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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 aims to bring great camera like the Galaxy S6


The Galaxy S6 brought new enhancements in the camera department compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S5. Samsung decided to ditch the 2MP front-facing camera on the Galxy S5 for a 5MP wide-angle shooter on the new Galaxy S6.

Consumers apparently care so much about selfies that hardware manufacturers are giving front-facing cameras extra attention.

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Acer announces new C910 Chromebook with Intel Core i5 processor

Acer C910 Chromebook_straight on

Earlier today, Acer took the wraps off the third variant of its C910 Chromebook. Unlike previous models, that ship with either an Intel Core i3-5005U or Intel Celeron 3205U processor, this latest version features the brand new Intel Core i5-5200U chip, which the company claims delivers the “fastest performance in a commercial Chromebook to date.”

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LG stakes claim as first to get Lollipop upgrade to the market


LG has announced that they have Android 5.0 Lollipop ready to start rolling out to their flagship device, the LG G3, and in so doing they claim they are the first company to get the upgrade out the door to owners of their devices. The first location slated to get the upgrade will be Poland, where owners of the device should see the update start to hit their devices some time this week. LG is vague on when other global markets will start to see the update, only mentioning the new operating system will hit “key markets in the near future.” LG also indicated the will announce an upgrade schedule for other LG mobile devices, which is good news for LG fans. Read more

T-Mobile to start Summer Savings Upgrade Offer for select customers


T-Mobile is looking to offer a few customers the option to get some great upgrade pricing with their leaked Summer Savings Upgrade Offer starting tomorrow, August 6th. The promotion will allow customers that have been with T-Mobile for at least a year and don’t owe anything on a current device to pick up a new phone at a pretty heavily discounted rate, in some cases. Read more

Motorola offering $100 rebate on purchase of Moto X or new DROID models

Motorola_DROID_Mini_Ultra_MAXX_TA_Verizon_EventHave you been salivating at any of the upcoming Motorola phones, patiently waiting to finally get your hands on them? Do you have an old Motorola phone that you want to get rid of? Good news— Motorola is offering a trade-in rebate program for customers to get $100 off the purchase of the Moto X or any phone from the new DROID line. (As well as a bunch of other “newer” Motorola phones.)

Unfortunately, the list of phones that are eligible for trade-in only has mid-range/older phones, and doesn’t include my good old Droid Bionic… Hit the break for the phones that you can trade in: Read more

AT&T announces “Next” plans, allows customers to upgrade device every 12 months

AT&T_NextAT&T is making a big step to start serving the needs of the tech-lovers in the world, who constantly need the latest and greatest devices to feel like they’re “in the know.” Before now, AT&T users had to pay full retail price for phones if they wanted an upgrade before their contract expired, or simply had to wait a full two years to get their next device.

With “AT&T Next,” customers can get a new smartphone or tablet every year with absolutely no down payment, no activation fee, no upgrading fee, and no financing fee.

Customers simply choose the smartphone or tablet they wish to buy, and the price of the device is split into 20 monthly installments and added onto your monthly statement from AT&T. The only add-on cost is sales tax. After 12 months, you can trade in your smartphone or tablet and select a brand new one.

AT&T will surely lure some customers away from other carriers with their new offering, however we expect many other major carriers to follow suit with similar plans.

Source: AT&T

Verizon Details Changes to Their Upgrade Plan


It looks as though Verizon has made some changes to their upgrade service. Even though Verizon customers sign two-year contracts when the purchase a subsidized phone, they were always able to get an upgrade after 20 months. Unfortunately, Verizon is no longer allowing that and customers will have to wait until the full 2 years (24 months) is up in order to upgrade. Here is what Verizon has to say on the matter.

As the wireless business has evolved, Verizon Wireless has continued to expand its device portfolio, providing customers with more options than ever before. It is not uncommon for customers to have multiple devices such as a smartphone, tablet and Jetpack. In that context, Verizon Wireless is making the following changes to its upgrade practices:

  • In alignment with the terms of the contract, customers on a two-year agreement will be eligible for an upgrade at 24 months vs. today’s early upgrade eligibility at 20 months. This change aligns the upgrade date with the contract end date and is consistent with how the majority of customers purchase new phones today. The first customers impacted by this change are customers whose contracts expire in January 2014. As always, customers may purchase a new phone at the full retail price at any time.
  • The New Every Two program ended in January of 2011. Verizon Wireless has continued to allow customers to utilize these expired credits. However, as of April 15, these credits will no longer be available.
  • Customers may continue to share an upgrade with another person on an account if that customer is upgrading to a device within the same equipment category. Customers can utilize a phone upgrade to purchase a new phone; however, the option to transfer upgrades from non-phone devices (such as a Jetpack or tablet) will no longer be available.

Source: Verizon Wireless