Imo IM app receives Update, Brings Beta Voice Chat Feature and Improved UI

If you are anything like me, and rely on instant messaging services like Google Talk, Facebook Messenger, Jabber and even Skype, you may want to check out the imo app. Aside from releasing a new update today with an improved UI and the ability to make voice calls, imo can easily handle all of your instant messaging needs, in one easy to find place.

I downloaded imo for the first time today to see what all the hype was about and I am pleased to say that it works extremely well. Not only can you access all of your IM accounts from one sleek application, you can even access the new voice chat features found on Skype and Google Talk with today’s update. The update also brings a few bug fixes and reduced battery drain, something us LTE users can really appreciate. If you have yet to try out imo or just want to get today’s update, check out the market link below. There you can read up on the app and see how many accolades they have received recently. It’s worth giving it a go.



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Quadrant Benchmarking App Updated For ICS Friendliness

The Android benchmarking app, Quadrant, was updated today to add Ice Cream Sandwich functionality, support for multi-core CPUs, as well as added support for the Polish language. However the use of Quadrant for reliable determination of your smartphone’s power is still irrelevant. It’s been proven that Quadrant can be cheated to achieve unrealistic scores, and currently you can (if you have a Galaxy Nexus) compare your scores against the Galaxy Tab and Nexus S, which honestly isn’t very useful.

Of course this isn’t to say that Quadrant is entirely useless. In fact, in can give you a decent idea of how your phone holds up, albeit on a generalized scale. However the best way to judge a smartphone’s power and speed is to obviously use it yourself.


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DROID XYBOARD 8.2 And 10.1 Get Respective Updates, Improves Functionality And Enhances Stylus Support

 Pretty sweet if you ask me.  Maybe this will influence some of you non-converters to run out and finally grab the alternative input method now ($40).  If you’re ready to improve your device, hit the source links below respectively to get your update.  Don’t forget to report back with any issues if you have ‘em.  Feel free to report them in our new forum.

Device Features

  • Enhanced browser performance to improve scrolling.
  • Improved Touch Response.  (Touch Response that includes Stylus enhancements for Xyboard 10.1)
  • Maintain data connection when switching between Wi-Fi and the Verizon 3G and 4G LTE networks

Verizon 3G and 4G LTE networks.

  • Successfully connect to 4G LTE network and see the 4G LTE indicator.
  • The Daily application now comes preloaded.
  • Device is now capable of Global Roaming.

Email & Messaging

  • Successfully open links in email messages without device needing to reboot.


  • Keyboard function supported in docking station


source: Motorola 1,2

Angry Birds Turns 2, Offers Loot Bag Of 15 New Birthday Cake Levels

The famous bird launching game, Angry Birds turns 2 today, with its developers Rovio celebrating the milestone by offering 15 new birthday cake themed levels bringing the total level count to 300. As well as the new levels, the folks at Rovio have added an expandable orange bird, new menus and graphics, birthday achievements, and – wait for it – all episodes are now unlocked!

From everyone at TalkAndroid, have a great birthday Angry Birds!


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Seesmic App Receives update, Includes Bug Fixes and Drops Google Buzz support

For those of you heavy Twitter and Faceboook users, I am pretty sure you have heard of Seesmic, the app that allows you to post to multiple social networks at one time. While Seesmic is a great outlet for your accomplishing your social networking needs, it’s been a really long time since it has seen an update. Today, the app finally received an update that the developer describes as follows:

This version addresses various bug fixes and minor updates including:

  • Updates to address issues with Trending Topics
  • Support for links
  • Bug fixes based on feedback
  • Dropped Google Buzz support

As you can see, not much has changed. Regardless, though, it’s always nice to know that the developer is going to continue with maintenance and support. If you have yet to receive the update or want to give Seesmic a try, hit up one of the links below. They must be doing something right because the app has maintained a 4 1/2 star rating out of over 120, 000 reviews.


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Gingerbread Update For AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G On Hold

If you own an Infuse 4G, you’ll be disappointed to hear that Samsung and AT&T have put the upcoming update to Gingerbread on hold. It seems that there’s an issue that targets a small number of users and they’re currently working on a fix. Surely the teams at Samsung and AT&T will be able to get this update around to Infuse 4G users sooner rather than later.

Source: Samsung
Via: Android Central

SFR France Outs Android 4.0.5 Existence, Hits Galaxy Nexus in March?

Just days after learning about the unofficially leaked build of Android 4.0.4 for the Galaxy Nexus, French mobile site SFR has outed the existence of Android 4.0.5 and claims that the GNex and Nexus S should be seeing it rather soon. SFR also made mention about which devices would get an ICS update, and when. According to the chart, the 4.0.5 update will arrive OTA to the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S in March, while the Galaxy SII and the HTC Sensation will finally hit 4.0.

As far as the 4.0.5 update goes, I wouldn’t expect any drastic changes to the OS. Based on the numbers, you can expect a more fine-tuned ICS experience and probably a few minor bug fixes and software tweaks, nothing too major. Now the question is, “is this chart reliable?” Tell you your thoughts below.

source: SFR
via: PocketNow




Motorola DROID Bionic Soak Test Arriving As Early As Tonight; Possible Android 4.0 Update? Probably Not



Motorola has yet another soak test on its way out, this time for the DROID Bionic smartphone. It is perhaps the mysterious 5.9.902 update we heard about previously? It’s highly unlikely this update is the anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich update you owners are yearning for, as the DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX would likely be the first MOTO phones to see the ICS update, so it’s probably the 5.9.902 update. Word on the street the mysterious update is finally headed out to the beta testers as early as tonight. Stay tuned with Talk Android for any updates on this update.

source: Droid Life


Sony Google TV’s to Receive Update This Week, Expect a Browser That ‘Works Faster’

Word has just been released from the Google TV camp that a new update should hit Sony devices this week. You can expect a fancy new Chrome browser that has been said to just “work faster,” and the update will also enable 3D for Blu-ray discs.

I know when I try and browse the web on my Logitech Revu I get frustrated with load times and often opt to grab my tablet instead. I’m just afraid the update might not apply to the Revu because we all know it was just discontinued and is pretty much a collectors item at this point. I guess this is a perfect opportunity to see if Logitech plans to maintain updates even though they just recently threw in the towel.

As for all Sony products go, you can bet your ass they will get the update. After seeing what sony has in store for this years Google TV products we know damn well they plan to continue their efforts.

If any of you get this update be a pal and let us know what it’s like, umkay? Thanks!

source: twitter