search eBay Galaxy Nexus,” the app responds by displaying the results through the installed eBay app rather than opening a browser.  Of course, if the eBay app was not installed, utter! would indeed use eBay’s web site to return the results.

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Siri’s up and coming rival Iris is getting further developed, thanks to your support

Yesterday we brought you news of Iris, an Intelligent Rival Imitator of Siri and the product of some Android developers having a bit of fun mocking Apple’s virtual assistant. The app was released to the market this week in an alpha state, but astonishingly it garnered over 18,000 downloads on its first day. Many of you visited our former post and a few of you commented on Iris’s lack of good communication skills, however, it really is important to note, that Iris is by no means a finished product. The developers sort of just threw it out there to test the waters. Due to the the resulting tsunami of downloads, Dexetra is pushing forward on the Iris project and furthering development. The team has already started cooking in more voice actions to the app like calling, texting, searching the web, and they are actively seeking any ideas you have to offer. From the look of things they pushed an update to the current market verision and have already completely overhauled the look of the coming version, just hours after our previous post.

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Voice Control: Apple picks a new fight with Android

Yesterday afternoon, Apple unveiled their iPhone 4S, a rather lackluster event save for Siri; their automated virtual assistant app (An app they bought from a third party developer last April I might add). Anyways, as Apple puts it

“Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. Siri is so easy to use and does so much, you’ll keep finding more and more ways to use it.”

While Apple marketed Siri as a new innovation (typical), Android has had much of the same functionality for more than a year now. Google just didn’t put much effort into announcing their Google Voice Actions, so a lot of Android users aren’t even aware of what their device is capable of. Apple’s event sort of hinged on the announcement of Siri. What else did they show today? Oh that’s right an app that lets you send real postcards for $3 a pop. Like I said, Siri was the star of the show.

Alright so by now you’ve likely checked out Siri and maybe, just maybe, you’re wondering if your Android does all that. As Verizon puts it, “Droid Does. ” On Android you have a couple of options for achieving Siri-like functionality, notably the aforementioned Google Voice Actions. Read more

StartTalking for Android gets updated, adds voice dialing, GPS commands, and more

We first told you about StartTalking back in October, where its primary focus was as a completely hands-free app for texting.  You can use your voice to start and compose text messages and the app can read incoming messages to you.  The latest version adds improved voice recognition in noisy environments, as well as more voice commands to control your Android phone.

StartTalking now has the ability to initiate voice dialing, voice navigation, and post to Twitter & Facebook.  Another fun feature is the ability to name your phone, and change the greeting it responds with.  So instead of saying “start talking” and hearing “yes” as your reply – you can change it so you say “Nexus One” and have your phone reply, “Yes Master Steve”.  Pretty cool stuff.

StartTalking is free for Android devices running version 2.1 and higher.  Grab it from their site here, or grab it from the market link on your phone or QR code below.

Market Link

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Improved Voice Control For Your Android

Vlingo Logo

Remember Jarvis from the Iron Man movies? He was Tony Stark’s uber-powerful computer that Tony could talk to like just another person and the computer would follow his every command. That’s aaaaaaalmost what Vlingo will do to your Android phone.

Yes, most Android devices come with voice recognition built it, but they don’t function as well as this:

Vlingo Stats

Vlingo SS

I know I’m impressed. The app will set you back $10, but if you’ve got fat fingers or if you want to impress your friends… Then this just may be the app for you.

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