Shadowgun – Over the shoulder shooter likely debuting in October

The Tegra 2 is a powerful unit, more than capable of cranking out great graphics and intense gameplay. MadFinger has a game in the waits that looks like it is going to fit the bill nicely. The game, Shadowgun, looks rich in eye candy as well as gameplay. Players will take control of John Slade, a bounty hunter hired to infiltrate Dr. Edgar Simon’s mountain fortress. The fortress is of course teeming with mutants, killer machines, and big boss battles. You won’t want to miss this one.

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Pre order Unity Pro for Android, get a free Nexus One

Yes, you read that correctly – if you pre-order Unity Pro for the Android OS, you’ll get a free Nexus One.

Oh, so long as you are one of the first 500 customers to make the pre-order.

Unity is a game development tool for multiple platforms including Android amongst many others and judging by the looks of things, is a pretty powerful bit of kit. Not cheap at $1,200, but a skilled developer could make that back in no time at all. So if you were always intending on buying Unity Pro for the Android OS and quite fancy a Nexus One, get your skates on, sonny!

[via: Unity]