HTC Thunderbolt Comes Second to the iPad 2

by Adam Johnson on
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Maybe we really saw this coming, after all the signs. There was talk, rumors and speculation of when the Thunderbolt was going to be released. Date changes, none of which were very accurate or true. I mean, just check out this tweet from VZW back on 02/17:

True story though – I even had a friend say he’s getting the Thunderbolt, and I quote – “This week” – That was last week, poor guy, his world came crashing down when he couldn’t get his hands on one.

Well, Verizon apparently felt it was more important to get the iPad 2 out to the world first. And since we now have March 11th as the date of the iPad 2 launch, we can start guessing again as to when the Thunderbolt will strike!

So when do you think this latest Android phone will be fortunate enough receive a release date? I’d very much like to see Verizon’s first LTE smartphone released soon. If not for me, at least for my good friend, who’s just waiting to upgrade from his original Motorola Droid.

[Via Intomobile]

Not so stealthy Samsung Stealth seen in the wild – caught on camera

by Jesse Bauer on
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It was just a couple days ago we showed that the Samsung ‘Stealth’ would be hitting the FCC and making itself a bonafied smartphone, which would be heading to Verizon. Now we can see that the not-so-ninja-esc Samsung Stealth is carrying Verizon branding, as we see it here in the wild, caught on camera above. The Samsung Stealth will be a high-end smartphone device sporting the following;

  • 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen (480 x 800)
  • 1 GHz Hummingbird processor
  • Android 2.2 Froyo, upgradeable
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Mobile hotspot up to 8 devices
  • 8 megapixel rear camera, LED flash, auto-focus
  • 1.3 megapixel front camera
  • 828 MBs internal storage
  • microSD memory card slot expandable up to 32GBs
  • A-GPS
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • HDMI out, 720p HD
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • 1500 mAh   LiIon battery

Here’s some more images below of the sighting.

[via TechoBuffalo]

HTC Merge hits FCC with Verizon logos

by Jesse Bauer on
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As you can clearly see in the image above, the HTC Merge has Verizon branding on the front plate just above the screen, which lends itself that this FCC approval is going to be heading to Verizon. We still haven’t heard any official news or launch information from HTC or Verizon on this device, but it’s getting pretty hard to mistake now.

The manual that was submitted for the HTC Merge to FCC also has Verizon branding, as well as mentioning Verizon services. We’ll keep you posted when we get more ‘concrete’ evidence, hopefully from Verizon themselves.

[via Engadget]

Verizon’s system showing HTC Droid Incredible 2 coming soon?

by Dustin Karnes on
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Well, well, HTC… you’ve been mighty busy. It looks like a tipster over at engadget got some juicy news, and they’re here to share it with you. After seeing the Incredible S, we knew it wouldn’t be long until we saw it in the states.

According to the screenies sent in by the tipster, Verizon is dubbing the device the HTC ADR6350, whereas another shows off the HTC63503, also shown as the “INCRD2″. Fortunately, it doesn’t take rocket science to put these together and come up with the Incerdible 2 coming to Verizon… eventually. We still don’t know about a date, but keep it here, and we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

[via engadget]

HTC Thunderbolt coming to Best Buy on March 10th?

by Jesse Bauer on
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We reported to you yesterday that the HTC Thunderbolt may be delayed past March 4th, but it seems we may have good reason to believe that it’ll be out by March 10th over at Best Buy judging by the pic above. The first line shows the HTC Thunderbolt available on March 10th through Best Buy Mobile in all stores.

Whether that came out after we heard about the March 4th delay from Twitter, or before remains to be seen, but we’re keeping our eye on it regardless!

