VLC for Android Beta is finally available in the U.S.


VLC for Android Beta has been available to just about everyone in the world except for the U.S., but things have changed. The app has finally made it’s way to the U.S Play Store, which means you can download it now.

VLC should play just about any video you throw at it, whether it’s local or network streams. Even DVD ISOs. Plus, VLC already announced that Chromecast support will be coming soon.

I can see this one being the go-to media app for a lot of people. Hit the break for download links.

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VLC and TuneIn getting Chromecast support

VLC player android

According to VLC, the popular media player will soon be getting Chromecast support. A statement from the company detailed the fact that they were working on bringing Chromecast to the media player.

Felix Paul Kühne, a lead OS X and iOS developer said in an email that Chromecast support would be added in the next iOS update, and that the feature would be added to the Android app after the iOS version.

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Best Android video player applications [November 2013]


Not only do our Android devices make great MP3 players, but they make great portable home theaters, too. With the resolutions on many devices competing with the televisions in most people’s living rooms, they’re great choices for watching movies and TV shows on.

Most Android devices will bunch any movies, TV shows, or just home videos into your gallery application with your pictures and downloaded images. That’s generally not an ideal place for organizing them, and to make things worse, you’d only be able to watch the videos in the built-in video viewing application. More often than not, the stock app is lacking in many features or just can’t play all of the formats you may have your videos encoded in. Fortunately for you, this guide is going to go over the top 5 applications to make your video watching experience that much better.
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VLC Media Player For Android Gets An Update

VLC, a popular media player which allows you to play video in almost any format or codec known to man, has recently received an update for the Android application.  The developers are still working on this folks, so be patient, as they are currently working on this in their free time.  According to the developers, the app is progressing well and maturing more and more on a daily basis for Android.  Ivoire, a VLC Media Player developer had this to say on his blog:

After two months of work, VLC media player is working quite well on Android based systems. The project still requires a lot of work before any release but we now know that running VLC media player on Android is achievable.

Some of the things they have been working on as stated on the developers blog include:
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VLC Coming to Android in “A Matter of Weeks”

VLC has been a very popular media player on Mac, Linux, and PC for years. In September, an iOS version was released (pictured above), and while we certainly expected to see it come to Android shortly after that, so far we’ve not seen a version running. That is about to change, however, as Lead Developer Jean-Baptiste Kempf has stated that an Android version should be available in “a matter of weeks.”

What makes VLC so special? Primarily, its minimalist interface and the fact that it plays nearly every file format known to man. It’s been an open-source solution on various platforms, so many Android users already know it. For being so powerful and versatile, however, it’s typically a very low-overhead program. One thing that Android users request most often is more options for media files, so VLC should be a welcome addition to the Android repertoire. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know when it goes live.

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