Why Verizon Shouldn’t Be Locking Some Bootloaders And What You Can Do To Help

Did you know that when Verizon locks the bootloader on certain devices, it’s breaking the law?  Hot on the heels of news regarding Motorola not unlocking the bootloader for its popular and upcoming Droid RAZR comes this surprising but much welcomed tidbit regarding FCC policies and procedures.  It seems the carrier has forgotten a few things and we aim to send some reminders.   But before we do so, we’ll need to reiterate why it’s illegal.  Ever heard of “Block C frequencies”?  Yeah, not many have.  Andrew Krug of Android Activist offers an explanation:

C block? No I am not referring to what that one guy always does when you go out drinking on the weekend. The C block is a swath of 700MHz bandwidth also known these days as 4G LTE that was up for auction several years ago by the FCC.

And azrienoch from XDA adds:

Verizon has the largest 4G network because they bought it in 2008.  At the time, the 700 MHz radio frequencies brought you your favorite broadcast television shows.  When television switched from analog to digital, they became your 4G networks.

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Motorola RAZR Will Have Unlockable Bootloader For International Version Only

For those of you who are planning on buying the Droid Razr, we have some good news for you. Unfortunately good news is usually accompanied by the bad.

Motorola has decided to make the device’s bootloader either locked or unlocked, leaving it up to the carrier to decide. The European market will be getting the unlocked version known as the Motorola Razr. Verizon on the other hand unfortunately decided to keep the U.S. variant, the Droid Razr, on lock-down.

If you were hoping to get the Razr with an unlocked bootloader you will have to import one from another market or wait for the dev community to find a way to port the bootloader over from the international version. Most likely this will happen since it will be the device of choice for many developers and should only be a matter of time before the Droid Razr  sees some custom ROMs, so keep the faith my friends.

If this is a deal-breaker for you, and you would rather import the international version, let us know in the comments below.

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Droid RAZR Page Goes Live On DroidDoes Website

Looks like Verizon is kicking the Droid Razr add campaign into overdrive with their latest addition to the DroidDoes website. There is no new info to be had from the site nor DOES it give us an exact release date, but it sure DOES look cool! With the recent leak of Verizon’s latest roadmap we can expect to see this device available for purchase sometime early November with pre-orders possibly starting on the 27th of October.

Head on over to the DroidDoes website to check out the cool new mechanical flash video and be sure to sign up for mobile and email alerts while you are there.

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Galaxy Nexus Officially Announced For Verizon

While it may be no surprise, Verizon has made it official that the Big Red will have the Galaxy Nexus. No release date was given other than Verizon saying it will be available later this year and hopefully it’s sometime in November. Keep your eyes pealed for release dates and pricing though it will probably be around the $299 mark. Finally, a Nexus device on the nations best network. Who’s excited? Hit up the break for the full press release.

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Help The HTC Rhyme Get 2,000 Facebook Likes; 50% Off Deal From Verizon

Do you like the new HTC Rhyme? Do you really “like” it? If so, then put those words into action: head on over to Verizon’s Facebook page to help them accumulate more than 2,000 “likes” for the device over a six day period and Big Red will offer the phone as part of a promotion they call a “Group Buy” for 50% off! Quite a charming offer, don’t you think?

Verizon’s Facebook Link

More CM7 Love For The Droid 3 and Bionic

CM7 just seems to be going viral these days and really, we can’t blame anyone for using it.  To be a little more thorough and technical, it’s freaking awesome!  That is, once all of the bugs are ironed out.  Last month the Droid Bionic got its turn to boot up CyanogenMod7 and frankly, it looked extremely promising. Well, we’re one step closer to getting it fully working on the Bionic, thanks to developer, hashcode, and it looks fantastic.  Check out the video below courtesy of our Android friends over at Droid Life.  In addition, and though we’ve seen it before, the developer managed to get the ROM up and running on the Droid 3 since it happens to have a nearly identical chipset as the Bionic.  Not too shabby hitting two phones with one stone like that.

And now for the caveat; If you’re not an experienced developer and you can’t stand initial bugs then we highly suggest you pass on this download until a more stable ROM comes along, which shouldn’t be long at this rate.  However, if you choose to jump on it, be sure to understand that you’re doing this at your own risk.  Good luck and report back.  Happy ROM’ing.  Hit the break to check out the videos.   Read more

Droid Bionic Will Get Ice Cream Sandwich According To Motorola

Recently, the Droid Bionic was deemed “unsellable” by Radio Shack and you could say,with the new devices coming out, Motorola just took too long with this one to hit shelves. On a good note, Motorola posted on Facebook that the Bionic will be seeing Ice Cream Sandwich in the future. Lets hope that we don’t see the same lag time that it took for Gingerbread to hit and that bugs are worked out before rushing an ICS update. Motorola plans to give a timeline after the final version of ICS is released. I’m already saying Fall of 2012 in my head, but let’s hope I’m wrong.

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Motorola DROID RAZR CPU Details Outed by MotoDev Site

For those of you who happened to tune into Motorola’s unveiling of the Droid RAZR in New York on Tuesday, we’re sure you were thinking the same thing we were when they mentioned the dual-core CPU. And that was “where are all the details”?  Thanks to the MotoDev site, exact details have been revealed.  The device will house the TI OMAP 4460 CPU found in the Galaxy Nexus, slightly more powerful than that of the 4430 found in the Droid Bionic.  Not too shabby considering the 4460 can technically be overclocked to 1.5 GHz.  Feel free to start bench marking the heck out of the device and let us know, wont you?  Don’t forget to check out our coverage of the event and our hands-on with the super razor 7.1 mm thin device.

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Verizon simplifies remote access with the announcement of the multi-talented My FiOS app

It looks like Verizon has just combined home monitoring, customer service, entertainment, and remote control functions of several separate FiOS apps into one single “My FiOS” app. It used to be that FiOS users would have to download and use separate apps for each device or account they wanted to control. Now, Big Red has made it super convenient by removing the need to use functions of many apps and simply combined them into one.

Currently only available on Android, Verizon’s new app allows users remotely access home automation, movies and Flex View TV programs while being able to monitor account activity and billing all within the same application. You can even control your home phone and DVR, but there are a few requirements to do so. The Android Market states that “you must have the current version of the My Verizon Home Account, Verizon FiOS Digital Voice, Verizon Media Manager, Verizon Home Control, or Verizon FiOS Remote mobile applications on your device.”

Like I said earlier, it is currently only available on Android and your device must run on Android 2.1 and above. Jump past the break for download links and a full press release with all the gritty details. If you are Verizon FiOS client and give this new app a whirl, be sure to let us know what you think.

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More proof that the Galaxy Nexus is heading to Verizon

A couple days ago we showed you a leaked Verizon MAP outing November 10th as the release date for the new Galaxy Nexus. Without the inclusion of Big Red in the Galaxy Nexus event I am sure some of you may be worried if and when it may actually show up to Verizon. If you want a little more proof look at the bottom of the Galaxy Nexus in an image (above) that was taken from the promo video. Also, a couple of images were shared by Romain Guy on Google+ that depicted the Verizon 4G logo on the back of the phone (below). Now it’s only a matter of time and patience my friends, known as the calm before the storm…