New laws for unlocking phones go into effect February 11th

Unlocked_DeviceSIM unlocking phones is something that comes up in the legal world every so often, with the most recent event making it completely legal to unlock your device. Like any other law, though, the fine print changes, and on February 11th there will be some slightly tweaked rules to go by when getting your smart device unlocked to use on other networks.

Most of the rules generally stay the same, but some of the details have been altered to keep up with the changing landscape of buying phones. When purchasing a subsidized phone, if you sign a 2-year contract for your device and it’s paid off, your carrier is still legally obligated to unlock the phone for you. This now extends to installment plans, too. Prepaid phones are similar, but the carrier has up to a year to unlock the device. Read more

LG G Watch gets toolkit for rooting, unlocking, flashing and restoring capabilities


The Nexus Root Toolkit from Wugfresh has become insanely popular since the interest in unlocking bootloaders and rooting devices has expanded to “normal” consumers.

Now, those with an LG G Watch will be able to root and unlock the device just as easily as Wugfresh’s Nexus solution provides.

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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Moves to Senate Floor


This past Thursday brought good news from the Senate to cellphone users everywhere. The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, introduced by Patrick Leahy, D-VT, has passed through the Judiciary Committee and is due to be voted on in the full Senate shortly.

“Consumers should be able to use their existing cell phones when they move their service to a new wireless provider,” Leahy said. “With today’s strong bipartisan vote in the Judiciary Committee, I hope the full Senate can soon take up this important legislation that supports consumer rights.”  Read more

Don’t forget to reboot your Nexus or Google Play Edition device after unlocking the bootloader


In case you were unaware, Nexus and Google Play Edition devices need to be rebooted after you unlock the bootloader. According to Android Police, changes have been made to the unlocking process and not rebooting would send your device into an infinite reboot into recovery. On the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 (2013), LG G Pad 8.3 GPE, and Sony Xperia Z Ultra GPE, the bootloader is not wiping the device clean as it once did. Users should be rebooting prior to installing a custom recovery.

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AT&T (vaguely) elaborates on their device unlocking policy


Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet lately, you’ve no doubt heard a few details about that new law that makes unlocking your cell phone illegal. AT&T, in what was probably an attempt to avoid any negative PR, has attempted to clear up their device unlocking policy. In theory, it’s a good move, as it lets consumers know where their cell provider stands on device unlocking. Unfortunately, AT&T left a few details more than a little hazy. Read more

FCC Investigation Ensues After Cell Phone Unlocking Ban



By now we’re sure you’re all well aware that it’s now illegal to unlock a device for use on another network. Well, enter the FCC into the fray. They have stepped up to look out for our best interests, so it appears. The FCC will begin their investigation on whether this law is actually harmful to market competitiveness and thus hindering innovation.

Prior to the ban that went into effect on January 26, users were free to unlock their devices for whatever reason they wished. Now that same act will result in legal ramifications. FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski, mentioned that he’s not quite sure of his authority in this situation, but he did say that he will try to use his platform to reverse the decision. Let’s hope Mr. Genachowski chalks one up for the good guys.

source:  TechCrunch

DROID DNA gets all-in-one unlock and root toolkit

The DROID DNA is probably the best smartphone available today, at least according to me. Since Verizon is such a stickler when it comes to bootloaders and all that fun stuff, it can be tough to deal with for newbies. Well XDA member hassoon2000 has come to the rescue with an all-in-one toolkit that will unlock, root, and flash your DROID DNA with a ClockworkMod or TWRP custom recovery. It’s GUI-based and it couldn’t be simpler. At hassoon2000’s request, I won’t get into any other details, so hit the source link for more information. If you like what he has done, we encourage you to donate for further development.

source: xda / donate

Should you unlock your HTC Sensation or EVO 3D bootloader with the HTCDev tool?

Recently HTC started locking their devices only to later announce that they will allow users to unlock them. Everyone rejoiced, but is it what everyone expected?

They recently started allowing users to unlock the Sensation and EVO 3D bootloader through the HTCDev tool, but they are not granting S-off status. which unlocks the ability to flash things like radios and hboot versions.

HTC’s method gives you the ability to flash a modified version of a custom recovery, which will let you flash the files needed to root your phone. Of course you will be able to run apps that require root and have read/write permissions. If that is all you wanted to do than HTC’s method is great.

If you think you want to do more, it might make sense to wait.  It is possible that the development community will figure out how to flash ROMs using HTC’s tool, and there might be a chance the boot partition can be flashed. Since HTC has made it impossible to go back after using their tool, you should wait and see what lies ahead.

There are also rumors that HTC will eventually give S-Off status, but that is completely unknown. Stay tuned.

[via androidcentral]

New Sony Ericsson Xperia devices getting bootloader unlocked soon


The Sony Ericsson Xperia line of new devices have mostly hit the market, and you know what that usually means for developers…custom ROMs! The only thing is that the bootloader is still locked, which usually is a bit of a wall when it comes to building custom jobs. Sony plans on changing that soon, as developer Karl-Johan Dahlström stated that a Sony bootloader website will be going up in “the upcoming weeks”.

The site will be used to unlock the bootloader by getting an unlock bootloader key after providing your IMEI number. More instructions on the process will be available on the site when its launched. That’s sounds like a promising thing from Sony doesn’t it? Maybe Motorola should take a few notes.

[via xperiablog]

Win 1 of 20 unlock codes for your GSM Motorola phone from Unique Phones Ltd

Well, well well, it looks like it’s contest time again! This time around, the guys from Unique Phones, Ltd. are giving away 20 unlock codes for your Motorola phone on a GSM network. What does this do? Simple, really: it will allow you to use your Motorola phone on any GSM network. Here’s how to enter into the contest:

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