Verizon Starts to Receive DROID XYBoard Demo Units, Launch Date Still Unconfirmed

With all the hubbub surrounding the Galaxy Nexus it can be easy to forget about the other great devices getting ready to drop. Take the Motorola DROID XYBoards for example. Although officially announced by Verizon, they are unofficially rumored to launch this Monday, Dec. 12, and haven’t received as much hype as they would have had the GNex not been clouding their release.

Like the Nexus, the XYBoard tablets are starting to arrive and demo units might actually start showing up on Verizon displays soon. So if it’s the latest Verizon 4G slate you’re after, maybe try calling your local Verizon store and ask kindly if they have one of the demo units for you to check out. As far as launch goes, with all the shenanigans we have been seeing from Verizon lately it’s really hard to say. If we get any more news on their release you can bet you will be the first to know.

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Some Lucky Verizon Customers Receiving $100 Promo Flyer in Mail, Good for Any 4G Smarthone

Looks like Verizon Wireless is sending out promotional mailers to some lucky individuals in Illinois. The flyer is good for $100 of ANY Verizon 4G smartphone and is valid until December 25th. Apparently nothing within the fine print excludes any of Big Red’s devices therefore all top tier phones are eligible. Yes, even the

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Huge Bug Fix For Droid Bionic On The Way, Brings Build To 5.5.893

We know what you’re thinking….”damn, finally!”  We hear ya.  Verizon has finally stated that the long awaited bug fix is underway and requests for your patience.  The update will provide improved stability by avoiding power cycles, add fast auto focus on the camera functionality and offer better handshakes between 4G/3G connectivity.  In addition, the device can now support up to eight other devices when using the mobile hot spot.  Usually only a max of five devices are able to hop on due to supposed hardware limitations.  And supposedly now if you power the handset off it doesn’t turn on by itself.  In addition, SIM cards should activate much quicker than before.  There are quite a few other features added and other enhancements made so check out the info graphic below to get a better idea of the full change log.  No word yet on an exact date the update will be pushing out but usually we see something within a week or two when a support document has been rendered.  So keep a look out and don’t forget to let us know you think of it when it arrives.  The update should bring your device’s build to 5.5.893.

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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Pricing Revealed: $299 at VZW and $289 Bundle at Costco

Although no official launch date yet, we have some official pricing for those who need to balance their checkbooks before they make the big Galaxy Nexus purchase. This is as official as it gets I think (although it could doubtfully get reprinted), a leaked image of a Verizon in-store price tag has appeared on line and clearly shows the device at $299 on contract, just as we suspected. Although not shown in the picture, the retail price is going to be $649 for those who want to purchase the phone out-right.

If you are harboring a great hate for Verizon and refuse to give them money directly you could always go to Costco where none the wiser. According to Droid Life, they have heard from Costco insiders that the device will be sold with their commonly offered accessory bundle. Unlike the great goodies you got with the Bionic and the RAZR, the Galaxy Nexus will only come with a generic leather case, car charger, and a few screen protectors, but will be cheaper than Verizon at $289.

You know we are most definitely keeping our eye on the latest release rumors and we will keep you posted as soon as we hear more.

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More Verizon Galaxy Nexus Photos Appear

We are not showing you these photos in an attempt to tease or irritate you even further, we simply thought you might be able to find a little good in them and hopefully they give you something to look forward to! Here we have some more great pictures of the Galaxy Nexus taken from what looks to be inside a Verizon warehouse. I am still loving that pure white box!

Only a mater of time my friends…

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You Knew the Next Rumored Launch Date for the Galaxy Nexus Was Coming, Now it’s Dec. 13th

By now, if you’re anything like me, you are all steaming with frustration right now wondering why the heck Verizon keeps postponing the Galaxy Nexus launch for who knows what reasons (we have our suspicions: 1,2). Some of you may have gone as far as tweet-bombing the shiz out of them hoping that would undoubtedly make you feel better. I can personally say it doesn’t, nor does it make the release happen any sooner. As it stands right now, Verizon store managers aren’t even privy to the reason for its delay. Although unannounced, they all thought this Friday was going to be Galaxy Nexus launch day just as much as you and I did and were equally surprised to know that we have yet to receive any official announcements surrounding the launch and its delays. So, venting your anger upon your poor local Verizon employee isn’t going to help any, especially if you still plan to stake out in Big Red’s parking lot first thing Friday morning still in hopes of some miraculous surprise. We will see it when we see it I guess and “before the end of the year” is the only official detail we have right now.

