Verizon announces new GameTanium subscription service for games

Exent’s GameTanium, a mobile game subscription service, announced a new spin on their app for Android smartphones and tablets. According to the press release, the new service is available exclusively to Verizon Wireless customers. Subscribers will get unlimited access to over 100 Android smartphone games and over 50 tablet games, including titles like Doodle God, Fruit Ninja and World of Goo. The cost is a monthly fee of $5.99 per device.

Two differences appear to set this apart from the GameTanium app available on the company’s web site. First is the addition of tablet games. The second is the ability to avoid the hassle of installing a non-market app. The partnership with Verizon Wireless appears to be a step on their path to partnering with carriers that we previously covered.

In addition to making the games available, the service will offer parental ratings, game imagery, and reviews to go with the lack of advertisements. The GameTanium apps are available for download through Verizon Apps to eligible devices. Verizon encourages users to try the service free for a three day trial period. Just note, usage may count towards a customer’s data allowance.

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Motorola XT907 photo shows up

A new image has shown up on the web purporting to be a Motorola XT907. The device carries Verizon and 4G LTE badging on the back cover. All other details are sketchy at this point. We do know the Motorola XT905 is in the works as well with a qHD screen running at 540×960 resolution. Some sources have reported the XT907 will have very small bezels and run on a Snapdragon S4 processor. Given the model numbers, it seems the XT907 and XT905 are likely similar phones, but further down the model range than even the original RAZR (XT912) and the forthcoming RAZR HD (XT926)

The photo reveals a phone with rounded corners which does not seem consistent with the RAZR lineup. It may be possible this is a mid-range model meant to complement the RAZR HD when released later this year.

source: pocketnow

Verizon Galaxy S III is finally available online and in stores

It might have a locked bootloader, but Verizon is likely to sell a lot of Galaxy S III’s. After being available at AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile for a few weeks now, it’s finally available at Big Red. You can order it online with free shipping or go to the store and see it for yourself in person. It’s priced at $199 for the 16GB version and $249 for the 32GB version. Let us know if you pick one up.


Peter Alfonso releases Bugless Beast 4.1 Jelly Bean AOSP ROM for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

If you own a Verizon Galaxy Nexus (toro), and you’re looking for a good AOSP-based Jelly Bean ROM, then you might want to try Peter Alfonso’s Bugless Beast 4.1. It’s based on Android 4.1.1 and is as close to stock as it gets. For enhancements, he did include native tethering, Google Wallet, improved scrolling, louder audio output, and Chrome is the default browser. It’s recommended that you download the offline speech recognition package in Google Search settings once you install the ROM.

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LG VS930 for Verizon Wireless smiles for the camera and gets leaked service manual

With the LG Spectrum (VS920) on the way out the door, Verizon needs a replacement. The VS930 seems like the perfect device since it recently passed through the FCC. Engadget was able to get some pics of this device, which resembles the Optimus LTE II. There is one problem through as it doesn’t look like the VS930 will sport 2GB of RAM like the LTE II. According to a service manual that leaked, it will only have 1GB of RAM. So as far as specs this is what we have:

  • 4.7-inch “True HD IPS” display (1280 x 720)
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 SoC
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 8MP rear camera
  • 16GB of built-in storage
  • Global radio support (GSM/UMTS/CDMA/LTE)
  • NFC (with programmable tags)
  • Android 4.0-4 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 9.2mm thick

This one could launch as early as July 13th, but I wouldn’t count on it. LG hasn’t really made a lot of noise on Verizon lately, so can the VS930 compete with the Samsung Galaxy S III? Highly doubtful.

source: engadget


Be the first to unlock the bootloader on the Verizon Galaxy S III and collect the bounty

Well the Galaxy S III might be created for humans, but not for the development community. Well, at least for the Verizon version that is as its bootloader is locked by design. Now it was rooted over the weekend, but we need a method to permanently unlock the bootloader to allow unrestricted flashing from ODIN. Well our friends over at XDA created a bounty for anyone who can do it. Right now the total is at $1,320 and is sure to climb. Hit the break for the rules:

