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US Cellular’s LG G4 finally seeing Android 6.0 with latest OTA update

lg_g4_back_bottom_logo_TAUS Cellular is finally getting around to sending out the Android 6.0 update for LG G4 owners, after LG suspended the update for owners several months ago due to issues with the software. The update includes all of the newer Android features and tweaks that we’ve grown to know and love, which includes things like Doze, which should drastically improve battery life on your device, and Now on Tap and redesigned application permissions. Read more

U.S. Cellular launches 6GB plan for $40 per month, specials for switching lines


Wireless carrier U.S. Cellular has quietly launched some new deals for consumers who may be shopping around for service or a new phone now that the holiday crush has passed. Buyers can scoop up a shared data plan that comes with 6GB of data for only $40 per month plus a monthly line access fee that varies depending on how device payments are made. For comparison, U.S. Cellular currently charges $75 per month for an individual plan that only comes with 2GB of data. Read more

US Cellular now offering Samsung’s budget-friendly Galaxy Tab E

samsung_galaxy_tab_e_verizonUS Cellular has added a new tablet to its lineup, bringing Samsung’s wallet-friendly Galaxy Tab E to the mix. The 16 GB tablet offers plenty of bells and whistles for someone looking for a lightweight device to watch movies and browse the internet on, with some of Samsung’s fancy camera modes and the popular Kids Mode. It offers expandable memory and a 5,000 mAh battery, so it’s a decent option for a binge watching machine, especially if you don’t want to splurge on some of the high end devices. Read more

US Cellular Samsung Galaxy S 5 receives Lollipop update via OTA and Kies


For you US Cellular Galaxy S 5 users, Lollipop has finally arrived for your device with version 5.0.1. To grab the update, you can either head into About Device>Software Update (make sure you have Wi-Fi and you’re signed into your Google account) and get it via an OTA, or use Samsung Kies and update it manually.

For more information and instructions on how to update via Samsung Kies, check out the source link!

source: US Cellular

Carriers announce that they will carry the S6 and S6 Edge


Despite a March 1 announcement, it appears that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be available after a bit, starting April 10. As such, carriers here in the US and abroad have announced that they will be carrying the new Galaxy flagship. Those include, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint in the US and Vodafone and Three in the UK. As far as pre-paid is concerned there are a few carriers that will carry the new Galaxy.

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