The YouTube Kids app launches in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK

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Just in time for all the kids receiving smartphones and tablets as Christmas presents next month, YouTube’s kid-friendly app has launched in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK. The YouTube Kids app offers a selection of filters for parents to choose from to shield adult or inappropriate content from being seen by the little ones.  Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is on its way to UK


Today, Samsung confirmed in a statement it sent to The Inquirer that the curved variant of its flagship phablet of 2014, the Galaxy Note Edge, is en route to the United Kingdom.

According to a spokesperson for the South Korean company, the handset will be available to purchase from selected retailers from Friday, November 28, with the option to pre-order from Samsung’s eStore and The Carphone Warehouse starting tomorrow, November 14.

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Amazon’s Fire Phone heading to the United Kingdom

Amazon_Fire_Phone_Main_TAFacing lackluster sales in the US, Amazon may be moving toward selling the device in the UK, ending the AT&T and US market exclusive. Although when it arrives in Britain it will continue its network exclusivity by being solely available on O2. According to the Financial Times, the announcement between the two companies is expected as early as next week.

Given its mixed reviews and competitor flagship devices, the Fire Phone is losing ground quickly. Hopefully people in the UK will take to it enough to help Amazon bolster its numbers. Of course, only time will tell.

source: The Financial Times

UK retailer aiming to launch Chromecast on March 1


Folks over in the United Kingdom still do not have access to Google’s Chromecast, but according to a listing by retailer Currys, that is about to change. The UK retailer has March 1 as a potential release date. We say potential because a Google spokesperson told The Next Web that it is merely a provisional date that has yet to be confirmed. Hopefully the wait will be worth it for people in the United Kingdom as Google just opened up the Cast SDK to everyone.

Source: The Next Web

London Bus Checker Gives You Live Locations of Buses, Never Miss or Wait for a Bus Again

While I am certainly not one to use this app, as I live in the USA, those in London that ride public transportation may find this app to be quite useful. As the company puts it, the UK’s best-selling travel app has made its way to Android phones and you can instantly know when your bus will be arriving at any of London’s 20,000 bus stops. You can get the lite version of Buschecker by Fat Attitude LTD. which offers you a 30 day free trial of it’s full features. Otherwise you’ll be paying about $1.95 for all its features. They include:


  • Live, updated countdown display of bus arrivals.
  • Real-time GPS map of nearest bus stops.
  • Full route maps for all London Bus Routes – see exactly where your bus goes.
  • Service information – diversions/closures/cancellations.
  • Home screen widget – live arrivals for your favourite stops.
  • Tap on bus numbers to filter the list: see screenshots.
  • Details bus stop information – routes/map location/direction.
  • Map/route number display – find the right bus to get you home!

Hit the break below to get your free trial of what is considered one of the best apps for traveling by the likes of BBC Click, The Telegraph, Guardian Online, The Independent and Wired UK. While this app doesn’t work for me, I would certainly recommend anyone in or traveling to the UK in giving this a shot and letting us know what you think in the comment section below. Also if you’re interested you can check the video on it below. Enjoy! Read more

The Samsung Galaxy SII HD Won’t Be Released in the UK

The other day we told you about how the Galaxy S II HD was possibly arriving in the UK here sometime soon. The phone, made its debut in South Korea back in Semptember and other markets were waiting to get their hands on the device. I am sorry to say that those who were hoping to see this beauty in the UK will be disappointed as Samsung officially told the web site recombu that the UK will not see it in an official capacity.

So as of right now the 4.65 inch HD (1280×720) Super AMOLED LTE device will only be seen in South Korea and in North America as the Galaxy SII Skyrocket HD announced by AT&T at CES this year. With that I am sorry to say that you won’t be getting this beast of a device any time soon unless you are in these areas. We will keep you updated if that changes. Stay tuned!

[via recombu by unwired view]


ASUS Transformer Android 3.2 update now live for US; UK due August 2nd

As promised, the Android 3.2 update for the US ASUS Transformers is now live. We already know that Germany Transformers will be getting it on August 5th, and today they announced via Facebook that UK owners should expect the update on August 2nd. It amazes me that their are European XOOM owners that still don’t have Android 3.1. Congratulations to ASUS on getting this update out timely.

[via facebook]