ooVoo updates video app for mobile devices, includes lots of goodies for Android users

by Jeff Causey on
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ooVoo, the popular video call/chat service, released an app update for Android and iOS mobile devices today. The new version takes the app up to version 1.3.4 and notably, many of the new features target the Android platform.

Among the improvements that apply to both the iOS and Android versions is the ability to conduct a 4-way call. By taking advantage of wifi and 4G LTE networks, ooVoo is now able to display multiple video streams at once. On top of the video streams, users can have a total of 12 other ooVoo users connected to a session. Even without switching to other participants’ video streams, ooVoo will let users send chat messages to the other participants. » Read the rest

LG Demonstrates Seamless Voice-To-Video Call Switching At MWC

by Josh O'Donnell on
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One problem that is prevalent with existing video call technology is its rigid functionality. You can either video call, or voice call. If, for some reason, your call requires a changeover to video, you would then have to end the call and start a new one as video. Well it seems that LG has figured out a pretty nifty solution, and it’s showing it off at MWC 2012.

The same technology that allows you to record and upload video simultaneously [via an LTE connection] is being utilized to allow seamless transition from voice to video, without the inconvenience of having to sever the connection. This is actually really cool, and I predict will be adopted by the mobile industry in a fairly quick manner, especially since the technology complies with industry standards. This voice-to-video technology is expected to be seen on LG smartphones sometime later in the year. Full press release after the break.

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Vainworks stand turns your rear-facing camera to a front-facing camera

by Steve Ginter on
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So you want to do some video calling over your smartphone but don’t have one of the new models that sport a front facing camera huh?  No problem, there’s a stand for that.  Vainworks has whipped together a clever little desktop phone stand that uses mirrors to point your phone’s rear-facing camera forward.  It will work in portrait as well as landscape too!  Well, sort of…  hit the jump to read more and see a video of it in action. » Read the rest