Pre-Order Your US Cellular Galaxy S III Now!

US Cellular was the third carrier to announce they would be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S III. They then announced pricing and pre-order details, and finally the day has come. Starting today, June 12, pre-orders can now be placed online at US Cellular’s site.

The 32GB version will be coming in Marble White, and the 16GB version will also come in white as well as Pebble Blue. Looks like when all the mail-in rebate math is done, the 16GB version will run $199 on-contract, and the 32GB will go for $249.

I’ve really got to hand it to Sammy. So far, six U.S. carriers will be carrying their latest flagship phone, and all are being released within the same time frame. Even Apple hasn’t accomplished that feat.

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US Cellular Reveals Pricing for the Upcoming Galaxy S III

US Cellular announced last week that it would soon be taking pre-orders for the upcoming Galaxy S III , but didn’t actually say what the phone was going to cost.  Perhaps realizing that people were more likely to sign up to buy something if they knew how it was going to cost, US Cellular has now released pricing that is pretty much in-line with the other US carriers.  The 16GB in white or pebble blue will run you $199 after a $100 mail in rebate.  The 32GB model available only in white will cost $249 after the $100 mail in rebate.  If after seeing the words “mail-in rebate” you still want to pre-order, they begin June 12th with the actual phones shipping sometime in July. Head to the source link to place your order.

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US Cellular Offering $100 Activation Credit For Android Devices… For A Limited Time Only

US Cellular just announced an attractive incentive in order to draw more customers to its mobile service. The mobile carrier is set to offer a welcome $100 activation credit toward any Android device when you sign up for a plan— meaning you may have yet another reason to splurge on that upcoming Sammy Galaxy S II phone. Unfortunately, this offer is for a limited time, so you’ll have to jump on it ASAP if you want to take advantage. In addition, it will waive any of those pesky activation fees. The offer is web-only, but at least you’ll get to have free shipping on any Android purchase you make. Oh and US Cellular may also offer you up to a $150 additional credit if you leave your current mobile provider for its services. Sounds like a nice deal indeed. If you’re interested on over to US Cellular’s website today before it’s too late!

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US Cellular Clears FCC Hurdle For Samsung Galaxy S II

A “Samsung SCH-R760″ has just gotten clearance from the FCC. Judging by the photo above and what specs are highlighted in the diagram, the “R760″ features evidence of a CDMA/EVDO antenna and WiFi chip. By the looks of this diagram, this appears to be the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S II going through the last rounds of tests before it arrives to US Cellular. Of course US Cellular US still won’t confirm it’s getting the Samsung Galaxy S II, but at least we know the device arriving to the regional carrier is very much a reality.

Of course we already know US Cellular plans on bringing an LTE phone in the not-too-distant future. However, we shouldn’t hold our breath on this “R760″ device being the first LTE phone as there’s no indication of an LTE antenna being included. That means we’ll have to wait longer for that mysterious Samsung LTE phone to make an appearance another time.

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Samsung SCH-R930 Makes Its Way Through The FCC Sporting LTE Bands, US Cellular Bound

Well, US Cellular wasn’t lying when they said they would be kicking off an LTE enabled smartphone this April.  The proof is in the pudding as they say and it looks like Samsung will be the device’s manufacturer.  Dubbed the SCH-R930, it’s been revealed via an FCC filing that LTE is indeed on board.  Pocketnow scooped the news on the device back in Sept and it appears that we could be looking at a Samsung Galaxy Indulge-esque device.  Here’s to hoping however, that Sammy brings their A-Game and adds a little pizzazz to it first.  Stay tuned as we dig a little deeper on specs, pricing and availability for you.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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US Cellular Will Kickoff LTE with Tablet in March and Smartphone in April


It looks like US Cellular is gearing up to go full swing with their LTE rollout as they just announced two LTE devices will become available in the coming months. According to the US Cellular Twitter account, an LTE tablet will first hit the market in March and their first LTE smartphone will be available in April. Today’s US Cellular tweet reads like this:

4G LTE is almost here! A tablet will be available by the end of March, and our first Smartphone will be ready in April.

At this point there is really no telling what devices they will adopt, but you can bet both will be powered by our beloved Android OS. The first markets to receive US Cellular LTE coverage will be Wisconsin, Maine, Iowa, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas with more areas to follow throughout the year.

