Pocket for Android gets Material Design update and Google Now integration


Pocket, previously entitled Read It Later, is currently pushing out a much-anticipated compatibility update for its official Android application via the Play Store. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade brings a completely revamped user interface that conforms with Lollipop’s Material Design guidelines, adds support for Google Now and transports a handful of bug fixes and speed optimizations.

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NVIDIA Shield Tablet set to receive Lollipop update before the end of November


Just over two weeks ago, NVIDIA announced that its Shield Tablet would be one of the first devices on the market to receive the much-anticipated Lollipop update. Earlier today, the Californian company took to its official YouTube page to share a video of the new operating system in action on the 7-inch slate, and declared it would start rolling out the over-the-air upgrade before the end of this month.

Hit the break below to view the full demo video.

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Nest Thermostats getting software update this week


Nest has announced that they will be pushing out an update to Nest Thermostat devices this week that includes some new and improved features. Nest says the Auto-Schedule function has been enhanced to learn new schedules and more quickly adapt to new heating and cooling patterns. The Nest Auto-Schedule feature has been one of the device’s key components and an important factor for the company in making an easy to use, “learning” device available for consumers. The feature works by remembering changes a user makes to temperatures and then creating a schedule on the fly from that since their research shows setting thermostat schedules tends to be too much of a chore for most users. Nest says the improvements to Auto-Schedule will help consumers save up to 6% on utility bills.
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Let the countdown begin for Lollipop on the HTC One (M8) and (M7)


Last summer when HTC announced the new HTC One (M8) smartphone, part of their big news was a commitment to rolling out updates to Android on the device in a more timely fashion. This was obviously in response to criticism from the market that HTC lagged, if they even got around it, at updating their devices. Thus the HTC Advantage program was born to not only get updates out more quickly, but to keep devices current for at least a couple years.
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Update to Google Calendar app heralds a new day for users


In the lead-up to the official launch of the Nexus 9 today, and be extension Android 5.0 Lollipop, we have seen several leaks regarding updates to Google’s stock apps. One of those was the calendar app which was getting a Material Design overhaul of the interface. Google has announced today that the updated calendar app includes more than just an update of the interface, it includes some new features as well.
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Runtastic gets updated with Google Fit integration and new “advanced statistics” service


Runtastic, the extremely popular fitness-tracking app, has today received a rather beefy update via the Play Store. The upgrade brings compatibility for Google’s recently-launched ‘Fit’ application, in addition to a new “advanced statistics” service, which allows users to monitor performance and progress by comparing current and past time periods.

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Google Play Books gets an update to help users skip around


Google has announced an update to the Google Play Books app that may be especially welcomed by users who access non-fiction books. While fiction readers will almost always read a title straight through, unless they are possibly working on a report or something, users of non-fiction books frequently find themselves needing to skip around from one section to another. The odds of this increase as a title moves closer to being something like a reference book. The update to Play Books will help this users who need to access information in a title in a non-linear fashion.
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Any.do app gets major update focused on collaboration


Any.do, the popular task management app, has announced a major update to their application taking it to version 2.0. The focus of the overhaul is on adding collaboration features to the app so users can share their projects with friends, family and work teams. Besides sharing tasks and lists, Any.do has also added the ability for users to tap into their Dropbox accounts directly to attach files up to 5MB in size to any task. Users can also attach audio, video or pictures captured with their mobile devices to their tasks. An upgrade to a Premium account removes the 5MB size limit.
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