Verizon “DROID Loyalty” program in the works?

How many of you all have purchased an end all, be all DROID in say, the last year, only to look at that same device a few months later with a bit less gratification. The new phones on the block kicked you to the curb again! Well, there’s a possibility that Verizon understands your pain. Rumor has it they are working on a “DROID Loyalty” program. We don’t know much about it now except that it obviously has to do with the retention of Android customers. It’s probably not great business for Verizon when their customers are continually discouraged to buy; there’s always something better on the horizon *cough* holding out for Prime here *end-cough*. We will of course keep an eye out for new updates as this story unfolds.

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MADDEN NFL 12 is available free this weekend for Verizon Wireless customers

We have a great deal for fans of the MADDEN NFL franchise and Verizon Wireless customers. It’s normally priced at $6.99, but MADDEN NFL 12 is free this weekend to Verizon customers with Android phones. The deal starts tomorrow, October 1 and ends Monday, October 3.

It will be available via VCAST Apps for selected Verizon Android devices, but you need to call **MADDEN (as in “star-star M-A-D-D-E-N”) with your Android phone between October 1 and October 3 to qualify.


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Verizon Nexus Prime system app list shows no bloatware and possible facial recognition lockscreen

We know some sort of variant of the Nexus Prime will launch with Ice Cream Sandwich on Verizon first. The big question is if it will be a true Nexus device with no bloatware? Our friends over at MyDroidLife have the system app list and guess what? No bloatware. We know the phone is made by Samsung so what about TouchWiz? It’s also missing in action. It looks like Verizon may have a full stock Android experience.

Also on the app list is Facelock.apk. This could be some sort of facial recognition for the lock screen. Of course we will find out all the details on October 11 at CTIA 2011 in San Diego, but I am sure more stuff will leak before than. Stay tuned.

November can’t come soon enough. Who’s going to miss City Id?

Full app list after the break.

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Motorola Xoom 4G LTE upgrade now officially available

The wait is finally over! Motorola Xoom owners can now upgrade their tablet to the blazing fast speeds of 4G LTE. Beginning today, you can send in your device for the free upgrade and expect to have it back within six business days. I know it’s no fun being without your tab for almost a week, but will be worth the wait since 4G connectivity is a vast improvement over 3G speeds. I highly recommend the upgrade and it’s free!

If you have already signed up on Verizon’s website for email alerts you should check your inbox. Reports say the notice has already been sent out. If you haven’t received a notification yet be sure to check your junk/spam inbox for details on how to get 4G’d. If you haven’t signed up for the alerts head to Verizon’s website for complete instructions on how to get your upgrade.

If you have been waiting for the pre-baked 4G version of the Xoom it will be launching on October 13th for $499.

Full press release after the break.

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Samsung Stratosphere’s Full Specs Show Up, Gets Compared To Other Devices As Well

It looks like we’re still underway for a launch of the anticipated Samsung Stratosphere, which should be hitting Verizon’s network on Oct 6th.  However, it’s certainly not the device we all thought it would be.  We’re sorry to have to shoot down the hopes for anyone who thought this was going to be Verizon’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II, but the fact of the matter is that we’re here to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Android.  Thanks to our friends over at Droid Life, a comparison sheet has been made available by Verizon showing the Stratosphere along side a few other devices with full spec layouts and all.  Though the device won’t be as nice as a GSII, it’s still something to consider, especially if you’re bent on having that physical keyboard.

The device will sport LTE speeds, a 1 GHz single-core CPU, Gingerbread 2.3, a 5 meg camera, 512 MB of RAM and a 4-inch Super AMOLED display.  We’re expecting the device to come in around $149.99’ish since Verizon is touting the handset as a “mid-tier” smartphone.  If that’s the case, then I’d definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a 4G LTE device on a dime.  And though some of those specs might seem like yesterday’s, you can’t beat what you’re getting both inside and out for that price point.  But we’ll let you be the judge.  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Hit the break for the full spec sheet and comparison to other devices in Verizon’s lineup.   Read more

HTC Rhyme Hitting Target Exclusively At Target On Sept. 30th With $50 Trade-in

A tip from phandroid reports that Target Mobile will be exclusively selling the HTC Rhyme (aka HTC Bliss) tomorrow the 30th. During their exclusive third-party period of three weeks, Target Mobile will also be offering a “Trade and Save” deal taking off $50 bucks off by trading in qualified phone up to Oct. 8th. This will take the final price of the Rhyme down to $149.99 on contract. Don’t forget, the Rhyme is supposed to be a winner with the ladies that comes with a glowing charm that lights up when you get a notification on the phone. Come on, you know you want that charm. Anyone going to be grabbing one?

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DROID 4 Being Codenamed the Maserati, Strutting 4G LTE?

The DROID 4(G) (see what I did there?) has entered the town of Rumorville with the codename “Maserati.” Rumor has it that the Droid 4(G) will be strutting 4G LTE, a screen around 4-inches, no d-pad, and a removable battery. This also could be the phone mentioned in Panda’s poem last week. Again, this is all hanging out in Rumorville right now, but the member who reported the news claimed to have had this Droid 4(G) in their hands (though it wasn’t powered up) along with the Spyder (aka RAZR or Droid HD). This device is probably what the Droid 3 should have been in my opinion. Don’t forget to share your thoughts right down there in the comments.

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HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread Changelog Is Up

Thunderbolt owners, the wait is almost over. Verizon has posted the full changelog for the Thunderbolt Gingerbread release that will take it to build 2.11.605.3. A big noticeable goodie included is a customization dock. Along with some bug fixes there’s a new Download Manager, an updated UI, and improved data connectivity. This should mean the update is right around the corner so hang in there. You can check out the full PDF from Verizon by hitting the source link below.

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The HTC Vigor Sits Pretty For The Camera Showing Off Its Hardware Information Screen

No more guessing on the HTC Vigor’s specs because we’ve got proof right here for you. On top of having some great real world shots of the outside of the device we can also see the hardware information screen that confirms a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. On top of that the Vigor is loaded with Android 2.3.4 with Sense 3.5 on over it, a 2MP cam up front and an 8MP in the back, 4G LTE, all seen through a 4.3-inch 720p HD display. Pretty yummy right? Check out all the shots after the break and feel free to leave a comment or two below.

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DROID 3 Soak Test For 5.6.890 Is Rolling Out Now

Thanks to DroidLife we’ve got a tip that the soak test for the DROID 3 is rolling out right now. Hopefully, this will clear without a hitch and the update will go out to the masses in a week or so. In case you missed the official update list you can check it out right here. Keep your eye peeled as this should be hitting officially any day now.

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