Samsung readying Galaxy S 5 Developer Edition for Verizon


The Samsung Galaxy S 5 may be globally launching today, but some of you may want to wait a tad longer on purchasing one. A Developer Edition of the Galaxy S 5 for Verizon has been spotted on Samsung’s site and is listed as “Coming Soon!” The model number for this device, which comes in Charcoal Black only, is ET-G900VMKA and it (obviously) features everything that the regular GS5 has.

So what does the Developer Edition get you? Likely an unlocked bootloader. The cost off contract will presumably be over $600, so make sure you are expecting a rather hefty price.

Source: Samsung

Verizon Galaxy Note II bootloader unlocking process revealed

As always, leave it to the fine developers over at XDA. The Galaxy Note II, a supposed very secure device on Verizon’s network, has inevitably been hacked by XDA member ‘Adam Outler’ thus revealing a method to unlocking the bootloader on the device. If this sort of thing sounds like your bag, then the process will sound very familiar – especially if you’ve owned and tinkered with Samsung devices in the past. The process basically involves flashing three files via ODIN. If you’re not familiar with the process, it’s not for the feint of heart but our rooting guide and glossary of terms will certainly help. Click through the link to see the full post containing all steps.

source:  XDA

The inevitable has happened, Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III’s bootloader has been unlocked


The second I saw this story on the XDA thread, I envisioned many Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III users giving Verizon the proverbial middle finger. This locked bootloader issue with Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III has certainly made a full circle. It started off with many angry customers when Verizon formally announced that the bootloader will be locked on their Galaxy S III, but soon after there was hope as a couple of miss-informed Verizon and Samsung reps told various people that an update for the S III would be out soon that would unlock the bootloader. Verizon quickly denied that rumor and left us all with the hopes of XDA soon finding a way to crack Verizon’s lock on the bootloader.

Well folks, that day has come as the XDA developer by the name of AdamOutler has released instructions on how to unlock your Verizon Galaxy S III’s bootloader. Before I give you all the instructions, it’s important to first read AdamOutler’s precautionary statement first:

Let me make this clear. If Samsung updates your device’s bootloaders, using this tool could potentially brick your device. Once you apply this, never accept a factory update without first flashing the Odin Packages in the Original Post of this thread. As a general rule, you want to be the last guy to apply any Samsung update. Run custom. 

As of the date of this posting, this works great on Linux and it should work wonderfully on Mac too. If you’re using Windows, I recommend downloading Windows Ubuntu Installer(WUBI) to install Ubuntu from within Windows. 

First you’ll need to download the file needed for this:

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AT&T HTC One X Bootloader Unlocked!

Many AT&T customers picked up a new HTC One X in hopes that someday HTC and AT&T would unlock the device’s bootloader. Time went by and the situation hadn’t changed and HTC even went as far as citing “restrictions” (see AT&T) that prevent them from unlocking the One X. As you can imagine people weren’t pleased with this situation and ultimately the Android dev community geared up for work. After a few weeks of hacking one crafty XDA member reached the triumphant goal before anyone else. Thanks to grankin01 we now have a round-about way of unlocking the “restriction” ridden bootloader of the AT&T’s One X.

The way in which this process works is by tricking HTC’s unlock tool into thinking the AT&T version of the One X is actually a Canadian One XL. A simple swap of the hex value now disguises the One X as a Rogers One XL and will now be granted full access to the unlock tool. The process is rather lengthy but is actually quite simple in theory so if you are familiar with adb and a hex editor you may want to give it a go. You must be rooted and if you have already manually upgraded your device to the recent OTA leak this will not work for you. If all this sounds like gibberish then I highly recommend waiting for an easier solution. A more user friendly option is bound to pop up sooner or later now that this method has been established.

Jump past the break for full instructions and be sure to head over to XDA to thank grankin01 for this method.  Read more

“We’ve added more devices to the bootloader unlocking tool on HTCdev” Touts HTC

Here’s an  announcement that always brings a smile to my face.  The wonderful folks over at HTC have just added yet again some new devices to their line-up of handsets with unlockable bootloaders.
We’ve added more devices to the bootloader unlocking tool on HTCdev, including the HTC Hero, Legend, Droid Eris, myTouch 3G, and myTouch 4G.
Time to unleash your brilliance. HTC is constantly pushing to create the ultimate experience for developers. Now you can access the tools you need to make great things happen. OpenSense SDK. HTC Sense…

