Telstra dumping Sense UI for Gingerbread on the HTC Desire

by Jesse Bauer on
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Telstra is bringing Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the HTC Desire, which is probably going to be as loved as when Gingerbread was announced for Sony Xperia X10 users. For Telstra to get this upgrade out to the Desire however, it’s going to require the loss of something else native to the HTC Desire among many other HTC devices…HTC Sense UI.

As Telstra explains briefly, due to the memory requirements of Gingerbread, and the limited memory available on the HTC Desire, the Sense UI will need to go to make room. Very well done Telstra! I’m not sure I know anyone with an HTC Desire that would rather keep Sense UI over getting a Gingerbread update, so the choice is a logical one. Let’s hope that other carriers worldwide see this as a great alternative, not only for the Desire, but for any Android device needing an upgrade that may have ‘limited’ resources.

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Flashing Alerts For Android Receives An Update, Now Supports More Phones

by Joe Sirianni on
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Member rdude from XDA a while back brought us some cool functionality for Evo 4G owners lacking notification lights.  The developer’s Flashing Alerts application brought you notifications for multiple apps on the device.  The developer has since then, at the request of many users, updated the application with some more functionality and can now be used on the Nexus S and several other devices.  The app now allows you to receive updates for more applications on board, such as Gmail, MMS and few more.  Ready to give it a go?  Check out the application thread here for more info and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

From The developer:

Well, I finally found the time and I’ve now expanded the app so it works with many more phones (including the latest EVO 4G update and Nexus S), and added support for Gmail, Email, K-9 Mail, and Google Voice!

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HTC EVO 3D from Sprint getting pre-launch updates

by Adam Johnson on
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Seems the not yet available to the masses device, the HTC EVO 3D has already gotten an update. This update will fix a calendar bug, that causes force closes during entries in certain formats. The new update is software version 1.13.651.7. The update is available OTA, but for those wanting to get your paws on the file, here’s the link. And hit the source, for additional information.

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Motorola Xoom updated to Android 3.1 outside US – microSD card activated

by Jesse Bauer on
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xoom 3.1 update

Android 3.1 updates are starting to roll for the Motorola Xoom Honeycomb tablet outside the US borders, which really can only mean its going to hit North America soon as well. The update brings packaged within the long-awaited support and activation for that seemingly useless microSD card slot, thus making it useful finally.

Motorola’s European facebook page states that the update is for “non-US” Xoom tablets, which means it may be coming to Canada as well with this roll out, so check for that if you have one and live north of the US. Also, they hope to have this rolled to all Xooms in Europe within the next few short weeks.

Only question left is when will the US get their microSD on? We anxiously await the word also.

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T-Mobile And LG Working To Bring The G2X Gingerbread

by Joe Sirianni on
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I realize there are a ton of G2X users out there, myself included, who are wondering where in the world is Gingerbread for the device.  How hard can it be to give the stock Android device the update anyway?  In addition, we’re still waiting on word regarding the random reboot issues too and whether or not a patch will be pushed for it.  Well, maybe this can dampen the flame a bit regarding Android 2.3.  Earlier today T-Mobile tweeted via their official Twitter page to a number of users that they were working with LG on a software update for G2X customers.

We are currently working with LG to develop and test a software update for G2x customers. No specific time yet. ^DG

So, hang in there folks, we have high hopes that the update is soon to follow.  Meanwhile, feel free to rant in the comments below.

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eBay App Gets Updated, You Can Now Sell Items From Your Phone

by Joe Sirianni on
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The folks over at eBay Inc have been pretty busy trying to give you an even better overall buying and selling experience.  Especially if you’re an Android user.  The official eBay application for Android has received a nice little do-over with some excellent integrated functionality.  You can now sell an item using your smartphone from beginning to end when there’s no camera or PC in view.  The application allows you to upload up to eight pictures of your item and use the bar code scanner functionality to pre fill item info on almost any product.  You can edit or revise an item you’re selling, re-list an item that didn’t sell and even “sell one like this” for similar items, all from the comfort of your Android smartphone.  This app has functional written all over it, especially if you make your living using eBay, which I know individuals that do.  Schedule auctions, reply to sellers and buyers alike and mark items shipped all while on the go.  The days of waiting until you get back home are long gone.

