Vertu unveils newest luxury device for over $11,000 — packs titanium, sapphire and leather


For those of you not familiar, Vertu is a luxury smartphone manufacturer that has designed some seriously gorgeous looking devices. Not only are they amazing looking on the outside, but they usually feature top-of-the-line specs as well.

Vertu unveiled its newest device, the ‘Signature Touch’ today, and boy is it beautiful — it will set you back¬†¬£6,750 (about $11,300), though…

Check out the video and more details about the device after the break.

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Vertu Luxury Smartphone Powered By Android Rumored To Be On The Way


It appears that there is yet another smartphone on the way from Vertu. In case you’re not familiar, Vertu is a luxury brand that was sold by Nokia sometime last year. According to Eldar Murtazin, the new Vertu smartphone will make the official switch from the Symbian platform to the Android platform. In addition, the new smartphone will only cost a “measly” $4,000— compared to tens of thousands of dollars for previous Vertu smartphones. Hopefully the rumored smartphone will arrive with a butler as part of the package, but then again– that might be some wishful thinking.

source: Engadget