HTC One Mini to receive Android 4.3 soon, update appears in Europe

Android 4.3

Good news for HTC One Mini owners coming in today— the device will be receiving Android 4.3 shortly as the update as been spotted in Europe in multiple countries.

With the update comes all of the the usual Android 4.3 goodies, as well as the ability to turn off Blinkfeed which is certainly nice. Video Highlights and Music will also see an update, making the final file size a whipping 630.55MB.

Let us know if you’ve already received the update and how it’s working out for your device.

Source: AndroidSpin

HTC One from Verizon finally getting Android 4.3, should be receiving Android 4.4 in January


While the HTC One Google Play edition is now receiving Android 4.4.2, the Verizon variant of the device is just now getting Android 4.3.

Talk about pathetic update times…

It certainly isn’t “news” that Big Red is so slow at updating its phones, but at least they’re being active in getting these updates done at all.

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Skype updated on Android, includes handy picture-in-picture option

Skype Update

When I updated my Skype app this morning on my Nexus 7 I didn’t think to look at the “What’s New” section of the app’s Google Play page. “Must be another regular bug-fix update,” I thought…

Very wrong, I was.

In one of the most useful updates that Skype has probably ever had for its Android app, the popular video-chatting program now offers picture-in-picture video-chatting so you can now multitask on your device while you communicate.

That’s right— you can now browse the web, check email, watch YouTube videos, etc. all while you video-chat on Skype. You can also drag the thumbnail PIP around the screen to place it wherever it’s convenient for you.

And that’s not all! The update also included pinch-to-zoom navigation for when you’re browsing contacts, and also upgraded video and instant messaging. All those regular bug fixes I had initially suspected are even included as well.

Overall, the update is very Windows 8-like, and I certainly can’t complain. As computing power on our mobile devices gets increasingly better and better, we’ll start to see updates like this from other applications as well. Multitasking will soon become as mundane as it now is on our PCs.

Hit the break for the link to the app in the Play Store.

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HTC One Google Play edition receiving Android 4.4.2 update


Nexus device owners received Android 4.4.2 last week, and now the Google Play Edition of the HTC One is getting the update as well.

HTCDev also posted the framework support files (468.4MB) for the new build— if you’re not comfortable flashing anything to your phone, you might be better off waiting for the OTA update. (It really isn’t a big update so you’re not missing out.)

Got the update already? Let us know it the comments.

Source: HTCDev

Verizon Galaxy S 4 Mini gets 4.3 update with Galaxy Gear support

Galaxy S 4 mini Verizon

Verizon’s Galaxy S 4 Mini is receiving an update today that brings it up to Android 4.3, complete with Galaxy Gear support. This helps the Mini catch up to the bigger Galaxy S 4, which has been on 4.3 for a few weeks. Aside from the Galaxy Gear support, you’ll also get a few extra Verizon bloat apps, improved LTE connectivity, and Verizon changed Driving Mode to Hands-Free Mode. Sometimes I’m pretty sure Verizon will change something just to say they changed something.

Aside from those changes, you’ll get the updates that come with a new version of Android, even though 4.3 was primarily an under-the-hood release. Considering some features, like auto-complete in the dialer, were already implemented by Samsung in TouchWiz, you probably won’t see much of a difference there.

Let us know if any of you have gotten the update.

source: Verizon Wireless

Google News updates mobile web app with real time updates, new design

Google News images

Google recognizes that more and more people are using their mobile devices as their primary news sources. To keep up with the changing times, Google has updated its mobile web app for Google News.

The page updates in real-time, which is a nice little addition— manually refreshing is no longer required.

Google laid out some of the main new features for us. Hit the break for details:

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New update for Google Play Music rolling out


Following up yesterday’s release of an update to Google’s Play Movies that enables saving movies in low resolution, Google has started pushing out an update to their Play Music app that enables a similar feature for music. Instead of giving users an option to save a smaller file, the app will now prompt users to save their music files to external storage if their device has any available. Google also added a standardized “Share” option to make it easier to keep your friends updated on what you are listening to. The code for this latest update reveals support for the redemption of coupon codes as well, though it is not apparent in the app how that might be done.
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Sony pushes out update for Smartwatch 2 with several new features


Sony has released a new update for their Smartwatch 2 that includes a handful of new features and fixes a few quirks of the device. You’ll find several new watch faces, an increased font size, automatic light sensing and a built-in stopwatch app. On top of that, Sony has built in a fast-scroll option for notifications and an option to mark all notifications as read. That seems like something simple enough that it should have been included from the beginning, but take what you can get.

You can launch the update through the Smartwatch’s Play Store app below.

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Chrome OS camera gets update to interface, framework for more features


Google has started the process of rolling out an update to the Camera app that is included in ChromeOS. The updated app features a new user interface that puts more emphasis on the content, which in the case of a Chromebook is probably the user. While that is nice, most users will probably be more interested in the features that are described as “in the pipeline:”

  • video recording
  • the ability to upload to YouTube and Google+
  • Syncing of pictures across Chrome devices

Unfortunately, no timeline for the availability of these new features was provided. The new version of the Camera app is being rolled out to users in the typical Google phase fashion. However, users impatient for the update can head over to the Chrome web store to grab the update.

sources: +Fran├žois Beaufort, Chrome Web Store