Google Hangouts 4.0 launches today


Google has announced the launch of the latest version of Google Hangouts for Android devices taking the app up to version 4.0 and bringing with it a simpler, faster interface with some new features. The Google development team says they are striving to make Hangouts easy to use so that conversations “just flow” without the technology getting in the way of communication.  Read more

Shazam helping free Rdio and Spotify users grow their playlists


Shazam has announced some new features that will work in connection with Rdio and Spotify and will be especially useful for users of those services who opt for free accounts. Before settling on a free account with Rdio, Shazam is working with Rdio to offer a free 48-hour long trial of Rdio Unlimited if a user signs up via the Shazam app. The Unlimited trial gives users the ability to playback full tracks from Rdio from within Shazam.

Users of Spotify and Rdio who also use Shazam to identify songs will find they can add tracks to their playlists with a few taps. Shazam can be setup to automatically add tracks to a “My Shazam Tracks” playlist or they can choose specific playlists.

You can read the full press release from Shazam after the break. Read more

Sony starts pushing out update for the Xperia M4 Aqua in Asia and Europe to fix overheating issues


Sony is currently rolling out an update for the dual-SIM variant of the Xperia M4 Aqua in Asia and Europe to fix the heating issues that some users have been experiencing. This bumps the build number up to 26.1.B.2.102 and comes a couple of weeks after the company acknowledged that the integrated Snapdragon 615 chipset was the reason for the devices overheating problem.

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Rhapsody gets an interface overhaul


Rhapsody has announced an overhaul of the interface for their music player that affects both the mini-player and the full screen experience. The update focuses on simplifying the interface to make it easier for users to control the app. Users will find that they can favorite tracks in the mini-player, swipe to change tracks, and colors and styling will update to match albums being played. Read more

WhatsApp gets several new features in latest batch of updates


WhatsApp rolled out an update yesterday to add several new features to the messaging platform. The road to getting the update on to users’ devices was a bit rocky though as feedback revealed several problems that caused the team to have to release several updates to patch problems throughout the next 24 hours. With all of the dust apparently settled for now, WhatsApp users will find they have new notification options, the Mark As Unread option, and a low data usage option for voice calls. Google Drive backup also makes a return to the app, although it is part of an automated portion of the program. Read more