Google IO 2016 Coverage

You can now apply stickers and labels to locations in Google Maps


To everyone else in the world the places you visit daily- your home, work, favorite store -may just be blips on the map, but to you these are landmarks of your life. Google Maps has realized this and you will now be able to make your maps a little more personal. Starting today you will be able to label any location with your own personal name, and for your work and home addresses, you will be able to apply some cool custom stickers to the map.

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Telegram update adds supergroups and pinned posts to platform


Increasingly popular messaging platform Telegram is rolling out some changes to the app that push on the line between being a messaging app and a social media platform. This action centers on group chats, a feature that users could implement to share messages with a whole group of people. Telegram is beefing them up with new supergroup functions to make message sharing even better and easier. Read more