Verizon Set To Train Employees On 4G Xperia Play

This little tidbit of news certainly is going to be a doozy for Big Red customers. As if the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play wasn’t enough, we just got a tip that Verizon is prepping their employees for training on a new Xperia Play variation. Employees are advised of a registration for December 12th and 14th training dates for a specific device. What’s the significance of the training for this specific device, you ask? Well kids– this new specific device is a 4G variation of the Xperia Play. Yes you read right– the gaming phone is set to run on Verizon’s blazing fast LTE network. One can only imagine the speed and smoothness of the multiplayer battles on Big Red’s network. Sheesh. Customers should be able to see the new phone in the very near-future. Stay tuned with Talk Android for any news and follow-up for this exciting variation of the gaming phone.

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LG Spectrum (Revolution 2) Photos Revealed


Recall the rumors of the “Revolution 2” for Verizon?  Well, the rumors have manifested and pictures of the device have surfaced thanks to our friends over at Pocket Now.  The handset will be dubbed the LG Spectrum and showed up in Vz’s system last month with model number VS920.  The device sports a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, 720p HD res, an 8 meg camera capable of HD capture and LTE radios on board.  The Spectrum joins a large and hefty lineup as it fits in the ranks with the Droid Razr, Rezound, Galaxy Nexus and Droid 4.  So, if you’re on Big Red, you’ve got options.  As we mentioned before, Pocket Now managed to scoop some shots of the device and though they are small, you can see the handset is pretty slim as opposed to its predecessor.  Check out the shot above and don’t forget to let us know you think.

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Motorola Has New Project For Droid RAZR

Well it appears that there is a new project coming out from Motorola for Droid RAZR owners. I just received this email, just a few minutes ago actually, and while I am not sure what it entails, it appears that this project is moving quickly. Given the timeline Motorola gave for updating their phones to Ice Cream Sandwich, I will venture a guess that it has something to do with the 4G SIM card issues that some people are having. If you are interested in knowing more, hit the break below to check out the email.  Read more

Motorola Xoom Tablet Gets Nice Surprise– Tastes Sweet Android 4.0 Glory

The Motorola Xoom tablet suddenly has even more sex appeal. Motorola mentioned just last week that the Xoom would be among the first of its devices to get that sweet, sweet treat. You know how the old saying for us MOTO owners, “we’ll believe it when we see it”. Well kids, you’re in for a nice surprise. Although we have yet to get a definitive confirmation from MOTO of when Android 4.0 will be available for the tablet, there is in fact a video of a Xoom unit running Android 4.0 already on the web. Many of you all are wondering why the Xoom of all devices is actually running a build of ICS. It’s quite simple really– although MOTO is notorious for the (MOTO)BLUR UI on their smartphones– the Xoom tablet actually is one of the few non-Google devices running on a pure, unmolested version of the Android OS. Here’s hoping that the Xoom tablet will get its upgrade before the end of next year by Q1 2012. Why don’t you tickle your fancy and check out that one video with the (Xoom) tablet that highlights Google’s new image search features for tablets? If you check again and pay close attention– you’ll find the tablet is indeed running ICS. Huzzah for Xoom tablet owners!

YouTube Preview Image

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Lucky Few Get Amazing Treat With Best Buy Oops

Well chalk this up as being some of the most lucky folk in the United States… A few lucky folk were able to get their hands on one of the most anticipated devices of the year a bit early. A few various users reported to Android Police that they were able to get the Galaxy Nexus from the folks over at Best Buy. Check out the screen shots below for proof.

The first Android Police user Sean Bates aka sfbates had these to post: Read more

Why I Got Rid of My DROID Razr and Am Waiting for the Galaxy Nexus

The moment I heard about the DROID Razr I was extremely excited.  I checked out the Droid Does web site constantly drooling over this phone. A few days before the launch, a contest was held where the first person to decipher the code won the phone. Sadly I didn’t win the phone, but that didn’t stop my drooling over it. It did land me this job here however, so I chalk that up as a major win in itself.

The Razr

I happened to be in Best Buy on 11.11.11, the day the Razr was released, and stopped by the mobile phone department to see if they had one to play with. The moment I touched it I was surprised at how light it was. The screen was rather crisp and the phone was quite quick. I was hooked. I bought one right then and there. I didn’t hold out for the Nexus because of Motorola’s announcement about bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Razr and figured I could patiently wait for that update. At this point, we were thinking it would be the beginning of 2012 to see it.

I took it home and started installing all my apps (roughly 150). I was impressed with the amount of internal storage the phone had. I was able to install all of my apps without moving any to the SD card with a heap of storage to spare. I still moved some out of principle, but it was nice knowing that I didn’t have to. All the apps started up quickly and I saw no lag, whatsoever. I was impressed.

For the first few days I had the phone I was in heaven. It did everything I wanted it to with ease and finesse. The Motorola don’t-call-it-blur overlay had a few bells and whistles I was impressed with. I liked their contact widget and the little flare they had when you switched between home screens was nice. I did notice that there were only five home screens to play with. Considering that the norm is seven, and I use every single one of them, I was a little miffed at only having five. Maybe Motorola figured we only needed five, something I didn’t like, but something I could over look. Read more

DROID Bionic Bug Fix Starts Rolling Out, Be on the Lookout

We have gotten word from a couple readers that the long awaited DROID Bionic update is starting to roll out. This new update will bring the device up to build number 5.5.893 and should clear up a whole slew of issues. If you own a Bionic, be on the lookout for the update message in your notification bar. If you want to see if it is available to push to your device, you can always check by pressing menu-settings-> about phone-> system updates.

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DROID XYBoard Tablets for Sale on Verizon Website, Confirms December 12th In-Store Availability

Yesterday we saw DROID XYBoard shipments start to arrive in Verizon stores, now today you can officially purchase the tablets online. Also we finally got confirmation and they will in fact be available in-store on Monday, Dec. 12th.

The 8.2-inch version starts at $429 for 16GB of storage and goes up to $529 for 32GB. The 10.1-inch model is going for $529 for 16GB, $629 for 32GB and a rather steep $729 for 64GB of storage. All of these prices are on-contract and if you plan to purchase one outright you will need to add $170 to each price. Kinda pricy for my blood, but remember, although they launch with Android 3.2 they will get the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade in the near future. Hit the source link below if you are ready to place your order.

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Verizon Starts to Receive DROID XYBoard Demo Units, Launch Date Still Unconfirmed

With all the hubbub surrounding the Galaxy Nexus it can be easy to forget about the other great devices getting ready to drop. Take the Motorola DROID XYBoards for example. Although officially announced by Verizon, they are unofficially rumored to launch this Monday, Dec. 12, and haven’t received as much hype as they would have had the GNex not been clouding their release.

Like the Nexus, the XYBoard tablets are starting to arrive and demo units might actually start showing up on Verizon displays soon. So if it’s the latest Verizon 4G slate you’re after, maybe try calling your local Verizon store and ask kindly if they have one of the demo units for you to check out. As far as launch goes, with all the shenanigans we have been seeing from Verizon lately it’s really hard to say. If we get any more news on their release you can bet you will be the first to know.

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Some Lucky Verizon Customers Receiving $100 Promo Flyer in Mail, Good for Any 4G Smarthone

Looks like Verizon Wireless is sending out promotional mailers to some lucky individuals in Illinois. The flyer is good for $100 of ANY Verizon 4G smartphone and is valid until December 25th. Apparently nothing within the fine print excludes any of Big Red’s devices therefore all top tier phones are eligible. Yes, even the

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