Max Payne, Crystal Defenders, SwiftKey 3 and others on sale at Google Play Store


Today brings great summer sales to some of Android’s most popular apps. Some of the most well known apps that are currently on sale includes Max Payne ($.99), Crystal Defenders ($1.26) and the popular 3rd party on-screen keyboard app SwiftKey 3 ($.99). Other notable apps that are on sale (but not limited to) includes The Lorax, Vignette, Star Chart and Super Dynamite Fishing Premium.

If you love sales and would like to own some of these great apps, now is your chance! You can find some of the links and QR codes after the break.

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The Best Android Camera apps – Shoot like a Pro!

Original photo by Doug Schwartz

So, as you can see, Batboy isn’t having the night he intended on. And although we’ve probably all been there before, we’re always happy to have a killer Android camera app to capture a cape crusader’s failure!

Let’s have a look at some of the apps we should always have ready to snap a few “candid” moments.

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