[Deal] Grab the Huawei P9 for just £300 from Vodafone

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While the Huawei P9 launched just over a month ago at an event in London, the handset has only recently started shipping out to the people who placed pre-orders. The Huawei P9 has an official RRP of £449, but the UK carrier, GiffGaff, were offering it on Pay As You Go for as little as £369 last week. We thought that was pretty good at the time, but it’s actually possible to get the P9 even cheaper, for just £300 plus top-up in fact. Read more

Vodafone UK’s 30-Day Network Guarantee allows you to cancel the contract with no strings attached

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With the acquisition of EE by telecoms company, BT, being given the go-ahead by regulators, and Three UK in the process of acquiring O2, Vodafone UK needs to offer something unique to stay relevant. To that end, Vodafone UK has announced that it will offer a 30-day Network Guarantee to new and upgrading customers whereby they can choose to stay or leave after 30 days, with no strings attached.  Read more

The following UK networks will offer Huawei’s P9 and P9 Plus

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Huawei launched its P9 and P9 Plus flagships at an event held in London yesterday, placing a lot of emphasis on its partnership with camera maker, Leica and their intentions to ‘reinvent smartphone photography’. That’s all well and good, but when can you, the consumer, get your hands on a P9 or P9 Plus in the UK from your favourite network? Join us after the break for more details.  Read more

Vodafone slammed by complaints during fourth quarter of 2015


In the U.K., wireless carrier Vodafone saw an already troubled public image tumble even further if the number of complaints filed with watchdog agency Ofcom is an indication. According to Ofcom, during the final quarter of 2015 pay-monthly subscribers filed 32 complaints for every 100,000 customers. That may not seem like many, but it is more than double the figure for the same period in 2014 and is much higher than other carriers. Read more

Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 review

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When you are on a budget, one of the biggest questions you must answer is which features you are willing to compromise on. Whether it’s a lower resolution display, less RAM, less capable cameras, poor build quality, or perhaps an underpowered processor, these are all things you must consider. There’s a host of budget smartphones to choose from, and most tend to compromise at least one area. Here in the United Kingdom, the Moto G (2015) is often viewed as the go-to device for people with limited budgets, but perhaps there’s an alternative, the Smart Ultra 6 that is available from Vodafone UK for just £115.  Read more

Vodafone announces the 8-inch Tab speed 6 with 4G connectivity for just £125


One of the great things about using a 4G equipped tablet is the sense of freedom it gives you when you are out and about; being able to browse or stream content without using up your smartphone’s data allowance while tethering. In the past, buying a tablet equipped with a SIM slot meant having to pay a premium for the privilege, but these days there are cheaper options, one of which is the Vodafone‘s Tab speed 6 tablet (4G) that was announced earlier today.  Read more

Vodafone UK now rolling out Wi-Fi calling update for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


Vodafone UK has started pushing out a rather unexpected update to all its carrier-branded models of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge located in the United Kingdom. This upgrade carries support for the operator’s fairly new Wi-Fi calling service, which authorizes users to place calls via the Internet when they have no cellular signal without incurring any extra charges.

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Sainsbury’s announces its mobile network will close on January 15 next year

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Some bad news for UK consumers today as Sainsbury’s announced the closure of its Mobile network, saying that the service shut down on January 15th next year in a statement posted on its website. Mobile by Sainsbury’s operates as an MVNO, piggybacking off the Vodafone network, and it’s thought that negotiations between the supermarket chain and Vodafone broke down for some reason, leading to the announcement. It has previously been rumoured that Vodafone intends on exiting the MVNO market altogether.

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