Remember The Milk gets major update to version 3.0, adds tablet support


The to do app with the funny name, Remember The Milk received a major update to the Android app today taking it up to version 3.0. The overhaul, codenamed “Tik-Tok,” brings a completely redesigned interface to the app that utilizes a “card stack” concept. Remember The Milk developers indicate this is similar to their iPhone or iPad versions, but you will probably find it also has a strong Android Holo-esque look and feel to it. In adopting some Android design guidelines, they also optimized the app to run on tablet devices while redesigning task and note views to make it easier to view and edit using taps and swipes. Among the improvements to the basic workings of the app, Remember The Milk makes it much easier to edit multiple tasks at one time and task completion or postponement is now accomplished using a tap and hold. Read more

Update allows for offline viewing in Falcon Pro


As far as Twitter apps go there are a plethora of them to be found in the Google Play Store. Falcon Pro is one of those apps that stands out from the rest, and it just got a little bit better. Falcon Pro allows you to check your Twitter feed just like the official Twitter app, however the UI makes it more appealing to some. You can check out our review here, to see what I mean.

Along the way Falcon Pro has had to make some sacrifices. I can’t think of any other developer that has had to raise his price to limit the amount of people using the app. Back in February, the developer of Falcon Pro Joaquim Vergès had to set the the price at $132.13, because Twitter wouldn’t raise their token limit of 100,00 users  an app can have, other then the official Twitter app. Here we are in April and Falcon Pro is doing just as well as it ever has. Last week we told you about an update that had partial offline support.

The new update brings full offline support, as well as added translation for Portuguese, Thai, Dutch, Catalan, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, and Hungarian. Click on the Link below or grab the QR code below. Let us know what you think of Falcon Pro in the comments section.

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Google Play Store receives very minor update, starts rolling out to users


Just a couple weeks ago Google started pushing out an update to the Google Play Store taking it to version 4.0. The major update brought an overhauled UI that incorporates a Holo-esque, Google Now look. Since then Google has been addressing some bugs and other minor issues and this latest revision, taking the app up to version 4.0.26, is no different. The update has started rolling out to users, but if you are too impatient for that, you can download the apk using the link below.

Google Play Store 4.0.26 Download

source: OMG!Droid

New tools available in latest OfficeSuite 7 update


MobiSystems full office suite for Android devices, OfficeSuite 7, received an update today that adds some new tools to make document creation and editing easier for users. In Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, users can now insert an image directly from their camera. Other improvements are specific to different types of files. For Word documents, you can now launch a Google search from within the document, resize tables, and replace images. PowerPoint users now have support for links and shadows in their documents. Users working on Excel files will enjoy better font formatting and the ability to autofill with cell dragging, an improved user interface, and the ability to reorder sheets.

At the universal level, the app now supports dual screens and issues with QuickSpell have been sorted out. Integration with the Oxford Dictionary of English is now possible, although that integration is sold as a separate add-on product. If you are interested in grabbing this latest update, just use one of the Google Play Store links below. The full app is available for $14.99 from the Play Store and works on Android 2.2 or higher.

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Google Play Download Link

Facebook Messenger adds chat heads to Android app


When Facebook announced their new Facebook Home, one feature that actually received a fairly warm reception was the “chat heads” function. The chat heads were floating message notifications that could be opened independently of whatever else a user may be doing in the background on their smartphone. The chat heads show up as a small circle on your screen filled with a user’s profile pic and a number indicator. The chat heads can be moved around, but they stay docked to an edge of the screen. Tapping on them will open a window where you can reply or open the message in the full Messenger app. When you are ready to get rid of the chat head, just drag it down to the bottom of the screen.

You do not need to install Facebook Home to take advantage of the chat heads. Just install or update Facebook Messenger on Android 2.2 and up using one of the Google Play download links below.

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Google Play Download Link

Tumblr Rolls Out Enhanced Sharing Capabilities with Newly Redesigned Android App


Not to be outdone by the competition, Tumblr rolled out their newly redesigned Android app today on the Google Play Store. The latest iteration brings with it some pretty amazing updates. The app, which is available immediately for download, has an all new “post anything” screen that lets users post:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Quotes
  • Chats
  • Links
  • Text (with a single tap)

Advanced controls will also enable users to save drafts, queue posts, and customize tweets. Hit the break for a screenshot of the new “post anything” screen. Read more

Flipboard gets minor update to support hover actions


Flipboard, the incredibly popular news app, has gotten a slight update in the Play Store today. The biggest improvement? Support for hover actions. It’s a cool feature, but it’s clearly a preemptive update for the Galaxy S 4’s hover features, although it should work with AirView on the Galaxy Note. It does also add the option to create an account with Facebook login, so that’s a feature everyone can get some use out of.

We’ve already seen Samsung and Flipboard buddy up before now, but this is definitely solidifying their relationship. Of course, the S 4 is likely to be a pretty popular phone, so it does make sense for Flipboard to support it above other less popular phones. Hopefully we’ll see more apps take advantage of the hovering actions in the future. Hit the links below to get your hands on the update.

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Play Store Download Link

TuneIn Radio update brings new intuitive design to discover new music


TuneIn Radio, a popular radio and music streaming app, has been updated to make discovering new music easier. Called “TuneIn Live”, the update presents consumers with a new tab on the homepage of the app. Upon tapping the live tab,  album art in the form of tiles appears that represents the music playing on each respective station. By default, the live feeds will display stations from the country, hip hop, jazz, news, rock and sport genres, but allows for user customization beyond these. This UI leaves behind confusion and brings forth an intuitive new design that allows users a better experience of discovering new music. The update comes for both the free and pro versions of TuneIn Radio and is available after the break.

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