LG G3 for Verizon press render leaks, Big Red’s stamp is on the front once again

by Justin Herrick on
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With just four days left until its May 27 announcement, there are bound to be some last-minute LG G3 leaks. Here, courtesy of @evleaks, we have a look at the first carrier-branded press render of the handset. As you can tell by the rather blatant branding, this is the Verizon version.

Like with the LG G2, Big Red has literally put its mark all over. On the back is the Verizon name with their 4G LTE logo. On the front is, again, the Verizon logo crammed in the top right corner. The carrier’s 4G LTE icon is present, but that is not a big deal whatsoever. And it looks like we will have some bloatware as the display is showing Verizon’s official messaging application. It is understandable that carriers add some of their own branding, but cluttering the front panel is a little much. Another catch worth mentioning is that this front panel is all black while previous G3 leaks show a mixed front depending upon the color variant. » Read the rest

Mid-range LG G Pro 2 Lite for Verizon spotted at FCC

by Jeff Causey on
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If the forthcoming LG G3 is not quite large enough for you and LG’s super-sized LG G Pro 2 is more than you want to spend on a smartphone, then LG’s G Pro 2 Lite may be what you are looking for. The LG G Pro 2 Lite is a mid-range device that ratchets down virtually every spec compared to the top-tier device. The G Pro 2 Lite was recently spotted in the FCC database on its way to Verizon. Sprint and AT&T versions of the device are expected as well.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 for Verizon spotted

by Jeff Causey on
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Following on the heels of an image of the 8-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 headed to Verizon, Twitter tipster @evleaks has also posted an image of the 10.1-inch model. Unlike the 8-inch version, this image only shows the front of the device with the “Verizon Wireless” connection indicated on the lockscreen. As with the 8-inch version, @evleaks shared no information regarding possible release dates.

source: @evleaks (official site)

Verizon branded Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 image discovered

by Jeff Causey on
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 series of tablets have not been big news generators as they start to hit retail shelves in the U.S. Even so, when a new image of a device with specific carrier branding surfaces, it is nice to get an early look. Twitter tipster @evleaks has obtained a render of the 8-inch version of the Galaxy Tab 4 intended for the Verizon network as evidenced by the Verizon 4G LTE logo emblazoned on the back of the device. When Samsung announced availability of the Galaxy Tab 4 tablets, they only indicated the 4G-enabled carrier versions would be ready for sale this summer. We still do not have a specific date, but this is a good sign for interested buyers that Verizon is close to opening up sales.

source: @evleaks (official site)

Verizon aims to launch its VoLTE network this year alongside video calling

by Justin Herrick on
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Ready or not, Verizon will be launching its VoLTE network (voice over LTE) this year. We just do not know exactly when it will be happening. Over the summer? Near the end of December, just in time for Christmas? Who knows! But what we do know is that Verizon will be utilizing VoLTE for video calling as well. Two VoLTE-enabled device are necessary and Verizon will give callers the option to use voice or voice with video. The launch of the VoLTE network will be done in a rollout format, meaning that you may have to wait longer than anyone else. After all, Verizon does intend on making this a nationwide platform.

In the meantime, enjoy Big Red’s new XLTE network speeds.

Source: Verizon

Moto X+1, codenamed Victara, to be on the four major carriers in the U.S.

by Justin Herrick on
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No one should be surprised that the upcoming Motorola Moto X+1 will be carried by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint in the United States. Last year, Motorola made sure the Moto X was available on each of these carriers in addition to some smaller ones. But the Moto X+1 also popped up on Motorola’s very own site a few times already. So aside from learning once again that the United States’ largest carriers would be picking up the handset, we have learned its codename: Victara.

What do you think Victara stands for, if anything?

Source: @evleaks (official site)

HTC One Remix for Verizon press render leaks

by Justin Herrick on
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While the HTC One Mini 2 name will not be going to Verizon, the HTC One Remix will. Verizon is giving it a name change and today we have the first leaked press render of this handset. In the image above, you see the little HTC device within a case. When Big Red intends on releasing this, we do not know. Although, Verizon has really picked up the pace when it comes to adding a smartphone to its lineup. » Read the rest

Software update for the DROID Ultra, Mini and Maxx coming, It’s probably not 4.4.2

by Jack Holt on
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DROID_Ultra_Back_DROID_Logo_Motorola_Logo_TAWhile recent support docs from Verizon have pegged the DROID Ultra, Mini and Maxx as getting Android 4.4.2 sometime in the near feature, an update is coming along that may not be the coveted latest version of Android. The Motorola web site has been updated with the change log about what the update fixes a Canadian roaming bug and an Exchange bug, while also adding enhancements to the Status Bar.


As soon as the update takes, your device will update to SU2-3.3. You can get the update manually by selecting the Settings icon in the apps menu, selecting “About phone,” selecting “System updates,” then selecting “Yes, I’m in”. After the software is downloaded, hit “Install Now”..” After the software is installed, your phone will re-start automatically. Of course it’s worth noting that the jump from Android 4.4 to 4.4.2 isn’t really that big of an update, usually with a small amount of changes. Owners of these three phones will have to sound off in the comments below and let us know if this is the 4.4.2 update.

source: Motorola

Verizon expands MORE Everything Plans with additional options for small businesses

by Jeff Causey on
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Although wireless carriers receive a lot of attention whenever they change plans or offer new options for private consumers, the market for small businesses is another important component of their business. Today Verizon announced they were adding new options for small businesses in need of voice, messaging and data plans. » Read the rest

Variant of Galaxy Note 4 coming to all major carriers

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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We have some information today regarding the Samsung SM-N910 (possibly a variant for the Galaxy Note 4, as the Galaxy Note 4 is the SM-N900).

We were already pretty sure that the phone would be coming to AT&T, but now we know it’ll be coming to Sprint, US Cellular, Verizon, T-Mobile and Bell Canada. All carriers should have the 32GB capacity available at launch.

Stay tuned, as there’s certainly more to come.

Source: @evleaks 1 / @evleaks 2