[via BGR]

Verizon Says Data Plan No Longer Required For The Motorola Xoom, Darn Skippy VZ

by Axl Logan on
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Looks like Big Red “finally came around” in regards to their requirement of the one-month data plan purchase and bogus $35 activation fee for those who have desperately desired a Xoom.  This included customers who just wanted to buy the device and use it as a WiFi only tablet.  The word “rubbish” comes to mind, to put it nicely.  If Verizon fails to play their cards right in this pricing war, they are going to lose a ton of ground with prospective consumers to that other pad out there, what’s its face?  Anyway, as of now The Xoom is $599 with a two-year contract, and $799 without an agreement.  For starters, we’re thankful to see the data plan restrictions and activation fees removed by Verizon, and we can definitely note that they are moving in the right direction for competition’s sake.  In an article written by JR Raphael over at ComputerWorld, he states:

As of this morning, Verizon has removed that requirement. I’ve confirmed with a Verizon Wireless spokesperson that if you purchase the Xoom for $800, without a contract, you will not be required to pay the $35 activation fee or sign up for any sort of data plan.

So, here’s to hoping that Verizon changes the playing field a bit with pricing or we fear there will be some serious sale suffering when the iPad 2 enters the game.  Come on Verizon, make believers out of us.  The Xoom, with Honeycomb on board, makes for an extremely impressive device.  It’s that “but” that comes into play when it comes to pricing.  Let us know what your thinking in the comments below.

[via computerworld by intomobile]

Motorola Xoom already rooted – 2 new Verizon Xoom videos

by Jesse Bauer on
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The Motorola Xoom which we just saw released has already been hacked and rooted, ready for some custom ROMs. Koushik Dutta got a Moto Xoom and decided the first thing to do would be to get it rooted by throwing ClockworkMod recovery image and ROM Manager on it. Hackiness goodness.

Also, here’s some Verizon Xoom video additions to the ads they started on TV which was cut off, no doubt to leave us anxiously awaiting the conclusion.

Check out the Verizon Xoom videos below.

Motorola Xoom official pricing – $599 on 2 year, $799 no contract

by Jesse Bauer on
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Yestrday we told you about the Xoom not having flash at first launch, but that it would be getting it soon after. Up until then, there were still rumors and speculation on what the Xoom’s pricing would officially be as well. Now, we finally have official pricing released, so get your wallets ready!

The Motorola Xoom will cost you $599.99 with a 2-year contract, and $799.99 without. You’ll need to purchase at least 1 month of data as well, which plans start at $20 per month through Verizon. Finally, some piece of mind!

Check out the full Press Release below.

Xoom Available for Pre-Order, but Doesn’t Have Flash Yet

by Michael Murphy on
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The Motorola Xoom is pretty much the hottest tablet we’ve seen yet. We’re eager to see it hit the market, which is expected to be in just a few days. If reports are to be believed, it’ll be on sale on the 24th, and is open for pre-order right now. One caveat, though: According the most recent flier from Verizon, Flash won’t be available on the tablet until this Spring. We’re not sure if it’s because they’re still working out kinks, or if Adobe hasn’t perfected the balance of Tegra-2 and Honeycomb, but either way…don’t rush out and pick one up on day 1 expecting to be surfing all your favorite flash websites as soon as you get it home. There’ll be a short wait for that. It’s still very capable (iPad doesn’t have flash either, and never ever will), but the disclaimer is well deserved.

[via Intomobile, (2)]

Motorola Xoom starts showing up in stores, at Verizon, and User Guide leaked

by Jesse Bauer on
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The Motorola Xoom is almost out, and how excited are we getting?! I’d have to say pretty darn excited! With the price of $800, the Xoom began showing up at Verizon stores, among others with promo materials and goodies to assist in the retail launch. The units to hit Verizon thus far look to be dummy devices, but still, that makes it that much more real.

Pricing for the tablet should still be around the $800 range we saw at Best Buy, and had heard about Motorola’s CEO justifications of that pricing, but we’ll really just have to wait and see what it gets listed as the day of sale. That sale should be Feb. 24th.

If you’re going to grab one on the 24th, or there after right away, why not get familiar with how to use it before hand. You can now because the Xoom user guide made its way online already, just before launch. You can grab a copy of it here if you want to get a head start.

[via BGR, intomobile]