Verizon starts pushing out an OTA to fix a major bug on the Galaxy S6 Edge


Verizon has begun rolling out a firmware update for all its carrier-branded models of the Galaxy S6 Edge located in the United States. The upgrade doesn’t bring much in terms of added functionality. Well, in fact, it doesn’t bring anything at all. It merely transports a fix for the extremely irritating auto-rotation bug that many early adopters have been experiencing for a while now.

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OnePlus is upset that Verizon is using the #NeverSettle hashtag

OnePlus NeverSettle Takeback

Have you ever used a catchphrase and then become annoyed when someone else began using it in earshot of you? Well, that’s kinda like how OnePlus is feeling at the moment, thanks to Verizon Wireless using the #NeverSettle hashtag in an advertising campaign. To make matters even more confusing, T-Mobile has also been using the same hashtag in its attempt to attract Verizon Wireless customers.

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Best Buy offering $100 gift card with LG G4, lists release dates


Best Buy has launched their pre-order page for the LG G4 and in an effort to entice buyers to stop by one of their stores instead of going directly to the carriers, they are offering a $100 gift card with the purchase of the G4. That could be useful for users who want to add a case or car charger or some other accessory to their order. The pre-order page also lists release dates for several carriers and colors of the smartphone. Read more

Motorola DROID Turbo seeing limited edition metallic colors on May 28


The DROID Turbo, an exclusive to Verizon, will see new limited edition metallic colors launch next Thursday. On May 28, Big Red will add metallic blue, orange, and violet accents of the handset to its lineup.

Through Verizon Edge, payments of the DROID Turbo can be broken into $20.83 per month for twenty-four months. The carrier will also throw in $150 or more credit when recycling a smartphone that is in decent shape.

Hit the break to see what is going on with the DROID Turbo’s next software update.

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HTC One M7 from Verizon getting Android 5.0 today


The HTC One M7 smartphone from Verizon is receiving the Android 5.0 update starting today. The carrier made this official a few days ago, so its arrival today should barely surprise the customers. Verizon has been kind enough to offer a full changelog as well, so we know everything that’s new with the update for a device that is transitioning from Android 4.4. Read more

Lollipop to start rolling out to Verizon HTC One (M7) this week


Owners of the HTC One (M7) on Verizon who have been waiting for the Android Lollipop update will receive the treat later this week according to Mo Versi, HTC’s Vice President of Product Management. According to a tweet sent out by Versi, Verizon has granted their technical approval to the latest version of the Android operating system. The update is slated to start rolling out on the Verizon network as an over-the-air update on Thursday.

source: @moversi