Looking to upgrade? Grab the DROID 3 for just $70 at Amazon

Grab this one while you can.

You can pick up the new DROID 3 at Amazon for just $70, $130 on contract. The DROID 3 sports a 4 inch qHD display, a dual-core 1Ghz processor, and ships with 2.3 Gingerbread.

That said, why not get one for the whole family? Verizon currently offers activations at $200, BOGO. That’s $100 per phone, which is an excellent deal if you have multiple upgrades available to you. While its’ lack of 4g may turn off some, this is a steal for a phone of these specs and a great “first DROID” for many users.

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to hit the source link below to get yours today.

Anyone have first-hand experience with the DROID 3? Leave your comments in the area below!

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More info on the Samsung Slider headed to Verizon

A couple of weeks ago we showed you leaked photos of an unannounced Samsung slider headed to Verizon. We have some more pics, and although it still looks like an Epic 4G, there are some differences with the keyboard. The shift and fn buttons have been moved, the Internet shortcut key is new, and the emoticon key has been moved to secondary status on the space bar.

The screen has been described as “awesome” and it just might be Super AMOLED Plus. The rear camera is a 5MP and the front is 1.3MP. You will notice the 4G LTE in the status bar, which would make this the first 4G slider on Verizon. Remember, the Droid 3 is only 3G.

Another nice surprise is that it has Android 2.3.4, while most phones on Gingerbread are only at 2.3.3.

More pics after the break

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Verizon LTE not compatible for roaming on other networks

You would think that as our wireless technology advances, it would be made easier for customers use when it comes to roaming technology. Sorry, that is not the case as PCMag has confirmewd from a Verizon Spokesperson that LTE would not be compatible for roaming onto other LTE networks nationwide. The spectrum used for LTE is sold in separate blocks, thus only allowing a small margin of crossover between carrier blocks within that same spectrum. So chances of actually being able to roam is pretty minimal at best. It’s going to get worse before it gets better too, as the ITU has approved twelve different bands to be allocated for 4G/LTE use worldwide, which basically means if you travel, don’t expect to get onto any other 4G/LTE roaming networks. This may be a reason to stick with 3G if you aren’t concerned with speed over having any connection at all.

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Contest: We have another 20 beta keys to hand out for Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles

If you missed our earlier contest in which we gave out 20 beta keys for Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles, you’re in luck, because we have 20 more to hand out.

Again, this is for users who are NOT on Verizon Wireless because these beta keys are the only way you can play.

The rules are the same except for #5:

  1. Leave a post in this forum thread telling us why you want a beta key
  2. Additional posts from the same user will be ignored.
  3. The contest ends 11:59pm eastern on July 14, 2011.
  4. Winners will be picked at random and contacted via private message.
  5. Any entries in the previous giveaway will not count, you must be entered in the new thread.

**Entries will only be accepted in our Forum thread above. Comments to this actual post will not be included.

Good Luck.

Verizon starts pushing Android Gingerbread update to Droid Incredible 2 owners

Last week we told you that the Android Gingerbread 2.3 update for the Droid Incredible 2 was very close. Verizon began pushing it out last night, so if you have an Incredible 2, check your settings to see if you can pull it down manually.

The build is 2.18.605.4 and the full list of enhancements are:

  • Overall improvements to the performance of Mobile IM.
  • Resolved Hotmail sync & connect issues when setting up a one day sync.
  • Improvements to device connectivity when roaming on global GSM/UMTS networks.
  • New download manager app
  • New app and power management details
  • Improved word selection and copy functionality
  • Alarm notifications turned off while in emergency mode
  • Improved device stability
  • NY Times added to browser bookmarks
  • Wireless Charging UI added
  • New desktop dock app

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TalkAndroid Exclusive: Interview With xda Developer Extraordinaire and Team Synergy Member, Incubus26jc

xda is home to a lot of great developers. One of the more famous, Incubus, has agreed to have a sit down with TA to discuss his past, his work on Synergy, and his future. He is one of the defacto great developers in the Droid Incredible community, and to top it all off he’s a really great guy! Developers aren’t known for being men/women of many words, but rather letting their work speak for them. If you’ve ever wanted to delve a little deeper into the mind of a great dev here’s your chance. Interview after the break.
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Contest: Not on Verizon and want to play Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles? We are giving away 20 beta keys!!

It is time for another TalkAndroid giveaway. This one is from Spacetime Studios. We reported earlier that Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles has entered beta, but as a Verizon V CAST exclusive.

For now, if you are not on Verizon Wireless, you are left out in the cold, but TalkAndroid has you covered as we are giving away 20 beta keys.

Full rules:

  1. Leave a post in this forum thread telling us why you want a beta key
  2. Additional posts from the same user will be ignored.
  3. The contest ends 11:59pm eastern on July 9, 2011.
  4. Winners will be picked at random and contacted via email.

**Entries will only be accepted in our Forum thread above. Comments to this actual post will not be included.

Good Luck.

Star Legends:The Blackstar Chronicles hits beta exclusively on Verizon V Cast apps

We met with Spacetime Studios last month at E3, and we have been excited ever since for the release of their MMO Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles. We are happy to say that it has entered beta as an exclusive with Verizon V CAST Apps. The beta period will run for 2 weeks from July 6 through July 20 and is available on many Verizon Wireless Android devices.

Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles is set in a distant galaxy during the 41st century. It pits space-faring, privateer humans against their own treachery and the alien menace known as the Vular. You have a choice of three classes of space-age heroes” Commando, Engineer, and Operative. You will battle with harsh, alien environments, monstrous, unthinking aliens, and the greed and ambition of their rivals.

YouTube Preview Image

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Motorola releases 20 tutorial videos for the Droid 3

As we reported earlier, the Droid 3 is now available online for $199 for a two-year contract or $459 without. Motorola released 20 videos to help you understand all the features. Some of these videos were leaked a month ago. For a lot of us, these videos won’t serve a lot of purpose, but I think these videos are great for the mainstream consumer, especially if they are new to Android. Here are all 20 videos for your viewing pleasure:

Using your phone for the first time:

YouTube Preview Image

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Get your DROID 3 at Verizon, unlimited data is no more

The Motorola DROID 3 can now be had by all you Verizon Wireless customers, as it is now up for purchase on Big Red’s site. Do you want to stay at VZW, and renew that contract and have to go to a tiered, limited data plan? That is your choice. So you definitely have a decision to make.

The DROID 3 can be had w/o contract for $459.99, and a mere $199.99 with a 2yr contract. As with all smartphones, you will be required to purchase a data plan. This option will range from $10/75MB to $80/10GB.

So sit back, take a deep breath and decide if this non-LTE phone is for you. To assist you, below are some of the specs:

  • 4-inch qHD screen
  • Modified keyboard with a dedicated number row
  • Dual core processor
  • Forward facing camera
  • 8 megapixel camera on the back

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