Will the Droid Bionic be replaced by the Targa?

Back in January when Motorola unveiled the Droid Bionic, Sanjay Jha said it would be available early 2nd quarter. Then we heard it was going to be delayed until June. We have not heard much about this phone for a while.

Well longtime howardforums user, wnrussell, just reported the following:

The latest information now is that the Bionic is not going to make it to market, and the Targa or a similar model will take its place.

Last month leaked pictures of the Targa surfaced. At that time it was a complete surprise because no one had heard of this device. The fact that the Targa came out of nowhere leads me to believe this information might be correct.

Although this information has not been confirmed by Motorola or Verizon, wnrussell is a very reliable source on howardforums.

Assuming that the Targa replaces the Bionic we do not know if there will be a name change or when it will be ready to be released.

Stay tuned as we will post more info as it comes available.

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Verizon LG Revolution hits testing phase, bringing it closer to release

Remember the LG Revolution, one of the four phones Verizon featured at CES? (Shameless plug – check out our hands-on comparison of all 4 phones here) One of them, the LG Revolution, is finally getting into the hands of testers, and you know what that means: we’re getting closer to an actual public release.

We got a chance to check out the Revolution at CES, and I must say: I liked it. It’s got:

  • 4.3″ 480×800 display
  • Android 2.2
  • 1500 mah battery
  • 1GHz Snapdragon CPU
  • 3D graphics hardware acceleration

Sounds pretty great, right? Be sure to hit the break for a gallery of the test units, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Verizon: Yes, the HTC Thunderbolt has 4G issues; Yes, we’ll be fixing it

Anyone with an HTC Thunderbolt notice anything strange with their LTE connection? Maybe the fact that you might be missing the “LTE” part at times you shouldn’t be? Well, if so, you aren’t alone. In fact, users from all over where there should be LTE – including Ft Lauderdale, Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis, Fremont, Irvine, Phoenix, Jacksonville and Los Angeles – are reporting issues with the same thing.

According to reports, LTE will disconnect randomly, and then reconnect 5-10 seconds later. Verizon – thankfully – has acknowledged the issue as real, and have stated that there will be an OTA update to remedy the issue coming soon.

Have you experienced this issue with your Thunderbolt? Do you think Verizon can fix it? Let us know in the comments.

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Hey, Verizon – Where’s The HTC Merge? Oh, It’s On Your Website

The HTC Merge: it’s had hands-on reviews, been pictured, rumored… just about everything except actually released. It’s been months and months, but it looks like we may finally be seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, as Verizon’s website now has a section containing – wait for it – the HTC Merge.

That’s right; the section on Verizon’s site for free text alerts is showing off an (I’ll assume) underwear model next to his giant HTC Merge – pictured above. So where is it for the rest of us? Come on, Verizon… we want the Merge!

Samsung Droid Charge featured with a multimedia dock in leaked marketing material

The Samsung Droid Charge will soon be offered at Verizon Wireless. For now, a promotional sheet has been leaked that shows the Charge with its multimedia dock. The dock turns your Droid Charge into a  multimedia player and a speakerphone. It will charge your device and a spare battery. They will even include a spare battery. I will be surprised if this comes in under $99.

So what if I am interested in the multimedia player, but I really don’t want an extra battery? I guess I will be out of luck (and money) as it seems to be a continued trend in packaging items together to bring up the price.

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Verizon Wireless will not offer 1 year contracts as of April 17

More bad news for Verizon Wireless customers as it looks like Apple’s influence on Verizon is making an impact. Verizon has decided to take away choices and put their customers in jail.

The document above shows that Verizon will eliminate all 1 year contracts starting April 17th. They say the reason is because there is just not enough demand for it and they would like to simplify their business. In January, Verizon eliminated the NE2 and 1 year upgrades, supposedly at the bequest of Apple. If customers were not opting for 1 year contracts before, it was probably because they had the option for a 1 year upgrade before the change.

Verizon might have seen a growing trend with 1 year contracts over the last couple of months so they decided to put a stop to them. It is also possible the pending AT&T buyout of T-Mobile might have something to do with this change of heart.

As of April 17 you will have 2 choices:

1) Buy into a 2 year contract and not be eligible for an upgrade for 20 months.

2) Buy off contract at the full retail price.

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Verizon Incredible 2 shows up again – running Froyo

The Incredible 2 popped its head up again online, and showed us a little action with its build number and lockscreen. This device looks strikingly the same as the HTC Incredible S seen at MWC 2011, but now with Verizon branding. Same HTC keyboard as well as running Froyo in these pics. It may come out with Gingerbread by launch date, or at least have an update available soon after since the Incredible S should be getting it soon too.

Here’s the specs;

  • 4.0” Super LCD WVGA
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) w/ Sense? (Currently running Android 2.2 until launch)
  • 8MP camera w/ flash
  • 1.3MP front facing camera
  • 1Ghz Qualcomm MSM 8655 processor
  • 4GB internal storage
  • 768mb of RAM
  • 1450mAh battery

Check out more pics after the break.

Verizon Wireless Samsung Gem photos leak

If you are on Verizon Wireless and looking for a low end Android phone, then check out the Samsung Gem. The Samsung Gem has been available on a few regional carriers, but it looks like it will be heading to Verizon in the near future.

The above picture clearly shows the Verizon logo. If you need further proof, a few third-party retailers have already started to receive deliveries and it has made an appearance on Verizon’s website.

The Gem features a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a 3.2 megapixel camera, and Android 2.2 Froyo.

Hit the break for more photos

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FCC Approves CDMA Sony Xperia Play, Headed To Verizon (PlayStation Phone)

That’s right folks, it will only be a matter of days for the official release of the PlayStation phone, now that the FCC has finally approved the device.  As we expected, the device is a CDMA version and still headed to Verizon Wireless.  One worthy thing to note, however, and thanks to the break down on the internals by the FCC, the device will sport a SIM card slot.  That could only mean one of two things.  Either the device is a global phone and will support GSM frequencies over seas or the device is slated to work on Big Red’s LTE network.  Im putting my money on the former.  I think if this device was going to launch on LTE, we would have heard about it already or at least entertained a rumor or two.

In addition, I’m still hearing several mixed reviews regarding the devices ability to appeal to a specific demographic.  Is the device hardcore enough for serious gamers?  Or will the device fall through the cracks and be labeled as too bulky.  We’re not sure if people are ready to replace their PSP’s just yet.  In my opinion, I think the device will appeal to casual gamers and the young Gen Y’ers just fine.  Only time will tell though.  What’s your take on the device?  Feel free to fire away in the comments below and don’t forget to keep checking back with Talk Android, as we continue to dig deep for an official release date.  April 14th seems to be the latest to show up in the rumor mills.  And if you want to check out some more facetime with the device, visit our hands on post here.

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