Mysterious Update Released For HTC DROID Incredible

Verizon DROID Incredible owners have a reason to celebrate today or scratch their heads. While it was a long time coming, a mysterious VZW 4.08.605.2 build has been released to owners of the device today. What’s the signifcance you ask? The update is only 8.6MB meaning it’s unlikely that it will include a certain sweet treat. Of course we expected a significant update to be here a few months ago, but hey any update is great, right? Users can expect to see improved Bluetooth connectivity, resolved issue with SMS due to low memory and voice commands among the noteworthy features.

We know it’s been a long wait for you DROID Incredible owners. If your phone is non-rooted and you’re ready for some updated goodness, check for the update immediately (Settings –> About Phone –> System Updates). If the update is not immediately available, then just be patient and check again later or wait for the phone to automatically be pushed to your phone. Hit the break to see the full change log and let us know if the update does indeed include a little Gingerbread action or not in the Comments section.

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YouTube For Android v2.3.4 Update Now Available

YouTube for Android has rolled out its latest version 2.3.4, which includes a few neat improvements like a +1 button and the ability to add annotations along with a new and very handy “Watch later” queue  for videos you’d like to save for another time. Lastly, this update will now allow you to edit video info while uploading within the app, this fills in the gap of a long overlooked feature and will surely bode well with users.

Jump past the break for a link to this app in the Android Market or grab the QR code from our Apps Database.

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Amazon Updates Appstore Ahead of Kindle Fire Launch

With the Amazon Kindle Fire release just over the horizon, Amazon has updated their Appstore to be more tablet friendly. The update to 2.0 largely focuses improving the on UI for better usability on the Kindle Fire but brings a few noticeable changes for smartphones. The Appstore’s old white background has been replaced with shades of grey, somewhat of a resemblance to the new Android Market. Additional settings have been added amongst the new the new layout which gives you the ability to enable in-app purchases, parental controls, and provides an easier view of your Amazon gift card balance.

If you don’t have the Amazon Appstore yet, you are missing out on daily free downloads that we report on every morning. Hit the link below to gain access to Android’s alternative application superstore, and jump past the break for more screenshots.

Amazon Appstore


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Xperia Arc and Xperia Arco Receive Playstation Certification in Japan

Xperia Arc and Xperia Arco, welcome to the world of Playstation! Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play will be seeing a bit of company soon as The Xperia Arc and Arco have recently received the Playstation certification. These two devices, among others, will now be able to access dozens of Playstation certified games once they have received the new update. Updates are currently rolling out to various Sony Ericsson Xperia devices on the NTT DoCoMo wireless network and I am sure Sony will soon extend the favor overseas. Hang tight US citizens. We will let you know when to expect this new update.

Hit the source link below to check out the full translated press release.

[via Sony Ericsson Japan]

Sprint Begins Gingerbread Push for Samsung Epic 4G

Today, Sprint plans on kicking off a slow Gingerbread rollout for the Samsung Epic 4G. The plans are to update only about 3 percent of devices on the first day (today) to try and avoid the major issues seen during the Froyo update. Sprint will continue the slow rollout over the next 8 days, until all handsets are updated.

You can expect all the usual goodies that come with Android 2.3, and the change log includes:

  • Airrave notification fixes
  • SMS area code fix
  • PRL and Profile update fix
  • EAS HTML Tagging fix
  • Bluetooth headset quality fix
  • Lock screen date fix

If at any time you dismiss the update notification or you just want to see if it’s available to you yet, press: Settings–> Menu–> About Phone–> System Update. The build number should be EI22. Jump past the break to see an image of the official update document.

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PayPal Updates Android App, Brings NFC Capabilities

A new update for the PayPal app hit the Android Market earlier today and with it brings some pretty cool improvements. The whole in-app experience received a bit of a face lift, improving the UI and making navigation easier on both tablets and smartphones. A new widget has been added  that not only allows easy access, but allows you to make payments through NFC as long as your device has the required chip. This NFC integration makes transferring money a cinch, simply type in the amount you want to transfer and then tap the two NFC enabled devices together. Easy as that. Kinda makes the Galaxy Nexus sound even MORE tempting, huh?