So, what are you waiting for?  Hit the source link and get your booty unlocking party on.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Feel free as well to hit up our new forums with any questions or issues you might have on a specific device.

source: HTCdev
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Desire HD, Wildfire and Wildfire S Receive Bootloader Unlock Support by HTC

HTC has been on a quest if you will, to further support the development community by bringing the ability to unlock your phone’s bootloader. In my opinion this is a quest that more phone manufacturers should join (hint, hint Motorola). Well if you were one of the lucky ones to purchase an HTC phone after September of last year then chances are your bootloader is unlocked and if you weren’t and are stuck with an older model, fret not, as HTC is showing some love to their older devices. Yesterday the HTCdev Twitter Account announced that the Desire HD, other Desire models and both the Wildfire and Wildfire S now have Bootloader Unlock support.

As you know, unlocking your bootloader and all related problems are at your own risk as unlocking your bootloader voids your warranty. If you are up for an upgrade or are ready for a new phone I recommend the HTC Rezound as it’s now only $199.99 on 2-year contract and as HTC announced, the bootloader is unlockable leading to some pretty awesome ROMs and MODs down the road. If you don’t have Bootloader Unlock support yet keep looking on the HTCdev site because eventually your phone may see this support. Enjoy!

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Motorola RAZR Will Have Unlockable Bootloader For International Version Only

For those of you who are planning on buying the Droid Razr, we have some good news for you. Unfortunately good news is usually accompanied by the bad.

Motorola has decided to make the device’s bootloader either locked or unlocked, leaving it up to the carrier to decide. The European market will be getting the unlocked version known as the Motorola Razr. Verizon on the other hand unfortunately decided to keep the U.S. variant, the Droid Razr, on lock-down.

If you were hoping to get the Razr with an unlocked bootloader you will have to import one from another market or wait for the dev community to find a way to port the bootloader over from the international version. Most likely this will happen since it will be the device of choice for many developers and should only be a matter of time before the Droid Razr  sees some custom ROMs, so keep the faith my friends.

If this is a deal-breaker for you, and you would rather import the international version, let us know in the comments below.

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HTC Bootloader Unlock Page Goes Live Starting With The Sensation 4G In Europe

That time is rapidly approaching folks and as promised, the moment you’ve all been banging on HTC’s door for is here.  The Bootloader Unlock page has gone live over at the HTCDev site and first up on the list, the European version of the HTC Sensation.
HTC is committed to listening to users and delivering customer satisfaction. We have heard your voice and starting now, we will allow our bootloader to be unlocked for 2011 models going forward. We plan on releasing the updates that will allow you to unlock your bootloader in the coming months, please keep an eye on this website for more details on which devices will be adding this feature. We are extremely pleased to see the energy and enthusiasm from our fans and loyal customers, and we are excited to see what you are capable of. HTC eagerly anticipates your innovations.

When you see the words Are you sure you wish to continue?  You are about to start the process of unlocking your device.  Unlocking your device allows you to install custom Operating Systems (“OS”) onto your device. Be sure to hit the ‘hellz yeah!” button.  It’s been a long time in the making, but what’s important is that HTC heard us and is delivering.  If you’re a Sensation owner in Europe and ready to take the plunge, you can head on over to the HTCDev site to get started via the source link. The directions are simple and easy to execute and it appears that support for other devices like the HTC Evo 3D are currently in the works.  We too look forward to seeing what innovation comes out of this.
HTC, we both thank and applaud you.

[via htcdev]

HTC will unlock bootloaders for Sensation and EVO 3D by early September

Back in May, HTC announced that they would no longer lock bootloaders, but they could not ship the Sensation or the EVO 3D with the capability. It looks like HTC will officially unlock them staring in August with the global Sensation, followed by the Sensation 4G and the EVO 3D.

They are currently in the testing phase now, and they expect to be fully operational by early September for devices that have received the software updates. They also plan on rolling out the unlocking capability to other devices as part of maintenance updates and new shipments.

Kudos to HTC on fulfilling this promise and getting it done timely.

Hit the break for the full statement

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CyanogenMod7 and MIUI land on the Droid Incredible 2

Recently, HTC changed their stance on locking bootloaders, but it was too late for the Incredible 2. Thankfully the development community managed to open it last month.

We knew it was a matter of time till we saw some custom ROMs. The two most popular, CM7 and MIUI have arrived and can be flashed. Head over to the links for more information.

[CyanogenMod Wiki]  [MIUI]

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