Google now showing Google Play Movies purchases in YouTube app


To access your purchased Google Play Movies content, you previously had to go to the Google Play Movies & TV application.

But today, Google has updated its YouTube app to now integrate Google Play Movies & TV, allowing you to access your purchased videos straight from YouTube.

Check out the “Purchases” screen after the break.

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VIDEO: First look at Project Tango developer tablet at Google I/O 2014

Project Tango hands on

Project Tango has raised quite a few eyebrows since the rumors have started flowing just a few months ago.

It’s got a  7-inch display, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, WiFi, BTLE, and 4G LTE. Just like the Tango phone, the tablet will consist of cameras and sensors that give it the ability to map its surroundings.

Now it’s finally here, and we’ve got it all on tape for a first look video of the device. Hit the break for the video below.

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Early Look Video: Hands on with the Gear Live, Samsung’s first Android Wear smartwatch

gear live hands on

The Gear Live, Samsung’s first Android Wear smartwatch, will be available for purchase on the Google Play Store later today.

We’re at Google I/O right now and have a hands-on video for you right now. It’s just a quick look for now, but we’ll have more for you on the device (as well as a review, as usual) later on.

Hit the break for the video. Check it out for yourself!

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Moto X+1 might feature a 4K video recording


The Moto X+1 has been grabbing headlines for quite some time now and a blurry video of the device was just leaked yesterday. However, today we get to see the camera capability of the device.

A video that appeared on YouTube earlier allegedly appears to be a video sample of the Moto X+1 featuring a 4K video recording. The video quality isn’t as impressive but it can be due to the YouTube compression which effects its quality. However, the main issue was that the focusing wasn’t quite consistent. Yet, we can’t be judgmental since the device is still in the prototyping stage and is not the final build ready for consumers.

Take a look at the video right after the break.
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New Moto X+1 video leaks — it’s blurry, but it’s something

Moto X+1

Good news, looks like we have another Moto X+1 leak for you guys today!

It’s not much though, as the video is simply a close-up of the device’s screen shot with an iPhone camera. The video is meant to show the pixel density, and the person taking the video said he would take another video with a better camera soon. When that video is released, we’ll let you know.

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YouTube plans to launch paid music streaming service by end of summer


Video killed the radio star, and YouTube killed the video star. (Wait, you guys don’t still watch MTV, do you?)

All of us have watched a music video on YouTube before. Some of us even use YouTube as our primary music service. It’s free, after all, and has pretty much every song you’d ever want to hear.

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LG releases new videos showcasing features of the LG G3


After Samsung and HTC had big flagship device reveals earlier this year that included quick, if not immediate, availability of their devices, smartphone buyers hoping to get an LG G3 continue to wait for word on when the device will actually be available. Perhaps to appease the masses, LG has released a whole series of videos highlighting some of the features they are bringing to the market with the LG G3.
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See LG’s “Simple is The New Smart” ad for the G3


If you watched the live stream of LG’s G3 announcement today, you likely heard how often they referred to the device as “simple.” The marketing slogan LG is going for with their new device is “Simple is The New Smart,” and it’s apparent when you look at things like the slimmed down camera interface and features like Smart Notice on the G3.

Of course, creating these buzzwords isn’t going to sell many devices without some marketing behind it, so LG has released their first full-length ad for the G3, showing off just how simple and smart the device is. The video’s pretty slick and really sums up everything that’s great about the G3. You can watch the ad below.

What are your thoughts on the G3? Do you like the simple approach LG is trying to take?
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LG releases official teaser video for LG G3


With two weeks to go until their big unveiling event, LG has released an official teaser video today for the LG G3. The video does not reveal anything new that we have not already seen in all the leaked images and rumors. We do see LG’s new tagline for their marketing for the new flagship device – “Simple is the New Smart.” We will have to see how that translates to actual features and usability when LG reveals the smartphone.

Hit the break to check out the official video from LG. Are you looking forward to the new LG G3?
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