Waze finally showing some signs that it’s a Google-owned company, new update sets Google as primary search provider


When Google bought Waze back in June for around $1 billion, we all speculated about the awesome changes this could eventually bring to Google Maps.  We’ve seen quite a few since then, but this is the first time that we’re actually seeing signs that Google is truly taking control over the Waze application.

In a new update, Waze has integrated a new search bar (powered by Google, of course) which is visible while viewing the map. The UI is someone cleaner-looking as well and certainly more minimal. 1080p devices also now have full support available, and some bug fixes and optimizations were thrown in as well.

This is certainly just the start of the changes we’ll be seeing with the Waze app, as Google will want to make their $1 billion acquisition worthwhile.

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Twitter updates Android app once again, this time bringing improved conversations, new notification settings, and more


Twitter has been firing out some really nice updates to their native Android app at a pretty regular rate lately, and continued the trend with an update today which will bring improved conversations and new notification settings. The update makes it much easier to follow conversation threads, as each tweet is linked to the one above it, giving it a much more natural look and feel. It’s definitely a nice addition, because the app was certainly missing the feature. The update also applies to the Twitter site. Here are some more things provided in the update:

  • Optimization for entry-level Android smartphones
  • Report Tweets as abusive or spam
  • New notification settings
  • Bug fixes for direct messages, login verification and more

It’s a staged roll-out so you might not get it quite yet— but check the Google Play link after the break to see if its arrived for your device. There’s also a video by Twitter about the new conversations feature below.

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DIRECTV updates app with UI overhaul, new features


DIRECTV customers may want to head to the Google Play Store to grab an update for the DIRECTV app for their devices. DIRECTV has released a new user interface for the app and the updated look is receiving generally positive reviews. However, it appears there may be some changes to what channels can be viewed on a mobile device which is resulting in some negative feedback.
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Latest Nexus 7 update, JSS15Q, now available on AOSP, additional details emerge


Yesterday, an update started rolling out to new Nexus 7 devices to address the multi-touch and GPS issues the new device has been subject to in its first few weeks in the hands of early adopters. Several other Nexus devices also started to receive an OTA update earlier this week to address some security issues. The factory images for all of these updates have now been posted over to AOSP, including the JSS15Q image for the Nexus 7 2013 version.

According to sources, the updates not only address the issues already mentioned, they also took care of some crashing issues involving the devices’ clipboard, tweaked App Opps permissions and some other miscellaneous bits. If you are still running your device on the stock Android install, you can continue to wait for the OTA to hit your device. If you are not afraid to tinker with loading a factory image or your device is rooted and not able to get the OTA update, you may want to head over to the Google Developers site to grab the files.

source: Google Developers
via: Engadget

Pandora receives update, brings sleep timer functionality as well as NissanConnect integration


There’s no question that Pandora radio once went relatively unrivaled in the music streaming industry, but now with new and improved rivals such as Spotify, Google Play Music All Access, Slacker Radio, etc., Pandora certainly has some catching up to do.

It looks like they’re doing just that in an update this week which will introduce a few new features.

One of the new additions is a sleep timer, which users can use to automatically shut off the music in a duration of time— however, the app will only let you set the sleep timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. No feature to set your own duration is included in the app.

The next feature is NissanConnect integration, which lets users integrate Pandora with their Nissan car’s steering wheel. Drivers will be able to play/pause/stop/skip songs without ever having to touch their phone.

The update is live now, so head to the Play Store link after the break to grab the new and improved Pandora.

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Google Nexus 7 2013 update also fixes GPS issues


Earlier today Google started rolling out update JSS15Q for their Nexus 7 devices that included a fix for the 2013 model to address problems with touchscreens. We now have confirmation from Google that this latest update also corrects GPS problems that some users were having.

The GPS problem would cause the Nexus 7 to lose the GPS lock after prolonged use of the GPS capability, especially in cases where a users was switching between several apps that use GPS. Considering all of the apps that are interested in a device’s location, it was quite easy to overwhelm the GPS code.

The update is still slowly rolling out to Nexus 7 owners. Other than the information gleaned from the support forums, Google has not released any official word on just what JSS15Q includes. We also continue to wait for Google to make the update available for download for those users who have moved on from stock and may not get it through the regular OTA method.

source: Google Product Forum

First post-release Nexus 7 update rolling out, fixes touchscreen issues


Google has begun pushing the first-ever update to the 2013 Nexus 7 and will reportedly fix touchscreen problems that some owners were experiencing with their devices.

Google’s Paul Wilcox confirmed the plans to release new firmware on the company’s forums:

“As a couple of you have mentioned, there’s a new system update that’s started rolling out for your Nexus 7s. This update does address the touchscreen issues discussed in this thread. If you’re one of the people experiencing touchscreen issues, please let us know how it’s going after you’ve received and installed the update.”

It’s unknown as to whether the update includes other improvements/bug fixes as well, but it would make sense if it also included the security update that was pushed to other Nexus devices yesterday. Be patient and you should get the update eventually— as we all know, OTA updates are a process.

Source: Google Product Forums

Google Now updated with new features: car rentals, concert tickets, NCAA scores and more


For many, Google Now has been a very handy tool since its release last year, and today Google is adding new features via an update to their interactive search service. The improvements include a car rental card, a concert ticket card, improved public transit cards, a commute sharing card, the ability to set reminders while searching, an updated TV card, and NCAA football scores. Once again, you’ll obviously need to be running Android 4.1 or later in order to get the update, as Jelly Bean is a requirement for Google Now. You’ll find the full post after the break, or you can go directly to it in the source.
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Google Play Services 3.2 completes roll-out, brings series of important updates


The latest version of Google Play services has just finished rolling out and it has some pretty nice enhancements that developers will definitely enjoy hearing. Not only does 3.2 offer better performance and power savings, but it also provides improved maps and location-based services through the Fused Location Provider and the ability to inject mock locations for testing.

Apps using Google+ sign-in can now take advantage of multiple new features including simplified sharing control, a compass mode in the Photo Sphere viewer, and InstantBuy implementation which improves purchasing efficiency and packs a cleaner UI.

Check out the full details in the full blog post after the break.

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Todoist 2.0 for Android released to Google Play Store


Task management app Todoist received what is described as a major update today for the Android app, taking it up to version 2.0. According to developer Doist, the new version was “rethought, redesigned and recreated!” There are some new designs incorporated into the app, bringing it even more inline with the Holo design guidelines. This is especially true for the slide-out menu from the left, but even the main screen sees some refinement. One thing regular users will notice is the menu of actions when tapping on a task now shows up at the bottom of the screen inside of just below the task. Clicking on the menu option provides a new choice – “Add sub-task” which will be a welcome addition for those building a hierarchy of to-do items.
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