So that brings me to our next best option if this Friday doesn’t actually pan out. According to a recent leak, internal info shows the new launch date of next Tuesday, December 13th. I know Tuesday seems a bit odd for a launch day but you must remember that the Motorola XYBoard’s are rumored to drop the day before and Verizon wouldn’t want to hinder Moto sales in any way, would they? In the grand scheme of things though, whats one extra day compared to all the waiting we have been through already!

So there you have it. Another rumored launch day for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to mark on your already rumor-filled calendars. But who knows, we may be pleasantly surprised come Friday morning and finally get our just deserts. We will continue to follow the madness and keep you updated with its latest lunacies.

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Galaxy Nexus Delayed Due To Verizon Violating Spectrum Rules In Google Negotiation?

And morsels of speculation for the Galaxy Nexus just continue to poor in like flash floods.  According to a post by the National Journal, it’s possible that Verizon Wireless violated a spectrum policy on the C-block deal from several years ago.  So, what was the violation?  It looks like Verizon violated the policy when the company asked Google not to include the Google Wallet application on its Galaxy Nexus device because it stood in direct competition with another mobile payment app they support, ISIS.  According to Matt Wood, a Free Press attorney, Verizon may have caused the violation against the federal requirement since it was forbidden to not deny, limit or restrict the ability for consumers to use handsets and applications of their choice while on Vz’s network.  If you’ll recall, the FCC added the rule to a spectrum license when Verizon purchased the C Block of spectrum several years ago.

“We think this could very well be a violation of the C-block conditions,”…  “When you have a powerful network operator, it can wield a lot of influence. But Google Wallet should be allowed to compete with Verizon.”

Verizon was quick to defend its take on the decision and stated that it was not aiming to “block” the application but instead noted that Google Wallet operated in an unusual way and also stated that it was still discussing matters with the search giant as we speak.

Big Red stated:

 “Google Wallet does not simply access the operating system and basic hardware of our phones like thousands of other applications”    “Instead, in order to work as architected by Google, Google Wallet needs to be integrated into a new, secure, and proprietary hardware element in our phones.”

So what does all of this have to do with the Galaxy Nexus?  Well, we’re putting two and two together and speculating this could be the reason for the major delay in launching the latest flagship.  We know you guys are super anxious for the device to finally hit the market.  However, if Google and Verizon don’t sort this out soon the fate of the G-Nex is up in the air.  Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned to Talk Android as we’re on standby and digging deep for the latest scoop on anything Galaxy Nexus related.  Feel free to chime in and leave a comment below should you want to rant.  My guess is that both Verizon and Google don’t want to see this drawn out any longer than it needs to be and will work hard to release this device soon.

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AT&T Rated Lowest For Second Year in a Row in Consumer Reports Survey

AT&T received the lowest rating in Consumer Reports annual satisfaction survey for a second year running. A provider called Consumer Cellular received the top rank in the same survey. In regards to the four major U.S. carriers though, Verizon made the top of the list with Sprint following. T-Mobile was behind both but was rated quite a bit higher than AT&T. However, it wasn’t the 4 power house carriers that were ranked higher in satisfaction, but rather, the little guy was seen as providing better services. As the electronics editor for Consumer Reports, Paul  Reynolds put it:

“Our survey indicates that subscribers to prepaid and smaller standard-service providers are happiest overall with their cell-phone service.”

He continued,

“However, these carriers aren’t for everyone. Some are only regional, and prepaid carriers tend to offer few or no smart phones.The major carriers are still leading options for many consumers, and we found they ranged widely in how well they satisfied their customers.”

Over 66,000 Consumer Reports’ subscribers were surveyed about their service and customer-support experiences with both standard and no-contract carriers. The full report will be available in the January 2012 issue of Consumer Reports features carrier ratings for 22 metropolitan markets. What about you guys? Do you think this is an accurate survey in Carrier satisfaction?


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Some DROID RAZRs Experiencing “SIM Card Authorization Error”

Reports are showing that some DROID RAZR owners are experiencing SIM card issues that make the device unusable on Verizon’s network. Apparently, if the RAZR is experiencing this problem an error message appears in the notification bar that reads, “SIM card authorization error” and “The SIM Card may not be authorized for LTE service. Please Power down the phone and contact Wireless Provider Customer Service.” As soon as these messages appear, the phone is tits up.

Verizon claims to be aware of the situation but no explanation has been given yet, hopefully just a SIM replacement will do the trick. I must say that of the two authors here at Talk Android who own a RAZR, neither are experiencing the problem. If you are one of the unfortunate ones, leave a message in the comments below.

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