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Looks Like US Cellular Will be Adding the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S II to its Lineup

Last month we told you about a leak that surfaced, stating that US cellular would be getting a couple of Samsung devices in the near future. Well today, Android Central has gotten a hold of another piece of tell-tale info showing that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S II are headed to the regional carrier, adding further belief that the rumor is true. The image above is a screenshot of US Cellular’s ESN system and it clearly shows the two devices serial numbers.

No word on when the two popular Sammy devices will be available, but I imagine sometime early next year. We will keep you posted as the news unfolds.

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US Cellular Set To Give Samsung Galaxy Tab Some Gingerbread Love

US Cellular is (finally) set to update the original Galaxy Tab to Android 2.3 from Android 2.2. Yes it’s not Honeycomb or especially that delectable Ice Cream Sandwich, but hey anything is better than Froyo, right? In addition to the standard Gingerbread 2.3.5 features, owners can find among the following updates/improvements on the tablet:

  • VPN support
  • Google security patches – DigiNotar certificate revocation; Libpng security update
  • Remove auto accept of Bluetooth paring for Handsfree Profile (HFP). This vulnerability allows a nearby third-party to auto connect to Bluetooth HFP and potentially access contact data on the mobile device.

These are no doubt welcome fixes and updates. One thing owners should note– you would think this is an OTA update, but it’s not. You’ll have to download the software on a windows-based computer and connect your device via USB in order to apply the update. Be sure to back everything up thoroughly before starting the update. The good news is that Sammy has a pretty comprehensive and thorough guide that will direct you throughout the setup process and make updating simple & painless. Hit the link below for full details, the changelog and instructions on how to apply the update to your device.

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LG Majestic On US Cellular Press Shot Released

One can never be fashionably late to a party, right? That’s what US Cellular believes by taking off the wraps off the LG Majestic smartphone. Now some of you are thinking, “doesn’t that phone look awfully familiar”? It should look familiar as the LG Majestic will be the long-awaited US-version of the LG Optimus Black, a phone that’s been out in Europe for quite some time now. Also known as model US855, the Majestic will have minimal cosmetic and internal differences from the Optimus Black. That we means we can expect the same 4-inch NOVA display and 2 megapixel front-facing camera to be on the device. We know that some of you are dying to see the often-delayed Gingerbread 2.3 Froyo 2.2 phone finally make it to the States, so the wait won’t be too much longer. Expect a formal announcement of the phone’s release date soon.

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Motorola Asks 200 Electrify Owners To Lend A Helping BETA Hand

Are any of you readers out there on US cellular and own a Motorola Electrify? Now is your chance to throw Moto a bone and offer some needed support by volunteering for a new BETA testing program. If chosen, you will be apart of a select group of 200 that will test out the next software update specifically designed for the US cellular Motorola Electrify. If you meet these two requirements and this sounds like something you may be interested in, keep reading.

Motorola and US Celluar are happy to announce a future pre-release* opportunity for MOTOROLA ELECTRIFY, before it is officially released to all customers. We are recruiting 200 Electrify owners to test and provide feedback on future updates.

This registration period will be open until we receive our limit of qualified applicants. Note that you must be a member of the Motorola Owners’ Forums to register. If you’re interested in testing and want to take part, just join our community now and then fill out the short Motorola Feedback Network registration form.  When specific opportunities become available you will receive additional info via email to register for a particular Electrify opportunity.

Please note that registering with the Motorola Feedback Network will not guarantee you’ll be among those testing the software update as testers will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis, and on valid registration responses. Selected users will receive additional information to prepare for the update via email when the trial begins.

* Motorola Software Pre-Releases are final software checks, with a limited group of users, before upgrades/updates are provided to the general public. Software tested may be no different than what other users receive, once testing is complete.

Sound interesting? Then jump on board and offer a lending device. For those who own an Electrify and would just rather sit on the sidelines, by the sound of things if all goes well you may see an official software update sometime in the near future. One thing I noticed was that they mysteriously left out what Android version it is that they are updating to. If any of you join in on the BETA action, do me a solid and let us know which version they are working with. Thanks!

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