Go90, Verizon’s new video streaming service, launches mobile apps


Turn that phone sideways. That’s what Verizon is asking you to do with its new video streaming service called Go90. So, yes, the name comes from the fact that you are turning your phone ninety degrees to start watching television shows, live sports and concerts, and other random videos. And today Go90 launched its mobile apps so you can start enjoying content anywhere at any time.

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Verizon reports on successful network performance during Papal visit


Verizon has issued a report on how their network held up during the recent Papal visit to the United States. According to the carrier, even though parts of the network saw traffic surges to 12 times normal levels during periods of the Pope’s six-day visit, their network was able to handle the influx of additional usage. The biggest bump from users trying to document and share the visit occurred on Sunday morning for the Papal Mass, which was attended by 850,000 people. Read more

How to block a number on your Android device


Need to block a phone number on your Android device but aren’t sure how? Good There are plenty of ways to block a phone number on Android, though it can be different for different types of devices. For instance, blocking a number on the Galaxy S6 Edge+ can be different than doing it on the Moto X Pure Edition. Either way, if you need a way to block a number, you have options whether it be through your phone’s own settings or in a more roundabout way with third-party apps. Blocking a number can be important for a lot of reasons, so we’ve made sure to provide steps and options that work for everybody.

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Verizon adds Samsung’s Galaxy Tab E to its lineup


Today, Verizon added another tablet to its lineup as the holidays near. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab E, a low-end tablet with a large display, is now available to Verizon customers. Big Red proclaims that Galaxy Tab E as a “family tablet” that offers “portable entertainment in a practical design.” The Multi-User Mode is really emphasized with this tablet as it allows different people to have a unique profile with their own wallpapers, apps, and passwords stored separately. And the Galaxy Tab E also has Kids Mode to ensure that parents know exactly what their children are up to.

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[Deal] For the next twelve hours you can pick up a Verizon-branded Galaxy Tab S 10.5 for just $359.99


If you’re in the market for a new tablet, you may want to check out the deal eBay is holding on the Verizon-branded LTE model of the Galaxy Tab S 10.5. The slate is available to purchase for $359.99, which is a whopping $90 off the standard price of $449.99. However, the promotion is only live for the next twelve hours — so if you want to get in on the money-saving action, you better act fast.

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An unfazed lizard, JJ Watt, and a French scuba diver show what a better network means for Verizon


In many parts of the United States, Verizon is the best network. The carrier’s network is large and fast, two qualities that are the most important in the wireless industry. But it seems that people are unaware of what a better network means. So Big Red put together a ton of ads, all of which are currently airing on television (with great frequency during NFL games), to show that being better matters.

Verizon called upon an unfazed lizard, JJ Watt, a French Scuba diver, and many other people and things to prove its point.

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Verizon becomes first carrier to rip-off customers with pay-as-you-go roaming in Cuba

verizon new logoThe US government officially opened an embassy in Cuba about a month ago, and Verizon plans on being the first wireless carrier to let customers roam on their network while in the previously isolated country. The only drawback is that you’re probably going to need to sell one of your kidneys and maybe an arm if you’re planning on actually taking advantage of Verizon’s exorbitant rates. Read more