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Voice-controlled personal assistant app Utter! APK now available

Ever since the release of the iPhone 4S, Android developers everywhere as well as Google themselves have been working to create their own version of Siri. Now that is not to say that Apple was the first to incorporate voice-to-text features and voice search functionality in their smartphones. We all know that Google had this up and running in Android for the last couple of years. Just to be clear, Siri does all of this and a lot more as well and it’s the extra stuff that has many users and developers interested. There are several Siri-like Android apps in the works and XDA developer brandall has been working on a voice-controlled personal assistant of his own, called Utter!. Last time we checked, the app was in early beta form and from the latest forum activity, it’s clearly still a work in progress. XDA has now released an early-alpha APK for the hardened tester community. Utter! has focused on interactions with specific apps that are in your phone to separate itself from the pack. Feel free to check out our previous article for more info and a video of Utter! in action.

source: XDA

This Siri Competitor for Android Looks Utterly Awesome [Video]


Ever since Apple released Siri for iOS, Android developers have been coming out with their “Siri-killers”. We’ve seen Speaktoit Assistant, Cluzee, Iris, and even Google’s upcoming Project Majel, which promises to improve the current Voice Actions for Android. The latest is called utter! by XDA member brandall, and promises something a little different.

Through a video the developer posted on YouTube, we find out that utter! knows about and can use the apps already installed on your device. For example, when asked “search eBay Galaxy Nexus,” the app responds by displaying the results through the installed eBay app rather than opening a browser.  Of course, if the eBay app was not installed, utter! would indeed use eBay’s web site to return the results.

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