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Verizon Wireless confirms locked bootloader on Galaxy S III and pretty much anything else moving forward

As we already knew, Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S III has a locked bootloader, but you didn’t think Samsung did that on purpose did you? Verizon has never been a fan of unlocked bootloaders, which always amazed me that they allowed the Galaxy Nexus on their network. The Verge reached out to Verizon for comment about the GSIII and this is what they had to say:

Verizon Wireless has established a standard of excellence in customer experience with our branded devices and customer service. There is an expectation that if a customer has a question, they can call Verizon Wireless for answers that help them maximize their enjoyment and use of their wireless phone. Depending on the device, an open boot loader could prevent Verizon Wireless from providing the same level of customer experience and support because it would allow users to change the phone or otherwise modify the software and, potentially, negatively impact how the phone connects with the network. The addition of unapproved software could also negatively impact the wireless experience for other customers. It is always a delicate balance for any company to manage the technology choices we make for our branded devices and the requests of a few who may want a different device experience. We always review our technology choices to ensure that we provide the best solution for as many customers as possible.

The GSIII is locked, but it has been rooted and trust me the amazing Android development community will figure something out soon.

source: theverge


Verizon Galaxy Nexus could be getting OTA ‘search patch’ now

Well here’s something interesting for a Friday. XDA member El Madhatter received a notification of an OTA system update (IMM76Q) to his Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Now we already know that Google is working on a patch to dumb down the search bar to appease Apple and lift the ban on the said smartphone, but seriously, why would the Verizon version get it first? Verizon is the slowest of slow when it comes to updates. On the other hand, the file size is only 954kb, which makes sense.

The other scenerio is that it’s some other fix because one member was told by a Verizon rep that a radio fix was on the way. Either way, there isn’t anything on Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus page about it, so it doesn’t make sense. We will let you know more as soon as we find out more. For now, head on over to the source link to join in on the conversation.

UPDATE: this looks to be a test unit so the full OTA is unlikely at this time.

source: xda

DROID Incredible 4G LTE unboxing and initial hands on review [Video]

I’m calling it the phone that could’ve been. The DROID Incredible 4G LTE is the third version of the Incredible series, but for whatever reason Verizon didn’t want to make this a flagship DROID device. Sprint, on the other hand, knew that the third installment of the EVO line needed to be a major player, and that’s why they chose the HTC One X as the basis. Verizon took a different approach and went with the HTC One S as the basis, but left out the ImageSense camera chip. On the flip side, they did allow for a removable battery and an available microSD slot for expanded storage. This phone isn’t part of the One Series, and it doesn’t feel like anything close with it’s 11.7mm thick frame, as opposed to 7.8mm for the One S and 8.9mm for the One X.

The specs are similar to the One S and include a 4-inch qHD (960 x 540) display, dual-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera, 8GB of storage, microSD slot for an additional 32GB of storage, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G LTE, Android 4.0.3, and Sense 4.0. The price is $149, which is competitive for Verizon Wireless, but one has to wonder if spending $50 more and getting the Samsung Galaxy S III would be the wiser choice.

Look for our full review soon, but for now check out our initial hands on after the break.

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Verizon Galaxy S III Officially Available on July 10

We previously mentioned that you should expect the official launch of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III to be on July 10th. Verizon has now made that official with their press release. Pricing is at $199.99 for the 16GB version, and $249.99 for the 32GB model. You should be expecting the same great internals (dual-core S4 Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM, 4.8-inch Super AMOLED) all on Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network.

Not much more can be said about the most hyped phone currently available, but you can always check out our review of the Galaxy S III to learn more about it! Any of you guys that didn’t pre-order the phone planning on heading to your local Verizon store on July 10th to pick this bad boy up? Here’s Verizon’s official press release after the break:

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