Pantech Apache with Verizon LTE Listed By FCC

The Pantech ADR8995 has surfaced at the FCC with the ID: JYCAPACHE. We can conclude that the LTE band 13 and CDMA listed in their reports will belong to Verizon, which currently uses these band combinations. Wifi certification? Check. Plus, its Bluetooth certification identifies it as an Android device with North American availability. No real certainty of whether or not it will closely follow the release of the Droid Bionic or arrive as a 4G device with Verizon anytime soon, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

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RadioShack clearing out T-Mobile for Verizon, pick up a free phone before the switch

Last month RadioShack penned a deal with Verizon to start selling Big Red’s phones on September 15th 2011. They also announced that they will no longer carry T-Mobile devices after September 14th.  Now, with September coming around the corner, RadioShack needs their T-Mobile stock gone ASAP.  They have decided to deal with that issue in a spectacular way. Starting August 12th every single phone is absolutely free, with a two year commitment.  Don’t bother rushing to the RadioShack website, however. This deal is only good in stores. No word on when the sale might end, though considering the circumstances, it is probably safe to assume the special will last until stock is depleted.

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Gingerbread Update Still Coming To The HTC Incredible?

It was reported two days ago that the Droid Incredible would not be seeing Gingerbread even after reports that it would. Now it seems to be officially confirmed it still coming (though not confirmed when).

This reversal statement comes in e-mail form from a U.S. HTC rep. The rep states there has been nothing official from HTC canceling the Gingerbread update. This is great news for Incredible owners, but also a reminder that nothing is solid until it comes from the company directly. While there is still no official release date HTC is at least throwing in a handful of hope.

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Samsung to Reveal U.S. Galaxy S II Models on August 29th

Invites are going out from Samsung for an August 29th event in NYC where U.S. Galaxy II models will be unveiled. With the original GSII being a huge hit overseas for a while now, it’s about time to get some solid information on what variants the U.S. will see.

There has already been reports from us on which devices the major carriers will see. I’m most excited about the Hercules for its Nexus style body rumored to be coming for T-Mobile. For Verizon, there’s the Stratosphere (though reports say this is not part of the SGSII series) and questionable Celox. Sprint has the Epic 4G touch and AT&T has the possible variant, the SGH-i927.

I’ll be foaming at the mouth until the 29th as my next device is sure to be a Samsung. Maybe there will even be a big surprise no one has seen just yet. Please Samsung, show us something new with TouchWiz so I can walk proudly with my new Galaxy S II device in hand.

Anyone else looking to jump on board with Samsung? If not, what’s scaring you away?

UPDATE: Due to hurricane Irene, this event has been moved to Tuesday the 30th.

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HTC Bliss models for the FCC today

News about the HTC Bliss has come up quite a bit for a while now, and while some of it has been ill received, this phone is without a doubt on its way. In an article posted earlier this week, we brought you news as to what will be under the hood. Today, the Bliss appeared in FCC documentation as the HTC PI46110. Unsurprinsingly the FCC documents confirm CDMA voice, EVDO data, and no LTE; typical of a mid-range Verizon device. With the responses generated in our last Bliss post, I can’t help but wonder how the HTC Bliss will ultimately fair.

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Motorola Rep Shows Up at Verizon Store with a Droid Bionic and Dock [PICTURES]

Pictures have been taken of a live Bionic at a Verizon store. I hope the girl holding the device in the capture has small hands, otherwise this phone looks to be massive. There are some better pictures of the Bionic here in my opinion, but there is a nice shot of the Lapdock for this device.

The wait shouldn’t be much longer with September 8th right around the corner as its supposed release date. Who is going to be rushing out to get one of these bad boys? I’m a little sick of hearing about the Bionic at this point and moved on to the Hercules, but this sure is sexy live.

Hit the break for more pictures, including the Lapdock.

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Verizon May Expand its Unlimited Prepaid Plan to a Larger Market

Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo tells us at a presentation in Boston of their new $50 unlimited prepaid offering, citing its profitability even though it is only currently in a small test market.

“The trial has gone very, very well for us,” he said. “It didn’t cannibalize the base and we actually evaluated our prepaid business and took some share.”

What Shammo is referencing, of course, is the new plan called ‘Unleashed’, which is currently being tested in small markets around Florida and California. The plan is in direct competition with Sprint Nextel and MetroPCS. Verizon’s prepaid share has been fairly low, even losing 3.4% in the course of a year. By contrast, Nextel and MetroPCS saw increases of 5.% and 19%, respectively.

Verizon hopes to restore their prepaid share with this plan, and it certainly seems that they are on their way to doing just that.

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Verizon hoping the HTC Bliss will be a charmer with the ladies, bluetooth charm sold seperately

Since the dawn of the original Motorola Droid, Verizon’s commercialization of the Droid name has always been blatantly surging with testosterone. Now however, teaming up with HTC, it seems Verizon wants to target its female customers directly with the HTC Bliss. The Bliss looks to be a mid-range phone, as evidenced by recent gossip of it sporting an 800Mhz processor designed by Qualcomm; more than likely the MSM7630, supported by the Adreno 205 GPU.  What it may lack in processor strength, it makes up for with good looks, featuring Gingerbread 2.3.4 as well as possibly HTC’s Sense UI version 3.5.

As mentioned in our previous article, you can expect some unique features for the Bliss, including a gel-coat back, shopping and calorie counting apps factory installed, and maybe even multiple colors to choose from.  Verizon and HTC are also readying the accessories for this one. I have to say, the things they have planned are refreshingly different. For instance, a wireless charge dock with speakers is in the works, as well as a special Bluetooth enabled phone charm that lights up for notifications; pretty nifty.

So Ladies, does this phone entice you? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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More Photos Of The Droid Bionic Surface, Inside And Out

Our good friends over at Droid-Life managed to get their Android paws on some more pics of one of the most highly anticipated devices of the year, even though it pretty much feels like we’ve certainly been waiting that long.  The Droid Bionic continues to make slight appearances, sexy hardware and all.  Check out some frontal, back, side and  innards for the large LTE showboat.  Here’s to hoping it’s worth all of the hype.  The lock screen shows the device is sporting 2.3.3 and the “under the hood” screen shots reveal some sort of  support for wireless charging.  We’ll take it.  Check out the pics below and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  
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