Android Lollipop now rolling out to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Verizon


Verizon has been busy recently with rollouts of the Android Lollipop operating system to many devices in their portfolio. The latest device to join the list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The update for the Galaxy Note 3 brings all of the expected Lollipop improvements like Material Design for apps and some under the hood optimizations to help with battery life. Verizon indicates they have incorporated Samsung’s tweaks to the Touchwiz interface as well. Read more

Samsung starts pushing out Lollipop update for Note 4’s situated in Thailand and the Philippines


Samsung is currently pushing out the much-anticipated, eagerly-awaited Lollipop update to all unlocked models of the Note 4 located in Thailand and the Philippines. This upgrade transports the latest build of the Android operating system to the handset, together with a handful of bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations.

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Verizon starts rolling out Lollipop update for the LG G3


Verizon has finally started pushing out the much-anticipated and long-awaited Lollipop update for all its carrier-branded variants of the LG G3 located in the United States. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade transports the latest build of the Android operating system to the handset, in addition to a truckload of bug fixes and stability improvements.

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LastPass gets a material update on Android


The LastPass password manager app for Android got an update this week to incorporate Google’s Material Design philosophy for Android. As part of the announcement of LastPass’s update, the company also announced they were partnering with Samsung to offer a premium upgrade to buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge as part of the Samsung Galaxy Gifts program. Read more

HTC’s Sense 7 to land on HTC One M8 in next update


Owners of the HTC One M8 have started to receive their Android Lollipop update, but they have noticed that they do not get HTC’s latest interface, Sense 7. That missing piece is surely a disappointment to some, but leaving it out of the current update probably helped get Lollipop onto the One M8 a little bit faster. HTC vice president Mo Versi has now confirmed that the One M8 will get Sense 7, but it will not be until the next major upgrade is released. Read more

Lyft tries to get social with latest update


Lyft, the “taxi & bus alternative,” is moving into the realm of social platforms with a new update they have rolled out that makes “Profiles” available to users. The new feature is designed to add a little extra level of comfort and familiarity between riders and drivers and perhaps bridge the awkwardness that is present when strangers meet. Lyft says they were inspired by some feedback they got from users of their Lyft Line carpooling service. Those users reported they ended up sharing interesting connections and in some cases forming friendships. Read more