Verizon starts rolling out much-needed maintenance update for the LG G4


It appears that Verizon has at last been listening to its customers as it’s now rolling out a much-needed maintenance update to all its carrier-branded variants of the LG G4 located in the United States. The upgrade addresses some severe touchscreen issues that have been present on the handset ever since its launch back in April which resulted in user’s frequently having to restart their device just restore usability. It also introduces a new slow motion option in the camera application and unlinks the ringer, notification and system volumes.

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Verizon offering up to $500 on select Black Friday deals


Verizon has largely resisted a lot of the changes going on in the wireless carrier industry, but resistance is futile when it comes to Black Friday. If you are interested in switching to the carrier and are willing to get a phone from a small selection of options, this Friday could be the day to do it. Verizon will be offering deals totaling up to $500 in credits and gift cards. Read more

Verizon simplifies its prepaid plans


Every carrier in the United States has been making moves as of late. What better time to do it than the holiday season? Customers new and old are picking up new devices and bolstering their plans with more data. Recently, AT&T brought free roaming to Mobile Share Value plan customers; Sprint upped its network and lowered rates for new customers; T-Mobile launched unlimited video streaming and then gave more data to everyone. Even prepaid carriers Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS have introduced new benefits. Verizon, who last week announced TravelPass, now has simplified its prepaid plans for both basic phones and smartphones.

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New Motorola ad campaign explores your PhoneLove


Motorola is launching a new ad campaign for their smartphones, including the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition and Motorola DROID Turbo 2, based on the premise people really love their phones. As part of the campaign, Motorola has enlisted the help of Ashton Kutcher to conduct a series of experiments to see just how far people will go in their relationship with their mobile device. Read more