You can now customize your Moto X with Moto Maker on all four major U.S. carriers

by Robert Nazarian on
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Well it doesn’t always follow the rumor, but this time it did. It was expected that today would be the day the Moto Maker would become available on Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. Well actually T-Mobile was rumored for last Friday, but we will let that slide. Motorola just announced that “The Gift of Choice” is officially available on all carriers. Previously it was only available on AT&T.

Motorola also announced that you can now choose a custom phrase for the back of your Moto X. This was something that was supposed to be implemented when the phone launched, but they weren’t happy with the quality. Apparently the fiber laser technology has been corrected. Last but not least, the price is $99 ($499 off contract) on all four carriers to celebrate. This price has already been available for most of the carriers, but Moto X is saying it will be for a limited time.

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HTC One successor heading to the big four by the end of Q1 2014

by Justin Herrick on
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Yesterday, @evleaks tweeted a very interesting piece of information. According to him, the HTC ‘M8′ (the One’s successor) will be heading to AT&T, “among others.” That mystery phrase at the end left things a little open. So a tweeter asked him if Verizon would be joining the fun and it turns out they will. But not just those two. A tipster informed him that “all four carriers” would get the device by the end of Q1 2014. This means that HTC would be launching next year’s flagship with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile right from the beginning. That strategy would correct the mishap of the One launching roughly six months late on Verizon. The given date indicates a launch between January and the end of March. Keep an eye out for plenty of leaks regarding the HTC ‘M8′.

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Verizon LG G2 now free with contract until November 11

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LG_G2_Back_Camera_Lens_Power_Volume_Buttons_TAIf you thought the price cut to the Moto X was good news, wait until you hear about LG’s deal. With a two year contract, the G2 is being offered by Verizon absolutely for free. You can get LG’s flagship phone on this great deal until November 11, with the promo code VZWDEAL. The G2 has a class-leading full HD display, powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, great mobile camera, amazing battery life, and all sorts of productivity tools that make it one of the top Android phones on the market right now.

If you’re interested, head to the source link and when you’re checking out, input the promo code for the discount.

Source: Verizon Wireless


Verizon to offer discounts on past devices, Samsung tablets for Cyber Monday

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According to Twitter’s @evleaks, Verizon plans on kicking off the holiday season with some modest deals. For Cyber Monday, online shopping’s Black Friday, Verizon will take $150 off of Samsung tablets. It’s unclear whether this apply to the on-contract or off-contract prices. Also from Samsung will be the Galaxy Note II for $50 on-contract. More intriguingly is that the Motorola RAZR HD and Samsung Galaxy S III (from last year) will be just $1 dollar. Perhaps Verizon is trying to clean out stock on those devices? If you are a deal-stealer, this batch is certainly worth a look. But with the Moto X dropping to $99 and set to get Moto Maker treatment, we’re not sure why you would look at something else. This year, Cyber Monday is on December 2, so make note of that on your calendar.

Source: @evleaks

Verizon readying MotoMaker launch for November 11th, releases details on other upcoming devices

by Jeff Causey on
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Motomaker MotoX

Verizon appears to be ready to launch MotoMaker on November 11th, joining Sprint on the same day as another source for customized Moto X devices. Although several sources indicate the 11th will be the day for Verizon to join the customization service, there is no word on what pricing may be. Verizon did drop the price of the Moto X on contract to $99 recently. If they follow AT&T’s model, which has had exclusive rights to MotoMaker customizations since the Moto X launch, there will be no difference in pricing between a custom device compared to a pre-fab unit.

If the Moto X is not the device you were looking for from Verizon during the upcoming holiday season, it appears Verizon will be releasing some other choices in the near future. A white version of the LG G2 appears to be set for a November 14th launch. The HTC One Max is expected on November 21st and white versions of the DROID ULTRA and DROID MINI are expected sometime around November 22nd. This should give buyers plenty of new choices as they get ready to hit the holiday shopping season.

source: Droid Life

Nexus 7 on Verizon to be delayed until KitKat rolls out

by Jeff Causey on
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Nexus-7-2013 pic_TalkaAndroid

Remember the brouhaha back in September when LTE-capable Nexus 7 owners discovered they couldn’t activate their devices on Verizon’s network? Back then Verizon went into full damage control mode and indicated the device was going through the certification process. At the time, it looked like that might be a matter of a few short weeks…if there were no problems. Verizon has now revealed that there were problems and as a result, owners of the Nexus 7 will have to wait at least until KitKat rolls out for the Nexus 7 and can then be certified on the Verizon network. » Read the rest

Verizon finally drops the price of Moto X to $99

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A little while ago, Motorola and AT&T decided to slash the price of the Moto X to $99 on contract, and $479 retail. Verizon has followed suit, with the carrier’s official store website showing a $99 price on contract, and $499 retail. This comes after the entire line of DROIDs had their prices dropped a few weeks ago. This is a great deal for Motorola’s flagship phone, which many thought had a price tag that was too high when it was initially launched.

If you were thinking about getting a Moto X, this is a great time to do it.

Source: Verizon

Droid Ultra, Maxx, and Mini receiving software updates from Verizon, includes several enhancements and free 50 GB of Google Drive storage

by Jared Peters on
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Do you own one of Verizon’s latest Motorola Droid devices? If you’ve got the Droid Ultra, Maxx, or Mini, you should soon be getting a notification to update your device OTA. While it’s not KitKat, it still includes some pretty handy improvements for the device, including camera tweaks, connectivity enhancements, and a handful of other updated and improved features.

What really makes this device unique is that it installs Google Drive onto your device for you, and if you use it from your device, you’ll be given 50 GB of free storage space for two years. Considering major carriers like Verizon tend to block those kinds of promotions (like what we’ve seen with Dropbox on Samsung devices), it’s great to see this offer being made available to Droid owners on Big Red’s network.

Keep an eye out for the update on your device, and hit the links below if you want to check out the full changelog.

source: Droid Ultra and Ultra Maxx

Droid Mini

Verizon To Launch Its Very Own Branded 7-Inch Android Tablet, “Ellipsis 7″

by Axl Logan on
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Ellipsis 7_2

It would appear that Verizon is looking to claim its small stake in the affordable tablet market with its new announcement of the “Ellipsis 7“. The Ellipsis 7 tab is the company’s new device hoping to compete with popular small tabs such as Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX. Specs include a 7-inch 1280 x 800 IPS display, 1GB of RAM, 8 gig’s of on-board storage and a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU from an unknown manufacturer. The device will be sold as the company’s very own tablet and first in the line of “Ellipsis” devices. It will also sport LTE connectivity and a front facing camera for video chats. It’s been also said the device will be running an OS version close to stock Jelly Bean and confirmed to hit stores on November 7th for $249.99 with no contract.

Only time will tell whether or not the tab can quickly gain ground over Apple and Samsung products, though it’s highly unlikely. Big Red will also include its RedBox Instant streaming service with the package to sweeten the pot a little. We’re sure, being the “first in the Ellipsis family…’ we’ll see another device between 8-10-inches assuming the 7-inch device does well. Do you think this device has what it takes to compete in the already crowded tablet market? Check out Verizon’s page via the source link for more details on the product and if you happen to snatch one up on opening day let us know what you think in the comments below.   » Read the rest

Verizon to hold November 19th press event in Minnesota

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Today Verizon announced that they will be holding a press conference on November 19th in Minnesota at the Mall of America. Don’t expect devices at this event, but rather news on possible new contract plans as Verizon claims it’ll be a “reinvention of the wireless customer experience.”

No further details so far, but once we have more information we’ll be sure to relay it back ASAP. The event will start at 1PM CST.