Official Speedway GP 2013 brings motorcycle racing action to Google Play


Vivid Games S.A., developer of the Real Boxing title, released the official FIM Speedway GP 2013 game to the Google Play Store today. The new racing title promises console-quality graphics, lifelike physics, and improved controls. Players race against computer generated opponents, which are supposed to be smarter in this update for the 2013 season, modeled on real-life riders across 16 different real-world tracks. Along with traditional views, the new title adds a “Helmet Cam” that provides a first person point-of-view. Hit the break for some screen shots and short video highlighting game features. If you want to try Official Speedway GP 2013, use one of the Google Play download links to grab the $1.99 title that required Android 2.3 or higher. Read more

First look at Real Boxing demo on NVIDIA’s Project Shield


NVIDIA has been doing a great job of hyping up their Tegra 4 powered Project Shield lately, showing us all kinds of things the little device can do. We’ve seen it plow the most demanding Android games without breaking a sweat, but what about a game that’s designed to fully take advantage of that powerful hardware and the convenient controller layout? Vivid Games is stepping in with their Real Boxing title to show us how to do Project Shield gaming right. It’s a unique boxing/RPG hybrid that’s finely tuned to the hardware in Project Shield, and provides incredible graphics and controls on top of fantastic gameplay.

The Tegra 4 under the hood here has no problems running this game at a full 60 FPS with the high resolution textures and poly counts and fluid animations you’d expect from your bigger console and PC games. The real draw here, though, is how well the controller is mapped to the game. The Project Shield design lets this play just like a higher end title. Interested yet? You should be. Hit the break below to check out NVIDIA’s demo of the gameplay. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Read more