Action Launcher 3 now available in the Play Store


Last week developer Chris Lacy took to Google+ to announce the forthcoming release of an update for his Android Launcher. As part of that announcement, Lacy made it known that the app would be a paid app due to the extensive overhaul he gave the launcher. Along with the release of Action Launcher 3, the predecessor Action Launcher 2 is being re-released as a paid app for new users. The apps are now available in the Google Play Store for anyone interested in giving them a try.
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Google getting serious with Cardboard


Whatever it started as, Google’s virtual reality viewer originally released as a “device” made out of a cardboard box has proven so successful that Google is investing even more in the platform. According to Google, they count more than half a million Cardboard viewers in use and with numbers like that, they have released a new round of updates for users, developers and makers of the device.
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Some Samsung Galaxy Note 4 devices need carrier updates to work with Gear VR


Earlier this week Samsung finally started selling their new Gear VR device through their web site for $199. Even AT&T jumped in on the excitement, listing it on their site as well for interested consumers even though the device sold out quickly. As the devices are getting into the hands of consumers, buyers on Verizon and Sprint are discovering their Galaxy Note 4 devices are not quite ready to be used with the Gear VR for lack of a software update.

The users who find themselves in this situation are reporting that attempts to use Gear VR with their Galaxy Note 4 just generates a warning message that “you need to update your device.” Unfortunately, even though this was disclosed in the official press release about the Gear VR, it seems most people missed it. Even worse, thus far there is no information forthcoming from Verizon or Sprint regarding how long their customers will have to wait for the software update to be issued.

source: SamMobile

Shazam re-launches itself with new features and user experience


Stalwart music discovery service Shazam announced today that they are re-launching their platform to provide a “more immersive music discovery and uninterrupted listening” experience for users. According to Chief Product Officer Daniel Danker, “we want Shazam to continue to serve as a destination for music fans, increasingly becoming the center of their music world.” The new platform comes with updated apps and a refreshed, new web site.
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