Talk Android Apps of the Week: October 4, 2015


It’s Sunday, the time of the week when Talk Android brings you a report on some of the very best applications we’ve been using over the course of the past seven days. Today we’re focusing our attention on an ultra-reliable media player, a fantastic food ordering service, a useful movie referencing app and a great tool for anyone who has use of a PlayStation 4.

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Best media player apps [2015]


Taking your movies and music everywhere you go is one of the many benefits of having a smartphone or tablet. You never know when you’ll have some downtime to listen to some music during a break or watch a movie during a long flight. A big problem with the stock Android video player is that, in some cases, it doesn’t have all the necessary codecs you might need and a few helpful features are missing. Google’s in-house media player may be limited for some people, but luckily the Play Store is flooded with alternatives.

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VLC for Android gets Android TV support, Chromecast still pending

VLC player android

Fans of the VLC media player on Android have been waiting for the app to incorporate support for streaming to Chromecast devices for some time now. Interest ratcheted up earlier this month when some changes in the VLC source code for the upcoming version 3.0 release indicated support for Chromecast was present. VideoLabs has released an update for the app, but it is still not the one everyone was hoping for that would include the casting capability. The good news is that it does include support for Android TV. Read more

VLC bringing Chromecast support with next update

VLC player androidIf you’ve ever dabbled in playing movies and TV shows on your computer, you’ve probably used VLC, or at least heard the name a few times. The program (and Android app!) supports nearly any file format or codec you throw at it, and it’s arguably the most cohesive media player available, even if it lacks some of the extra features other players have.

One thing that VLC has not had, though, was Chromecast support. When Google’s cheap streaming device was announced, VLC said they were planning on supporting it, but as of right now that hasn’t actually panned out. But according to some changes in VLC’s source code, version 3.0 looks like it’ll be bringing full Chromecast support so you can happily sling any media around to your televisions. Read more

VLC for Android Beta is finally available in the U.S.


VLC for Android Beta has been available to just about everyone in the world except for the U.S., but things have changed. The app has finally made it’s way to the U.S Play Store, which means you can download it now.

VLC should play just about any video you throw at it, whether it’s local or network streams. Even DVD ISOs. Plus, VLC already announced that Chromecast support will be coming soon.

I can see this one being the go-to media app for a lot of people. Hit the break for download links.

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