Android Market


Microsoft Updates Bing For Android, Adds Support For HTML 5 And More

In what I still consider a violation in the highest order, Microsoft has updated its Bing application for Android.  They’ve added better support for HTML 5 and added a few other key features:

Today’s update uses HTML5 to blend the mobile browse experience with the app experience so you get a consistent and fast mobile search experience whether you’re using from your browser or the Bing app

The update includes several cool new features such as:

  • Maps/List Split View: Provides a dynamic way to synchronize a list such as business listings and directions and a map in a single view making it easy to see the location of what you’re searching for. Also works for driving directions and transit.
  • Deals: One-stop deal shopping and convenient mobile phone access for local deals from more than 100 deal providers across the US.
  • Video Domain: launched last month on, the new video domain is now available on iPhone.
  • Transit/Real-Time: the Android app now features transit routing/real-time transit and news– all features that were previously only available on

If you’re interested in downloading the application to your device, you can head on over to our popular apps database where you can find a QR code available or you can head on over to the Android Market.  Check out the screen shots below and a quick video on Bing’s HTML 5 implementations.  
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Swiftkey Releases New Beta Version With Multi-Touch Feature

Not that I like to play the favorites game but, my favorite Android keyboard replacement, Swiftkey, has just released a new BETA version to VIP members with hopes of making typing even faster than before. The newest feature that Swiftkey is testing out is “multi-touch”, allowing users the ability to type with both hands instead of just one. Heading to both tablets and smartphones, the two-week multi-touch BETA trial is best described by Swiftkey themselves:

We have made improvements for rapid typists. We now properly support multi-touch so you shouldn’t get accidentally repeated letters or accidentally missed letters when typing at speed with more than one finger. If you could try this out and in particular look out for issues with long-press keys, alternative character selection or keys where the highlighting gets stuck. We are particularly interested in results from tablet users touch typing as well as phone users with two thumbs.

After using this new feature for a full day I can definitely say that I have been able to type faster. While using both thumbs I noticed an increased typing speed but found myself rarely checking the predictive text. Although I was more focused on seeing how fast I could input text, when all was said and done my typing still had very few errors, predictive text still preformed well even though I didn’t physically select the words predicted. Of course there are a few bugs to be expected being that this is still in BETA form but you can be sure they will have it dialed-in in no time. I can totally see how this would be very beneficial for typing with both thumbs on a tablet.

If you are not a Swiftkey VIP and still want to test out the new feature, head to the forum and sign up as I am sure they would love to have your input. If you have yet to try Swiftkey, hit the links below for a life changing experience.

Android Market (phone)


Android Market (tablet)


[via Swifkey VIP Forum]

Android 3.1 Update Ready forSony Google TV Blu-Ray Player

In case you haven’t heard, Google is finally rolling out the Android 3.1 update to all Google TV devices. Sony branded units are among the first to get the treat and today, we have another Sony product to add to the list.

The Honeycomb update is all ready for those of you who own a Sony Google TV Blu-Ray player and it’s just waiting for you to download. If you have the device and haven’t received the update yet, head into Settings –> About –> System Updates. From there you should be able to manually push some Honeycomb lovin’ onto your device. Enjoy!

[via DroidLife]

Google Docs and Google Reader receive Ice Cream Sandwich makeover

A couple of days ago we saw a redesign for the web version of Google Reader with the promise of an updated Android version. It came a little quicker than we expected along with an update to Google Docs. Non of this is surprising with the release of Ice Cream Sandwich right around the corner.

The Android version of Google Reader didn’t change as much as the web version. It basically got a little ICS flare along with the new sharing options that are now limited to only Google+.

More changes hit Google Docs as it not only looks like ICS, but there are more optimizations for Honeycomb tablets, better video playback, finding information about your documents is easier, and sharing options now has auto complete.

Both updates are available now, so hit the download links after the break.

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