Kyocera Echo Gingerbread Update Made Available And Then Halted For Reportedly Bricking Devices

It’s been a pretty hectic day today in the Sprint Kyocera Echo…echo….echo dept as a frenzy of tech blogs jumped on the news which confirmed the update’s release, as expected being August 1st and all, along with a quick follow up of its suspension.  The 2.3.4 Gingerbread update became available and offered a slew of features such as pinch to zoom support in the web browser, gallery and Sprint Navigation & Maps.  The update also installed an new “downloads” application and adds the newest version of Swype 3.0 with “Tap Correction and Horizontal Word Choice list”.  Due to a poster prematurely released by Sprint, it was thought that the device would also gain support for calls over WiFi and the enabling of a supposed built in NFC chip.  According to Brief Mobile, a Sprint Rep explained that someone screwed the pooch and tossed up the feature page prematurely.  The device will not be receiving those features.  Sorry to break your hearts Echo owners.

But wait, the news gets even more interesting.  Some time today, according to Android Central, it appears a majority of their readers were complaining that the update was bricking their devices.  Say what?!  Yep, looks like Sprint pulled a Sammy on this one and for now, choosing to error on the side of caution, have suspended the update until they can troubleshoot the issue.  So, if you’re one of those 10 users that bought an Echo, just be patient and hang in there, it’s not worth bricking your investment.  And if you have bricked your device, feel free to use our comments section below to rattle off how you truly feel.  We’re sure Sprint and Kyocera are listening.

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HTC Desire finally gets Android 2.3 Gingerbread, or did it?

A little over a month ago, HTC announced that the Desire would not get Gingerbread due to memory constraints only to reverse course a day later and promise that they could make it happen. Soon after they announced they were testing a Gingerbread build, and that it would become available by the end of July.

It is now August 1st and HTC has released the update, but it is looking like they probably should have just stayed with their original statement because this is nothing like we expected. The Gingerbread ROM has been published, but HTC said the following on their Facebook page:

As we’ve mentioned, this upgrade will remove some important functionality and experiences in your HTC Desire. For that reason, we only recommend upgrading if your an expert user or developer. Please make sure to read the full disclaimer about the changes if you do decide to upgrade. Also, flashing this ROM will erase your previous customizations, including any messages, emails, contacts, and other personal information so make sure you backup your data.

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Gingerbread update now pushing to Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Gingerbread is here for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, so get it now! You can at least hope you get it OTA before they put it on hold again. In actuality, they probably won’t do that. Prior to that we reported that it was available.

Now, it’s being heard that the Xperia X10 is receiving the Andoid 2.3 update as we speak. Here’s a little excerpt from what the press release says would be included:

The UI with the desktop layout and pinch-to-overview gesture will be similar and Gingerbread features like Wi-Fi & USB tethering, App storage on SD-card etc are included. Also the customizable horizontal app tray and the media experience widgets from the 2011 XperiaTM Products are in, including an integrated equalizer in the music player. Of course also apps that require Android versions 2.2 or 2.3 will now be possible to download from Android Market, e.g. Adobe flash.

…..also confirm that the new Facebook inside XperiaTM functionality introduced in the 2011 XperiaTM products will also be in the XperiaTM X10. More info on what it is and what it does at:

Whatever that above information really tells us, all you x10 owners need to know is that Gingerbread is being pushed. So keep an eye on you notifications and you should be seeing it soon.

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Toshiba promises update early next week to fix resume from sleep issue

Toshiba’s PR just made the following statement on the resume from sleep issue with the Thrive:

Toshiba recently became aware that a limited number of Thrive Tablet users were experiencing Resume issues when in Sleep mode. We have heard from a Toshiba source that a software update to resolve this issue will be available early next week and can be accessed from the Service Station utility app found on the Thrive at that time. This will improve sleep-and-resume performance, as well as enhance the multimedia playback capabilities of the device.’

I have to say that this is a really good turnaround, especially from a company that has limited history with Android.

