C is for Cloud? Google consolidating services, brings former VMWare exec on board


Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced this week that the company is bringing VMWare co-founder and former CEO Diane Greene on board in a more active role to head up a new team focused on cloud businesses. Greene is already connected to Google as a member of the Board of Directors, but she will be moving into a more active and integral role with these changes. Read more

LG & Verizon Set To Release Phones With VMWare

Verizon again continues to get lucky when it comes to getting the good stuff. It’s no secret that LG and VMWare have a unique partnership, but now they’ve revealed something that looks to be pretty special. LG showed it had a trick up its sleeve at CES. What would you say if you can use both your “work” phone and your “personal” phone on the same phone? Let me explain– VMWare has officially enabled the ability to run separate virtual Android OS machines on the same device. That means you can use your personal phone one minute, hit a button and then completely move to your work phone managed by your employer. Pretty neat isn’t it?

Verizon isn’t done either. The big news is that Big Red and Telfonica will be a launching a phone with the technology “in the coming months”. All of this means improved productivity for all— and soon.

Further details are scarce, but stay tuned with Talk Android and we’ll provide any further info as we get it.

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Box App To Be Preloaded On Motorola Xoom

A new partnership with Motorola has secured a spot for Box.net’s cloud storage app as being preloaded on future Xoom Android tablets worldwide. The announcement was accompanied by news of additional partnerships with VMware, Ping Security and Salesforce Chatter also, however its mobile strategy seems to make perfect sense as Box’s service offers companies and individuals a cloud structure that keeps everyone connected with great ease from anywhere.

Box’s on-going relationship with HP, which made Box the only preloaded app on the TouchPad (with 50GB of free lifetime storage) looks to be going strong as well. HP’s Vice-President of Strategy and Operations announced this week that their business PCs will start shipping the Box app preloaded beginning with SMBs in North America with a future intent to go global.

Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to try Box’s services out yet, with the way they are expanding their market, chances are you’ll meet soon enough.

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LG and VMWare to bring sandbox security to your Android phone

If you’re the kind of individual who uses your Android device for both personal and business use, and you are always having trouble keeping those two worlds separated, LG and VMWare may have just the solution you’ve been looking for. The two companies are partnering up to bring a virtual space for your Android phone to allow you to keep two completely separate profiles on your device.

This work environment can be used to keep a completely different set of contacts, email accounts, apps, and data that can not be accessed by the main profile, and vice versa. This is a pretty cool concept, especially if you have a lot of sensitive work materials on your phone. Hit up after the break for a video via Engadget and a press release.

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