Limited Edition DROID Ultras now available on ebay

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Verizon always releases limited edition DROID models for their employees. This year, it’s the DROID Ultra and the limited edition has a red stripe going down the back along with other red accents. You will also find “Limited Edition” on the back and each phone has its own serial number.

They only way to buy one of these would be from sites like eBay or Craigslist since they aren’t available in stores. Well a few models are already available on eBay, so if you desire one, hit the source link below and get your bid(s) in.

source: eBay
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Verizon reaches agreement to buy out Vodafone’s 45% stake in Verizon Wireless, worth $130 billion

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As some of you probably know, part of Verizon Wireless is owned by UK company Vodafone. Vodafone owns about 45% of the company, which has been a pretty lucrative stake considering Verizon Wireless’s massive profits in the past few years. According to a recently proposed deal, however, Verizon will buy out that 45% stake for a whopping $130 billion in cash and stock options.  That’s a pretty hefty up-front cost, but it would allow Verizon to keep 100% of their wireless profits.

The Wall Street Journal seems to think the deal will go through without a hitch, simply because it doesn’t really affect customers or violate any antitrust laws, considering Verizon already owns and operates a majority of the business. Vodafone will obviously start to see a massively declined profit without owning Verizon stake, but with $130 billion, it shouldn’t be hard to find something else to invest into.

The deal is expected to close sometime in the beginning of 2014. We’ll keep you updated if anything else pops up or changes.

source: Wall Street Journal

[Deal] Grab the Verizon Moto X for $139.99 with promo code

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The Moto X is now available on Verizon Wireless, and although you can’t customize it to your heart’s content, you can grab a white or black one for a pretty good deal. Normally priced at $199 on contract, if you go to the Verizon website and order a Moto X with the promo code “VERIZON30″, it will be yours for $139.99.

We have no idea how long this promo will last, but it’s unlikely it will be around when the Motomaker customization feature officially comes to Big Red. Let us know if you grab a Moto X with this code, and if so, be sure to check out our Moto X guides.

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Official: Moto X will be available online at Verizon Wireless on August 29, in stores in the coming weeks

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It looks the rumored August 29 date for the Verizon Wireless Moto X sticked, but there is one caveat. It will only be available online for the time being. Verizon sent out a Tweet making it official and added that it will be in stores in the “coming weeks.”

It’s priced the same as AT&T, $199 on contract. However, you won’t have the opportunity to customize it using Motomaker. That won’t happen till sometime later in the fall, so if you’re in a hurry, you will only be able to choose either black or white.

If you’re planning on picking one up, be sure to check out our Moto X guides.

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Official: HTC One to land on Verizon Wireless on August 22 for $199

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Those of you on Verizon that have waited oh so patiently for the arrival of the HTC One will be happy to know that we actually have an official release date. Verizon just announced via Twitter that it will be available next Thursday, August 22 for $199 complete with the Verizon logo. At this point in the game, it is probably worth waiting to see what the One Max is all about. Of course, there is no guarantee that one will wind up on Verizon. Anyone going to grab one?

source: Twitter

Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile show growth while Sprint declines

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Strategy Analytics released their top U.S. Carrier Metrics for the 2nd quarter, and there really isn’t anything surprising. Verizon Wireless continues to lead the way followed by AT&T. Sprint still holds the 3rd spot, but if they don’t watch it, T-Mobile might knock them out pretty soon. Verizon finished the quarter with 118.194 million subscribers and grew 1.18% over the 1st quarter. AT&T and T-Mobile grew 1.36% and 3.30% respectively. With Sprint’s decrease of 3.59% (1.84 million subscribers), there is now about a 9 million subscriber gap between them and T-Mobile.

T-Mobile seems to be making the right moves with their UnCarrier and Jump plans, so I suspect T-Mobile will eventually move into the third spot. The question is when?

source: FierceWireless

Leaked images show Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini is headed to Verizon

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verizon-gs4-mini-leak-01If you’re a Verizon customer and praying for the little brother of the Galaxy S 4, your prayers are going to be answered. Leaked images show the Galaxy S 4 Mini (SCH-i435) with the Verizon logo. Unfortunately, we have no idea when Big Red plans on releasing it. With the DROIDs and the Moto X hitting in August, we might not see this one until September.

So far, Verizon appears to be the only U.S. carrier willing to offer the Galaxy S 4 Mini. With the DROID Mini launching in a few weeks, I wouldn’t have put my money on Verizon, but they constantly amaze me. Hit the break for another pic of the Mini posing with the iPhone 5.

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Verizon Bloatware Seen on the Moto X

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We all know that Verizon is infamous for putting their touch on every device that graces their network. It appears that the newly announced Moto X is no different. While Motorola made attempts at keeping it close to none it looks like Verizon had the upper hand. It may not be the ridiculous amount that comes with other devices from Big Red but they’re still there.

As you can see from the picture above, we see the usual assortment of Verizon branded apps such as Caller Name ID, Mobile Hotspot, NFL Mobile, QuickOffice, Verizon Tones, Voicemail, Setup, My Verizon, and VZ Navigator.

I wouldn’t necessarily call QuickOffice bloatware myself as it’s owned by Google, and it’s nice to see that the assortment of Amazon apps that are now bundled with Verizon phones aren’t there. While you may have hoped to escape bloatware entirely it appears that this won’t be the case. Let’s just hope that Verizon doesn’t slap a giant logo on it.

source: Droid-Life

Verizon to offer the HTC One in blue

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Well the bad news came in last night in the form of the Verizon HTC One being delayed until August 15th, but we have some good news for those that really like the color blue. It looks like you will be able to buy a blue version according to Verizon inventory systems. It’s showing as the HTC6500LVWBLU.

Unfortunately we don’t know if it will be available on the same day as the “regular” version. As far as the August 15th date for the “regular” version, that hasn’t been confirmed. We are only going by a leaked document. However, it will definitely be released during the month of August.

source: PhoneArena

Motorola is now the exclusive manufacturer of DROID phones for Verizon

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Droid Does

Just when I thought the DROID was getting close to the end, Verizon and Motorola confirmed they now have an exclusive relationship. Moving forward, Motorola will be the only manufacturer to make phones under the DROID name. In some ways the DROID brand helped Motorola kick off their Android tenure with the original DROID, but I felt Motorola invested too much into it, and I do believe it’s one of the biggest reasons for their losses. However, Verizon Wireless is the top carrier in the country, so if you’re going to go to bed with one of them, it might as well be Verizon.

“There are millions of users that are happy with it and loyal to the Droid brand,” said Rick Osterloh, head of product management for Motorola. “Droid is a formula that works very well.”

I think the main difference is that Motorola will now market phones to other carriers. The Moto X will actually have most of the features of the DROIDs and then some. The DROIDs will still have some exclusive features such as DROID ZAP for photo sharing.

source: CNet