Camera Update Coming to the New DROID Line in the Near Future


Verizon is infamous for their product update schedules. While some months are filled with update after update, Big Red’s notoriously slow in their OTA “testing process.” Even the new DROID line has to wait its turn. However, that wait may not be as long as you’d think. According to Motorola VP of Product Management, Punit Soni, “Verizon users… You know that SW update is coming soon…”

Of course coming soon is relative. While incremental updates are normally not worthy of anything more than a small quip, this update will be pushing fixes that turns an okay camera into a decent camera. You know, the update that the Moto X just got. Camera update aside, you’ll see better touchless controls, improved call quality and other added features.

No telling when the update is actually coming but Mr. Soni is quite confident that it’ll happen in the near future. We hope so, for everyone’s sake. We’ll keep you posted when it does.

source: Punit Soni Google+

Verizon and AT&T rank highest for iPhone users, but Samsung users prefer Sprint and T-Mobile


An interesting report on the U.S. mobile carriers was released yesterday by J.D. Power. Apparently, when consumers rank their overall satisfaction with their carrier of choice, it might be contingent on what phone they are using. According to J.D., iPhone users are very happy with Verizon Wireless and AT&T, but Samsung users rank Sprint and T-Mobile higher. Verizon was actually chosen as the best carrier among iPhone users while Sprint was chosen as the best by Samsung users.

What’s most interesting is when you lump all smartphones together, you get an interesting picture. AT&T comes in first followed by Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Verizon rarely performs that badly, so I’m not sure how that happened. But I do find the type of phone by carrier very interesting. For me, it’s all about the coverage. I am an Android user obviously, and I could never rank T-Mobile or Sprint highly because their coverage in my area is dismal.

Full presser after the break.

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Verizon to launch a red DROID Mini soon


The DROID Mini is a great phone for those that want a more compact frame. However, it has only been offered in black. If you’re looking for another option, it appears Verizon will launch a red version soon. No word on when, but the above leaked image confirms its existence. I would imagine it will hit Big Red (no pun intended) in time for the Holidays. Meanwhile, the black version is priced at only $49.99, which is a very good deal.

source: @evleaks

Verizon to honor unlimited data upgrades from this weekend, fixes loophole


Over the weekend, a loophole was found on Verizon’s website that allowed customers to upgrade to a new phone and keep their coveted unlimited data plans. If you were among the people to take advantage of Big Red’s folly, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Verizon reached out to Droid-Life, who first reported the news, and said that they would not revert any transactions and would honor those who picked up a new device while keeping their unlimited data plan. Here is the full statement that Verizon provided:

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Verizon announces home phone and broadband router that links to existing Share Everything plan


Verizon had a great idea and a bad idea, rolled it up into a single device, and released it to the market. The idea is a Novatel-built wireless router/modem combo that links to a customer’s existing Verizon Share Everything plan in an attempt to replace a home phone and internet service. On paper, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea; cell phones have all but replaced land lines, and Verizon’s LTE can be faster and more reliable than some types of internet from companies like Comcast and Time Warner. The problem comes in when you realize that tacking it on to your Share Everything plan means you’re constrained by your Share Everything limits, which is, at most, 20 GB on the high end. Replacing the entirety of your WiFi with a data cap that small is a horrible option for most people, especially with the rising popularity of services like Netflix and Play Music.
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Verizon Chimes in on the Nexus 7 LTE Certification Hoopla


What would the internet be without an uproar over something that’s not fully understood? Yesterday the internet went up in arms over an issue with not being able to run the new Nexus 7 on their LTE network. While Big Red got ahead of themselves yesterday with a certain tweet, it appears that they’re in full damage control mode. Debi Lewis, director on the Verizon Wireless Corporate Communications, posted this today on Verizon’s news blog:

“Verizon Wireless’ certification process, which generally takes between four and six weeks, is one of the most rigorous testing protocols of any carrier, and is focused on guarding the safety and security of our network. Certification is done by third party labs approved by Verizon, and selected by the device manufacturer. “

According to the post, the new Nexus 7 went into the certification process in August. As you just read, the process generally takes four to six weeks to finish. That means that if everything goes well, we should see Verizon’s LTE grace the new Nexus here in just a few short weeks. Of course, that’s if everything goes well.

Regardless, everyone can calm down because it appears that Verizon will be allowing those with the new Nexus 7 to use its LTE network. While the fact that this wasn’t already in the process when Google announced the tablet is anyone’s guess, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little while longer. Everyone please… Put down those torches and pitch forks and go about your daily internet business.

source: Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless refuses to activate Nexus 7 LTE tablets


The Nexus 7 LTE is compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless, but unfortunately Verizon is looking the other way because it’s not part of their current device lineup. News of this broke quickly once Jeff Jarvis, co-host of This Week in Google, was denied an activation. He took to Twitter and said, “Knock, knock, @VZWSupport, is anybody there? I’m trying to give you money. You’re making it hard.  No, impossible.” Verizon’s response was, “I’m excited you got your Nexus 7 but not all LTE tablets are created equal. It’s not part of our lineup and can’t be activated ^JH.”

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Limited Edition DROID Ultras now available on ebay


Verizon always releases limited edition DROID models for their employees. This year, it’s the DROID Ultra and the limited edition has a red stripe going down the back along with other red accents. You will also find “Limited Edition” on the back and each phone has its own serial number.

They only way to buy one of these would be from sites like eBay or Craigslist since they aren’t available in stores. Well a few models are already available on eBay, so if you desire one, hit the source link below and get your bid(s) in.

source: eBay
via: gforgames

Verizon reaches agreement to buy out Vodafone’s 45% stake in Verizon Wireless, worth $130 billion


As some of you probably know, part of Verizon Wireless is owned by UK company Vodafone. Vodafone owns about 45% of the company, which has been a pretty lucrative stake considering Verizon Wireless’s massive profits in the past few years. According to a recently proposed deal, however, Verizon will buy out that 45% stake for a whopping $130 billion in cash and stock options.  That’s a pretty hefty up-front cost, but it would allow Verizon to keep 100% of their wireless profits.

The Wall Street Journal seems to think the deal will go through without a hitch, simply because it doesn’t really affect customers or violate any antitrust laws, considering Verizon already owns and operates a majority of the business. Vodafone will obviously start to see a massively declined profit without owning Verizon stake, but with $130 billion, it shouldn’t be hard to find something else to invest into.

The deal is expected to close sometime in the beginning of 2014. We’ll keep you updated if anything else pops up or changes.

source: Wall Street Journal

[Deal] Grab the Verizon Moto X for $139.99 with promo code


The Moto X is now available on Verizon Wireless, and although you can’t customize it to your heart’s content, you can grab a white or black one for a pretty good deal. Normally priced at $199 on contract, if you go to the Verizon website and order a Moto X with the promo code “VERIZON30″, it will be yours for $139.99.

We have no idea how long this promo will last, but it’s unlikely it will be around when the Motomaker customization feature officially comes to Big Red. Let us know if you grab a Moto X with this code, and if so, be sure to check out our Moto X guides.

source: Verizon
via: Android and Me