TravelPass from Verizon lessens the cost of using your phone abroad


Traveling aboard is nice because you can see, taste, and smell the world. What’s not so nice is having your phone be restricted overseas. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are all among the carriers that promote special services to allow their customers the luxury of using their phones seemingly from country-to-country. Verizon, until now, has been pretty quiet to jump on the international hype. Today’s announcement of TravelPass changes things as Verizon customers can travel to select countries and use their phones for a decent price.

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Verizon will introduce a $20 activation fee on all device payment plans

verizon new logo

Verizon has today announced that it will introduce an activation fee on all device payment plans taken out after Sunday, November 15. This means that customers will not only have to pay the full retail price for their shiny new smartphones, albeit over 24-month period, but will also have to fork out an additional $20 to have it activated.

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Android Wear gets cellular connectivity, here comes LG’s Watch Urbane 2 LTE


Every Android Wear device released up until now has required a Bluetooth and WiFi connection to operate. When LG announced the Watch Urbane 2 LTE in September, people awaited Google’s immediate announcement that Android Wear could support smartwatches with ceullar connectivity. Without that support, LG’s newest smartwatch would be pointless. But Google never announced Android Wear’s official support for cellular connective. Both companies decided that tonight, oddly, is the right time to make a move.

Google’s platform for smartwatches now officially supports cellular connectivity while LG is ready to sell its Watch Urbane 2 LTE in the United States and Korea.

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Verizon confirms it will sell BlackBerry’s Priv


Availability of the BlackBerry Priv in the United States will be extended when Verizon starts selling the ultra-secure handset to its customers. Just when will Big Red allow its customers to purchase the Priv? Of course we don’t have a clear answer. The carrier said on Twitter earlier today that the Priv is “coming soon” but did not provide much else beyond a link to sign up for updates.

BlackBerry is continuing to grow the Priv’s distribution, something that should help the company move toward its goal of selling at least five million smartphones per year. In the meantime, BlackBerry will focus on acquisitions and software to improve operations.

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LG seems to be working on two basic smartwatches for Verizon


Looking for a smartwatch this holiday season? Chances are you’ll be considering devices that run Android Wear, Pebble OS, or Tizen. Verizon customers, though, might have an extra option running proprietary software unseen anywhere else. Evan Blass posted an image of two unannounced LG-made smartwatches — allegedly called the GizmoPal 2 and GizmoGadget — that are said to be heading to Verizon. Additional information beyond the image was not provided.

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Verizon scores slam dunk by taking NBA partnership over from Sprint


Verizon and the NBA announced they have entered into a new, multiyear content and marketing partnership that will make Verizon the Official Wireless Service Provider for the NBA and several of their related properties. With this move, Verizon moves into the spot previously held by Sprint. Verizon plans to use the partnership to help promote various “features” offered by the carrier, including the newly launched go90 platform. Read more

Here is how to get rid of the DROID Turbo 2’s Verizon logo


There is no doubt that the shatterproof display of Motorola’s DROID Turbo 2 has been creating a lot of buzz lately. At its official launch in New York, the device was dropped several times and still managed to remain unscathed. The invincible screen however comes with one minor flaw. Since it is a Verizon-exclusive device, it bears the company’s branding at the bottom of the screen. Here is how you can get rid of it.

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