Blackberry Priv unboxing video released by Carphone Warehouse

BlackBerry_Priv_Android_smartphone (2)

Blackberry’s first Android powered smartphone, the Blackberry Priv, will be hitting consumers’ hands soon. U.K. retailer Carphone Warehouse has released an unboxing video for the device so buyers can get a better idea of what to expect from the new smartphone. The video is standard fare for an unboxing video, giving viewers a glimpse of the actual packaging and how Blackberry went about fitting everything in the box. The latter half of the video shows a little bit of how the software, especially the Blackberry specific apps, work on the device and how the physical keyboard is accessed. Blackberry appears to be following the path of Motorola in keeping Android pretty much close to stock and adding apps to the device as opposed to layering on their own user interface.

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The mid-range LG Class gets handled in unboxing video


While we wait for LG to unveil its new flagship smartphone, the V10, on October 1st, it’s also readying a mid-range handset that should reach South Korean carriers later this month. This mid-range handset is LG’s first Android phone to be constructed out of metal and goes under the ‘Class’ moniker. The LG Class is already the subject of an unboxing video, as shown after the break.

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T-Mobile gives us a Galaxy S6 Edge unboxing

GalaxyS6EdgeUnboxingFresh off the announcement of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, T-Mobile is giving us a hands-on look at the new Galaxy S6 Edge via a short unboxing video. In the video you see the new Touchwiz put through its paces on top of a close up of the new hardware. Not only that you’ll see a little bit of the camera in action. We have the video for you after the break and as always, keep it locked here for all your MWC 2015 coverage.

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Watch the unboxing of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4

galaxy note 4 unboxingSamsung announced they were speeding up the launch of their Galaxy Note 4 in South Korea to stay competitive with Apple’s iPhone launch. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we get to buy the device any earlier in the US, but it does mean that we get to see some unboxing videos ahead of time.

Samsung Tomorrow got their hands on a device on launch day and went through the proper unboxing treatment, showing off the device and all of the included accessories. You get all of the typical Samsung flagship accessories, including user manuals, USB cables, headphones, etc. plus the Galaxy Note’s S Pen tips and replacement tool. Read more

Carphone Warehouse tests the Xperia Z3’s waterproof rating by doing an underwater unboxing video

The Sony Xperia Z3 is a device with a ton of cool features, but one of the biggest selling points is its unusually high dust and waterproof ratings, normally found in the more rugged-looking Kyocera and Casio Android devices. The Z3 is IP65/68 certified which means it can go as far as five feet deep for up to an hour with no damage to the device.

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Sony Xperia Z3 T-mobile Unboxing


Sony’s latest device is quite the machine, and T-Mobile is more than happy to let you know all about it. The carrier is now selling the device, and in order to get you to make the decision to purchase it, Tmo has uploaded an unboxing video going over all of the neat bells-and-whistles inside Sony’s pretty powerhouse. So watch the vid below, then let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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Google Glass Explorer Edition unboxing videos hit YouTube


As the beta versions, aka Explorer Edition, of Google Glass start to get into the hands of individuals, we are now treated to the first unboxing videos that have surfaced. There are actually two versions of the unboxing available. The first is the actual unboxing that was filmed with something running at a really low framerate, giving the video a very choppy look.  The second video then recreates the unboxing, but uses the new Google Glass device to record things. This gives us a look into what an unboxing videos will look like using Google Glass and you can see what kind of record quality is possible with the device. Hit the break to view the videos. Read more