Redbox Instant by Verizon arrives on Google TV

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redbox_instant_verizonIn March of this year, streaming service Redbox Instant was launched in a partnership with Verizon to rival Netflix. Starting today, Redbox Instant is supported for Google TV. The app offers a full Redbox Instant experience, including movie streaming and the ability to rent and purchase movies through Google TV. You can even reserve movies at your local Redbox kiosk through the app.

However, at this point, there’s only support for second generation Google TV devices. If you have a compatible device, go try out RedBox Instant by downloading through the Google Play Store. There’s a one month free trial if you sign up now.

source: Google TV Blog

Verizon Galaxy S3 slated to receive large update, includes multi-window and several other features

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Verizon’s Galaxy S3 was a bit behind on features and updates, but according to a newly released support document, that’s about to change. The Verizon variant is slated to receive an update to build number VRBMD3. It’s a Jelly Bean update that (finally) includes multi-window functionality. Of course, it’s not only a multi-window update, as you’ll see other features such as S Beam’s Auto Share Shot, improved hotspot reliability, carrier billing in Google Play, the Best Shot mode in the camera, and a long list of other fixes and enhancements.

The update isn’t live yet, but since the support documents are up, it shouldn’t take too much longer. Hit the link below to check out the full changelog.

source: Verizon

AT&T boasts best 3G/4G speed combo while Sprint falls short

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As all four of the big US carriers board the 4G LTE train it would be only a matter of time before a comparison study involving them came to be. While Verizon has the upper hand in the LTE market with roughly 95% of its 3G network covered with LTE speeds, AT&T is quickly rolling out its LTE service. They’re doing that while maintaining their quick 4G services as well. However as carriers focus on their LTE services the use of 3G networks are still prevalent. So the handoff between 3G and 4G networks is important.

A Galaxy Note II was used to measure the LTE speeds while an iPhone 4S was used to measure 3G speeds as both those devices are offered on all four networks. Hit the break to see how everyone ranked.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be first phone to work on Verizon’s AWS airwaves

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Verizon’s next network update is expected to more than double internet speeds, upgrading the service to Verizon’s Advance Wireless Service spectrum.

Although the service is not yet active, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has components that will be in use when using AWS airwaves— the phone will require a software update to activate the connection to the AWS frequency. The service is scheduled to launch in major cities, including New York City, starting in the next few months.

Verizon’s AWS airwaves will increase the capacity of its LTE network— Verizon execs say that the expansion is necessary to keep pace with increased network traffic. LTE traffic volume is expected to be 6 to 7 times greater in three years than it is today.

Source: Bloomberg 

Leaked screenshot says Verizon HTC One to launch before July

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Arguably the best Android smartphone on the market may be coming to Verizon, after all. Recent rumors have been both positive and negative for Verizon users, but the latest leak from anonymous tipster Evleaks is a screenshot from someone “that needs advance knowledge of upcoming devices” showing the HTC One as a product in Verizon’s 2013 roadmap.

According to the source, the Verizon HTC One would launch in “early summer,” likely sometime before July. It would be a great boost for the largest carrier in the United States and a welcome site for Verizon users who have been waiting very patiently.

Source: Slash Gear 

Kyocera Hydro Elite on its way to Verizon

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Frequent smartphone tipster @evleaks posted a tip earlier today indicating Verizon will be getting the Kyocera Hydro Elite added to their portfolio in June. Along with posting an image of the mysterious device, @evleaks indicates the device will be available for only $50. At that price point, the hardware is probably not anything particularly cutting edge. Just based on the name though, the Hydro Elite will likely be a waterproof device similar to the Kyocera Hydro announced earlier this year. If that is accurate, the new offering from Verizon will join the Kyocera Hydro Rise recently announced for Sprint in competing for customers looking for a more rugged smartphone.

source: @evleaks

Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition slated for AT&T and Verizon

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Looks like there’s news that Verizon and AT&T will both receive a developer edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Both of these versions of the S4 have a locked down bootloader, so it makes sense for a developer edition to come out on both of these companies. While developers over at XDA have already dismantled and un-locked the bootloader in both of these respective devices, it is still nice to see Verizon and AT&T releasing an unlocked version for those who wish to purchase one.

Lets not get confused with the Google Edition of the S4 that’s due out to be released next month, these two developer phones are still running TouchWiz and not stock Android. The only difference is that the bootloader is unlocked compared to the regular versions of it that Verizon and AT&T currently sell.

Anyone on AT&T or Verizon nabbing this?

source: Samsung

Verizon and AT&T Galaxy S 4 gets bootloader unlock method

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Since the Verizon S 4 is officially available today, we’re also getting the official bootloader unlock method today. Dan Rosenberg, who has been responsible for unlocking many Snapdragon powered devices lately, was waiting for Verizon to drop their variant of the S 4 before releasing his work so Verizon couldn’t work a patch in. This method works on the Verizon and AT&T models, but now that the exploit is out in the open, a patch may come with a future update.

Right now, the tools aren’t really easy to use. Fortunately though, we can probably expect some friendly tools to show up for the less tech savvy soon. In case you do want to get your hands dirty and unlock your new S 4, you can check out the links below to download the tools.

source: XDA

HTC finally explains lack of microSD slots in US/UK versions of HTC One, no love for Big Red

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One of the best phones on the market right now, the HTC One, has done a pretty decent job in terms of sales, but possibly not as well as it could have done. Many questions remain about why the device isn’t coming to Verizon, and why there aren’t any microSD card slots in the US and UK models. HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon, finally gave us an answer to our questions.

MicroSD Drama— Many consumers were confused at why Asia’s version of the HTC One included microSD slots and the US and UK models did not. Apparently, this decision came down to a factor of space. The Chinese version of the HTC One is designed specifically for the smaller Chinese radio bands, and therefore there was additional space in the device to add microSD slots. This was seemingly the case with the Japanese version as well. This space was not available in the global version, and therefore, the lack of microSD card slots.

Why No Love for Big Red? — Gordon didn’t really give a full answer here as to why the HTC One isn’t offered on America’s most popular carrier. He said that “it’s always a great thing to have our phones on as many operators as possible, but we’ve got nothing to announce in terms of Verizon.”

While this doesn’t mean the device will never come to Verizon, it certainly does put a dark cloud over rumors that the HTC One would be coming to Big Red. There are some rumors saying that perhaps Verizon wanted its own special version of the One but HTC wasn’t willing to comply. Only time will tell.

Source: TechRadar

Viva Movil, a mobile service focused on Latino consumers by Jennifer Lopez

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Ummm, what? You read it right folks, Jennifer Lopez has launched her premium wireless retail center dubbed “Viva Movil” which directly aims the Latino community. Viva Movil is teaming up with Verizon to provide the phones, tablets, and of course the cell phone service for their customers. Viva Movil is no different than going to any other Verizon store or retailer and acquiring their service. Viva Movil will have the same prices, and their devices will be exactly the same as Verizon’s, even branding and all.

So one may ask, what’s the difference? Well, J-Lo wants Viva Movil to make cell phone service purchasing a less painful task for the Latino community by having (I’m assuming) bi-lingual representatives and even having a play area for kids when they shop with their families.

You can expect this to launch in large metro areas such as New York, Los Angeles and Miami. For now no exact launch dates have been announced, but we expect that to come soon enough.

I honestly have no idea why there was a need for this. I obviously have my own opinions on this, but I’ll hold off and ask you guys what you think about this. Good idea, bad idea or are you just as confused as I am?

source: Viva Movil