The home screen has also been adjusted to add some more features and options to help with searching for items such as condition, free shipping, location, completed listings and sold items only.  Overall, I also noticed a boost in performance.  The app no longer lags and loads up my criteria fairly quickly compared to previous versions.  Thanks eBay, much appreciated.  If you don’t already have the official eBay application you can grab it from our popular apps database or you can snag it on the Android Market.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Hit the break to check out some more screen shots of the application itself.   » Read the rest

Sprint EVO 4G getting update today, fixes Netflix and SMS

by Robert Nazarian on
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Recently the EVO 4G was updated to Gingerbread, but there were some bugs. A major one was Netflix completely disappearing because of Gingerbread compatibility issues. A maintenance update (version 4.24.651.1) went live today that fixes the following items:

  • SMS are intermittently sent to wrong and seemingly random contact
  • “Me” instead of “Yo” in SMS thread conversations when set to Spanish
  • Unable to stream media thru some applications after updating to 3.70
  • Email attachments are not displayed in the mail client
  • Multiple Gmail accounts no longer sync after FroYo update
  • Fix for battery discharge issue
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Downloads managementThe Downloads application gives the user easy access
  • to any file downloaded from the browser, email,or another application
  • Corrects voicemail notification issue (from 4.22.651.2)
  • Corrects issue with hearing aid compatibility menu disappearing (from 4.22.651.2)
  • Netflix compatibility (from 4.22.651.2)

Kudos to HTC for getting this done quickly.

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Sprint Announces HTC Evo Shift to receive Gingerbread update

by Adam Johnson on
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Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a hot commodity for the latest Android devices. Either we want all the newest phone to be released with it, or we’re doing our darnedest to get it released as an update to our current devices. Well Sprint has announced that starting June 20th they will be releasing an over the air (OTA) maintenance update. As the norm for update installs from Sprint, you will receive notification that an update is available. Okay, enough about the OTA update. If you have be on the edge of your seat waiting for this Android 2.3 update, and this article has pushed you over the edge, I’m here to tell you you can get it a few days early. All you need to do is go to Menu>Settings>System updates>HTC software Update. This will manually start the proccess.

So pull out your HTC Evo Shift 4G and try the above manual user update. If that doesn’t work today, never fear. Give it another shot tonight, then tomorrow. But without a doubt, via word from the Sprint Community Blog you will have it by Monday June 20th.

Oh, and by the way, along with Gingerbread you’ll also be updated with SWYPE, an optional replacement for the stock keyboard. Hit the jump for the full Sprint announcement

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HTC Desire will not get Gingerbread due to lack of memory

by Robert Nazarian on
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HTC has done a decent job with updates, but for those that own the HTC Desire, we have some bad news. Unfortunately there is not enough memory to update it to Gingerbread.

Here is was HTC UK said on their Facebook page:

Our engineering teams have been working hard for the past few months to find a way to bring Gingerbread to the HTC Desire without compromising the HTC Sense experience you’ve come to expect from our phones. However, we’re sorry to announce that we’ve been forced to accept there isn’t enough memory to allow us both to bring Gingerbread and keep the HTC Sense experience on the HTC Desire. We’re sincerely sorry for the disappointment that this news may bring to some of you.

You have to wonder if this would be an issue if Sense were not installed. We all know that Sense is HTC’s baby so that is not going anywhere anytime soon. At least there is still the option for rooting and custom ROMs.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab v10.1 from Google I/O gets Android 3.1 update

by Jesse Bauer on
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What’s better than getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Google I/O before anyone else can get their hands on one? Getting the Android 3.1 Honeycomb update before anyone else can get it of course (for the Samsung Galaxy Tab that is anyway). The Limited Edition Galaxy Tab v10.1 which was handed to all Google I/O attendees this year will be getting the 3.1 Honeycomb update before other v10.1 models do, which is going to bring Google Books to the platform as well as removing  Samsung Aps, Music Hub, Amazon, Kindle, & Weatherbug applications.

For more information on the update and instructions, hit the Samsung source link below.

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