Netflix rolling out redesigned version 3.0 with several improvements, but no profiles yet


Netflix has started the process of rolling out version 3.0 of their app for Android devices bringing an overhaul of the interface to improve it aesthetically and performance-wise. Unfortunately, Netflix has still not added support for profiles, which can be accessed on every other platform, in this latest update. Lacking that, the update still seems to be well done and you will probably want to grab it as soon as it is available.
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US Cellular’s Moto X set to receive OTA update


While this update has already hit other Moto X’s from other carriers, US Cellular’s is due up next and offers the same big update that’s supposed to improve the camera among other things:

  • Camera – Improves photo quality, focus and faster switching between rear and front facing camera.
  • Enhanced touch-less control
  • Improves Motorola Migrate experience
  • Google Drive (50GB promotion)
  • Lost device finder
  • Driving detection

The update should be live, but if you haven’t gotten the notification yet, you can either wait or try to manually pull it by going to Settings/About Phone/Updates.

source: Android Central

Google Drive receives updated UI, now features a cleaner and more simplistic look for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Google Drive

Google updated its ‘Drive’ products today with a few new touch-ups as part of a minor re-design of the popular web platform. In Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and Apps Script, the product icon will now be featured in the top left corner of the screen, which serves as a quick link back to your files in Drive. The header is also much more compact and simplistic, making things much easier on the eyes and hopefully making the process of creating good content more efficient. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think about the new look!

Source: Google Drive Blog

Google updating Gmail for Android with new look, small tweaks


Google announced today that Gmail for Android will be getting updated over the course of the next few days to introduce a new design for the conversation view. Some additional “design tweaks” will make it easier to multi-select messages for action. Google has also added an indicator to let users know whether account sync is on or off. Overall, the design appears to draw on the Google Now and Google+ “card” appearance.

Check out some screen shots in the gallery below.

source: +Gmail

Dead on Arrival 2 now available in Google Play


It has been in development for a while now, but the Tegra 4 optimized Dead on Arrival 2 is finally available in the Google Play store for Android devices. Although the new title is optimized for the Tegra 4 and using a device powered by NVIDIA’s chip will net you some nifty graphics enhancements, Dead on Arrival 2 will work on other devices. Developer N3V Games does indicate a high end device should be used, like an NVIDIA SHIELD or a Samsung Galaxy S 4, something produced at least within the past couple years and no lower than a Tegra 2.
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Update for Sprint’s Moto X rolling out, AT&T very close


On Monday, an update for the Motorola Moto X on the T-Mobile network began to roll out on that network. The update included some significant improvements to the camera and some smaller fixes for issues like choppy audio in voice calls, an inability to report location in the Lost Device Finder app, the device reading out text messages when not in Drive mode, and assorted stability improvements. Motorola indicated the update should roll out to other carriers “soon” and for customers on the Sprint network, “soon” is today.

According to source, the build number on Sprint devices is 139.14.1 and the changelog mirrors the improvements that rolled out to T-Mobile devices. If you have a Moto X on Sprint, you can check for the update by going to Settings -> About phone -> System updates.

Meanwhile, Moto X owners on the AT&T network that are part of Motorola’s Feedback Network have been receiving a notification that a “new software release” was available for installation as part of a soak test. No details are available and a schedule was not provided, but it appears AT&T is moving to get their customers the latest update.

source: Droid Life (Sprint), Droid Life (AT&T)

Leaked version of Android 4.3 for AT&T’s HTC One appears

HTC One 4.3

Well would you look at that! It seems as though HTC has made good on their promise of getting the latest versions of Android to their top-line devices as fast as they can. A leaked version of Android 4.3 for AT&T’s HTC One has appeared, and has been tested by Android Central’s Kevin O’Quinn— so far so good, they let us know. He hasn’t found any bugs, and fluidity is great.

If you want to test it out for yourself, an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery is required to flash it, of course, head on over to the source link.

Hopefully it won’t be long after that other carriers will start to have their own versions nearing release. Of course we’re all thinking Verizon here, but I guess I wouldn’t expect them to have it for a while considering it wasn’t too long ago that they actually started offering the HTC One to customers.

Source: Android Central

Other carriers will receive Moto X camera update ‘soon’

Yesterday we brought news that the T-Mobile Moto X received an update that included enhancements to its rear camera. Owners of the X on other carriers don’t have to feel left out for too long. Motorola Mobility’s VP for Product Management, Punit Soni, posted on his Google + account on Tuesday that the update should be “coming to other carriers soon.”

As a reminder, the T-Mobile update improves the quality of pictures taken, focuses on your subject faster while preventing unnecessary focusing, and quickens the time the phone takes to switch from the back to the front camera. In addition, a few bug fixes were included.

Source: +PunitSoni

Ouya releases firmware update, includes bug-fixes and improves discoverability of games


Ouya recently released a new software update to their Android-powered gaming console which includes some bug-fixes and improvements that deal with the discoverability of games.

The user-interface has been slightly tweaked— games that were previously downloaded are now found in the back row in the Discover section. Games that you don’t currently have will now be more visible… obviously a marketing move by the company. There are a few other adjustments, including the option to “bury” games that you are not interested in, and a notification that will tell you when a game has finished downloading and is ready to be played.

Ouya provided a change-log of the bug-fixes, which include:

- Fixed an issue where sometimes a system update would cancel and not inform the user, so only a blank downloading bar would appear.
- Fixed an issue where high bandwidth could actually cause performance issues and crashes while navigating menus.
- Fixed an issue that could cause the OUYA to overheat in some cases.
- Fixed a handful of crashes that could occur after browsing DISCOVER for a long period of time.

Solid update for the console, and there may me more to come in the near future regarding external storage support.

Source: DroidGamers

Google updates Chromecast to build 13300, includes kernel update and security fixes


If you’re a Chromecast owner, you should be expecting an update to your device relatively soon. Google is pushing out build 13300 to Chromecasts that updates the kernel and includes improvements for security and stability. It’s pretty much just a maintenance release,  but hey, at least it’s an update. Your Chromecast should automatically update over the next few weeks as the build is gradually pushed out.

source: Google Chrome Team