Google+ for Android update adds Drive integration, removes Messenger

google_plus_driveGoogle+ is receiving an update to its Android app that adds five highly requested features. When Google Hangouts was launched earlier this summer, it caused a lot of confusion when Android users had Google+’s Messenger app in addition to the new Hangouts app. This update removes Messenger, so there shouldn’t be any more confusion. Secondly, users can now share their location differently between their circles. For example, you can choose to share your precise location to one circle, but only your city to another. This comes on the heels of Google Latitude being shut down last week.

The most important update is probably that Google Drive photos now show up within Google+. Meaning, your Google Drive photos can be auto-enhanced and animated through the Google+ app. In addition, smaller features such as easier account switching, and Google Apps for Business support are also added in this version.

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Root Explorer application updated by Koush, adds SuperUser compatibility, multi-file handling


Koush, from CyanogenMod, has updated his Root Explorer app to version 3.1, which adds ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission for compatibility with latest Superuser version. (Users of Superuser will no longer be warned that Root Explorer has not declared this permission.) Koush also added the ability to change permissions and owners of multiple files at once. All the user has to do is select each file using the check-boxes, and use the action overflow/menu button to change the owner. This certainly makes in-app use more time-efficient for users.

Check out the link to the application in the Play Store after the break.

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Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5 UI rolling out to HTC One X+


Owners of last year’s souped up HTC One X, the HTC One X+, should be on the lookout for a new update wanting to install on their devices to bring their Android version up to 4.2.2. Along with the upgraded Android version, they will also receive HTC’s Sense 5 UI. Along with the Sense 5 UI, HTC includes the BlinkFeed homescreen, the ability to create 30 second clips from gallery images, camera focus lock with a long press, some music player enhancements, and battery improvements.

The update to Android 4.2.2 means owners of the HTC One X+ will get to enjoy features like lockscreen widgets, a quick settings panel, triple-tap magnification, Gesture Mode navigation, and other performance improvements. The update clocks in at 484MB. HTC has started rolling out the update, but it is going in phases, so the notification may not have shown up on your phone yet if you own one of these devices. You can always perform a manual check by going to Settings -> About phone -> Software update or using the HTC Sync Manager on a computer.

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Twitter app gets an update with two-factor authentication and a new gallery view for search results photos


Twitter recently added two-factor authentication to the service that used text messaging for added security. In the age of smartphones, though, text messages aren’t the way to go. In the latest update to the official Twitter application, you can now set up two-factor authentication for your account and use the Twitter app to verify your log-in, no texting involved. Twitter’s official site lays out some basic instructions for those of you that want to get it set up:
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Sonos app updated, feature added allowing for music playback from Android devices


The Sonos Hi-Fi wireless music system has been gaining a lot of respect from both the audiophile and music-newbie communities alike— its sheer power and easy syncing abilities make it one of the best sound system products on the market.

Now, they’re adding even more functionality to their Sonos app for Android, as you can now play music and podcasts straight from your library on your device. The previous version required users to download all of their music to their computers and media servers— streaming all the music stored on your phone or tablet is now possible.

If you’ve got a Sonos player, go grab the update now— it’s live in the Google Play Store. And if you don’t have Sonos, then what are you waiting for? Go get it!

Check out more information below, a link to download the update, and a link to get your own Sonos player.

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T-Mobile starts pushing out update for HTC One


T-Mobile has announced they are starting to push out an over-the-air (OTA) update for the HTC One starting today. The push should last through August 9th. Users interested in the update can get it in one of two ways – waiting for the OTA notification or, if they just cannot wait, by side loading it via a personal computer connection. The update keeps Android at 4.1.2 on  the devices. The primary improvements include fixes for LTE connections and reception, although some software stability and processor enhancements are included as well. The update clocks in at 247 MB in size.

source: T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Note II to skip Android 4.2 update and jump to Android 4.3


Samsung’s Galaxy Note II will apparently be skipping its update to Android 4.2.2, which, at first, sounds really, really bad for a flagship device. However, there’s a silver lining; Samsung will reportedly just skip 4.2.2 and update the device straight to Android 4.3. With Samsung’s Google Play edition Galaxy S 4, they obviously have some inside access to newer versions of Android, so this isn’t too much of a stretch to believe.

No word on the Galaxy S III, but considering its 4.2.2 update has been delayed for this long, we may see it skip straight to newer versions of Android as well.

source: Gotta Be Mobile

Evernote for Android updated with the ability to edit Office documents, Skitch gets PDF annotations


Evernote and its companion app, Skitch, have both received updates today that are some pretty handy productivity features. First up, Evernote has now been given the ability to edit Office documents, such as files from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, thanks to integration with MobiSystem’s OfficeSuite app. The files are stored in Evernote, edited in OfficeSuite, then immediately mirrored back in Evernote. There have also been quick reminders added, so you can set a due date for any individual file. If you use your Android device as a productivity tool, this update is going to fit you perfectly.

In addition to the Evernote updates, Skitch has also received an update that’ll allow you to annotate your PDF files on the go, for Premium users, at least. There are also a handful of stamps available to mark your PDF files for feedback, which is a welcome addition.

Overall, it’s definitely a handful of worthwhile updates for some already great applications.

source: Evernote

Sprint HTC One variant expected to see update today, HD Voice support included, bug fixes


Sprint’s HTC One variant is expected to see an update today, as was confirmed by Sprint’s website. The update is 1.31.651.2 and includes an “HD Voice enhancement,” and allows Sprint’s ringtones to show up in the ringtones list. Some bug fixes are expected to be included as well. Check to see if you have the update and let us know how it went.

Source: Sprint Community Forums

Google ‘breakfast’ with Sundar Pichai scheduled for July 24, likely to hear some Android news


Google’s head of both Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai, will be leading a ‘breakfast’ event by Google next Wednesday, where some Android announcements are expected to come.

We didn’t see an Android 4.3 announcement at Google I/O in May, so perhaps we will this time, as its release seems more and more imminent every day. A Nexus 7 successor is also possible. We could also see something on the uber-hyped Moto X, however it is unlikely. (August is getting closer and closer, though.)

Don’t worry if you don’t have an invitation though, because the entire event will be live-streamed on Google’s website. We’ll give you guys the link when we have more details.