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Samsung Fascinate ED05 update for incoming call bug is now available

The Fascinate has been suffering from a bug in which you cannot receive calls, but some of you might not have noticed because you forgot you can actually use your phone for calls. For the ones that did notice, some were able to get replacements devices from Verizon with constant complaining. That route might be unlikely now because update i500.ED05 is now available too fix it, along with some additional SMS bugs.

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Gingerbread update coming August 1st for Kyocera Echo owners


The Kyocera Echo from Sprint was a quite unique device on its arrival. Sporting its dual screen goodness, 5 mega-pixel camera, 1GB on-board memory, expandable to 32GB via SD slot, and WiFi hotspot capable.

Now we’ve got word that this Android device has not been forgotten. Sprint has said they will be pushing Gingerbread to the devices starting August 1st. Calling it an update to 2.002SP. You should be alerted of this update as it arrives. And just as with any Android device, you can check by following this path: Menu>Settings>About Phone.

Following is a list of updates coming:

  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Eco Mode
  • EAS enhancements
  • Swype 3.0
  • Security patches

That’s it! Be ready for this coming Monday, as all you Kyocera Echo owners should start getting notification of the system update available.

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Gingerbread update rolling out OTA for your T-Mobile G2 now

Throughout the week we’ve chatted about the G2 a bit, in hopes of a Gingerbread update. We mentioned the Android 2.3.3 build being leaked, which include a few improvements such as, better radio and audio codecs, faster boot up and response, improved GUI and bug fixes for bluetooth and WiFi. Then, later in the week we discussed the T-Mobile stores getting shipments of SD cards pre-loaded with the Gingerbread update. This was for all those maybe not comfortable with updating, giving them the option to take it in to their local store and letting the techs update for them.

So, if you’ve been been hoping any time now to receive this update OTA, looks like the wait is over. The candy has arrived!
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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer To Be Graced With Honeycomb 3.2 Today

The highly successful company, ASUS, has announced today that their popular Eee Pad Transformer is to be graced with the latest version of Honeycomb, version 3.2 via their official Twitter account.  Per our previous post, we were well aware that the update was geared for the highly successful tablet but had no idea ASUS would make it available so quickly.  Well played ASUS.  The new update will provide the ability to zoom in for apps normally optimized for cell phones.  In addition, it adds support for micro SD card loading and a ton of bug fixes.  Furthermore, our friends over in Germany will be receiving the highly anticipated update around August 5th, ehrfürchtig!  No word yet on how fast the update will roll out but if you’re one of the lucky early receivers, feel free to let us know how well it’s working out on the device.

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European Motorola XOOM owners may get Android 3.1 by August 9

Back in June, Motorola announced via Facebook that European XOOM owners would get Android 3.1, but for whatever reason it did not happen. Now they made an announcement in their support forums:

Android™ 3.1 for Motorola XOOM™ will soon be available over the air to all Motorola XOOM users in Europe. We expect the over-the-air deployment to begin in early August, with the package being available for pull by August 9.

I am not sure I understand the problem here because Android 3.1 was announced in May and many US XOOM (WiFi) owners already have Android 3.2. Lets hope this time the job gets done.

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Original Droid Gets Android 2.3.5 Courtesy Of Peter Alfonso

Ahh, just because Motorola has forgotten about the original Droid, the one that kicked off fragmentation like no other, doesn’t mean our strong at will developer’s community did.  Remember Peter Alfonso?  He’s the guy that also brought the Droid 2.3.4 a couple of weeks ago.  Well, he’s still hard at work to keep the OG Droid up to date with recent devices.

Alfonso has announced today that 2.3.5 is now available for download which would instantly allow this device to leap frog over new devices who haven’t even received the new version yet.  Among some of the minor changes you’ll find are video capabilities with Gtalk, new Google Search features yet to even show up in the Market and a few others.  Hit the break to snag the download link and thrust your Droid into the near distant future.  
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