Motorola Droid 3 to launch July 14th?

We have been hearing rumors that the Motorola Droid 3 will release in early July. It has already cleared the FCC and the Milestone 3 was already announced for a summer release in China. The most rumor was July 7th, but since that is the day that Verizon switches to tiered pricing, it does not make sense to launch a phone on the same day. So why not 1 week later?

According to a leaked Best Buy inventory screen it should be in stock for July 13th for a release on July 14th. Before you mark it in your Google Calendar, you should note that this is not official until Motorola and/or Verizon Wireless announce it. If the 14th holds, expect that announcement to be some time the week of the 4th.

We will of course report to you if this date does become official, Stay tuned.

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Motorola Atrix Gingerbread update brings unlocked bootloader? [Video]

Motorola has been promising unlocked bootloaders, but not until later in the year. We also never expected that they would unlock existing phones.

We reported that a leak of a Gingerbread update surfaced, but we just found out that it will allow users to unlock the bootloader using the traditional command: “fastboot oem unlock.” The update is expected in July and when users receive that update they will be able to boot their Atrix into Fastboot mode and unlock from there.

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Verizon Wireless tiered data plans confirmed

We reported on Tuesday that Verizon would be eliminating the unlimited data plan in favor of tiered pricing.  You will see from the above image the pricing is now confirmed:

  • $30 for 2GB, $10 extra for every 1GB
  • $50 for 5GB, $10 extra for every 1GB
  • $80 for 10GB, $10 extra for every 1GB
  • Hotspot add on will be $20 for 2GB.

Pricing is for both 3G and 4G.

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Unlimited data officially dies at Verizon Wireless on July 7th

A lot of people are going to be upset, but at the same time, no one can be surprised. For a long time Verizon Wireless customers have been paying $30 for unlimited 3G and 4G data.

On July 7th this will all end and it has been confirmed by Verizon.Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney said that the company is making changes to its data plans, including those for new smartphone customers.

“We will move to a more usage based model in July,” Raney said in an e-mail. “We’ll share more later.”

The plans are expected to be $30 for 2GB, $50 for 5GB, and $80 for 10GB. A tethering option of 2GB can be added for $20. These prices have not been confirmed, but it is looking more and more like they will hold. It also expected that this pricing will be for both 3G and 4G.

For those under contract now, it is expected that you will continue to receive unlimited data until you buy your next phone. For those that are eligible for a new phone, it might make sense to grab something now to lock in. You can then sell it and pay full retail for what you really want.

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Is this the Motorola XOOM 2?

Yesterday a video leaked showing an unidentified Honeycomb tablet. It appears to be a Verizon advertisement and the tablet looks similar to the original XOOM. We know that Motorola is working on a XOOM 2 so this cannot surprise anyone.

The interesting thing is that it was pulled yesterday, but now it is back. Watch the video now because who knows how long it will be online.

YouTube Preview Image

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Did the Motorola Droid 3 pass through the FCC?

A Motorola phone baring IHDT56MF1 as its ID  just passed through the FCC. The Droid 3 is expected to be a global phone, and this phone’s signal capability is:

CDMA 800/1900, CDMA 1X/EV-DO Release A, WCDMA 850/1900, GSM 850/1900, HSDPA, HSUPA, EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth, 802.11b/802.11g/802.11n

We all know the Droid 3 will debut on Verizon Wireless soon. This news, along with the announcement of the Milestone 3 for China Telecom, is giving hope that an early July release is in the cards.

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CMO Marni Walden of Verizon Wireless discusses Android, Blackberry, Apple, and more

Verizon Wireless is the largest mobile carrier in the United States. With its latest devices, such at the newly added iPhone, the DROID branded Android devices, and apparently 3 Blackberry devices slated to be release this year, they continue to grow.

In the following interview provided by BGR, you’ll find much discussion on all things Verizon Wireless. Such things as VZW’s marketing practices, the iPhone, a little bit of Windows Phone 7, DROID talk, RIM Blackberry, 4G/LTE, and Android tablets. So hit the break for the full question and answer interview.

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So what exactly is going on with Sprint?

For a company that many thought would be in trouble by year’s end, Sprint has seemingly taken the mobile world by storm. In fact, there’s more Sprint coming up in my Android feed than both Verizon and AT&T for the first time I can remember. That didn’t happen even before the release date of the Evo 4G. So what exactly is the littlest of the Big 3 up to now a days? From where I’m standing Sprint has some big plans for the future:
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NVIDIA says Tegra 2 is compatible with Verizon’s LTE network

Late last year everyone was impressed with NVIDIA when they showed their Tegra 2 chip, but ever since the Droid Bionic was delayed, the rumors have been spreading that that it is not compatible with Verizon’s LTE network. The fact that Motorola has not upgraded the XOOM to 4G yet hasn’t helped.

NVIDIA has made the following statement to their critics:

Tegra has no compatibility issues with LTE at all. The Tegra-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G LTE tablet runs on Verizon’s LTE network and is a perfect example of Tegra working fine w/ 4G LTE. Tegra 2 interfaces with many types of modems via standard interfaces, including LTE. There is nothing inherently unique about LTE as far as Tegra 2 is concerned.

Let’s face it, the Droid Bionic is now a different phone with a different chip (Texas Instruments). Maybe the Tegra 2 is not 100% at fault, but there is definitely something going on. Let me also point out that it took NVIDIA almost 2 months to make this statement.

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