Leaked images suggest TouchWiz may add theme capabilities


The concept of themes applied to the interface of an Android device is nothing new as many third-party launchers have supported themes for a long time now. The ability to quickly change the look of a device is a feature that many people enjoy as witnessed by the popularity of third-party launchers along with the host of theme and icon packs available through the Play Store. Based on some new images that surfaced it appears Samsung may have realized they can keep people using their own TouchWiz UI if they add in the ability to load themes.
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Google+ updates UI on Android, adds Stories and Movies feature


Google has a lot of apps for lots of different platforms, so it may not be surprising that updates take more than one week a month. Even though several apps were updated last week, Google has continued this week with the release of an updated Google+ app for Android devices. Probably the biggest feature added to the new version is the new auto awesome Stories and Movies features that was announced earlier this week. Probably the biggest change users will notice though is a refreshed user interface.
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‘MapMyFitness’ updated with new UI, expanded features


The ‘MapMyFitness’ app in Google Play was updated to version 3.0 just a few days ago, and boy does it look great.

Not only was there a complete UI overhaul, but several functions have been expanded as well.

There’s a new workout recording experience, a slide-out menu (which we’ve all begun to get very familiar with), new friending/social capabilities, new mobile graphs for post-workout use, and new MVP features including mobile coaching, custom spits, heart rate graphs, leaderboard filtering and live tracking.

The app is free, but the MVP advanced features will come at a price.  MVP pricing costs $29.99 annually or $5.99 monthly. All users will be able to take advantage of a free two week trial for the MVP features, and Galaxy S5 owners will get 6 months free.

Hit the break for a link to the app in the Play Store.

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Shazam getting major UI overhaul, some improved features


Shazam is working on an update to their music identification app to bring users a new, cleaner interface. This should make it easier to preview, buy, and share songs or TV show information. Shazam is also improving access to lyrics, showing them as soon as a song is matched. Shazam is also improving the speed with which information about broadcast TV shows is displayed.
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Box app improves picture navigation and UI polish in latest update


Box, one of the top cloud-storage services, has written up a blog post about what they’re doing to make their Android app experience top-notch. They’ve discussed how they’re working to make the Android app a great experience, utilizing Project Butter and several optimization tricks to make everything fast, fluid, and easy to use.

Box discussed how the most commonly uploaded types of files are image files. In fact, they’re uploaded five times more than the next most common file type, which is PDFs. Since that means that a majority of users are only using box to store and browse photos, image browsing was at the top of their priority list. They’ve overhauled how image thumbnails are loaded and viewed so everything is buttery smooth and completely functional, which should make current users happy and draw more new users into the service.
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Waze finally showing some signs that it’s a Google-owned company, new update sets Google as primary search provider


When Google bought Waze back in June for around $1 billion, we all speculated about the awesome changes this could eventually bring to Google Maps.  We’ve seen quite a few since then, but this is the first time that we’re actually seeing signs that Google is truly taking control over the Waze application.

In a new update, Waze has integrated a new search bar (powered by Google, of course) which is visible while viewing the map. The UI is someone cleaner-looking as well and certainly more minimal. 1080p devices also now have full support available, and some bug fixes and optimizations were thrown in as well.

This is certainly just the start of the changes we’ll be seeing with the Waze app, as Google will want to make their $1 billion acquisition worthwhile.

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Yahoo! Weather app undergoes redesign, features gorgeous new UI

Yahoo_WeatherThe Yahoo! Weather app has undergone a complete redesign and the results so far look great. It’s got all the same great features that you would expect from any weather app, and also includes detailed information such as 10-day and 24-hour temperature forecasts, interactive radar, satellite, heat, and wind maps, severe weather alerts, animated sunrise & sunset times and wind & pressure modules, humidity sensor, UV index, and chance of precipitation and new home screen widgets. All photos in the app match your location, time of day, and current weather condition— any they aren’t corny mocked up photos either— all photos are submitted by users, which is a really neat feature as well. Check out the app for yourself to see how great the update truly is. Screenshot gallery and link to the app in the Play Store after the break.

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Give the new Motorola X camera app a spin with this apk


Motorola’s new camera software is setting itself up to be one of the major selling points of the device, and with good reason. It’s clean, minimalist, and will hopefully give users plenty of options to get excellent photos. If you don’t want to wait until the official device to test drive it, though, you don’t have to anymore thanks to the latest ripped camera apk from newer Motorola devices thanks to Android Police.

The interface is just as clean as we’ve seen it, and most of the features work, including video recording and taking pictures, both single shots and burst shots. Unfortunately, the wrist flicking gestures don’t work, panoramic mode causes a crash, and the slow-motion and HDR modes both don’t function, so it’s not 100% ready for prime time. Still, though, if you don’t absolutely have to have those features and just want a new toy to play with on your phone, it’s 90% functional. Hit the break below to grab the apk to install on your phone.

source: Android Police

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Music app doubleTwist to undergo Holo UI redesign

doubletwist_redesignOne of our favorite music playing apps, doubleTwist, is undergoing a makeover. The folks over at Android Police managed to sneak a look at a blog post that was accidentally posted by their developers dealing with a Holo user-interface redesign. As you can see from the image above, it’s not really a full redesign, but more just design tweaks to flatten and simplify the design to make it less 3D.

The blog post mentions that the doubleTwist team was initially reluctant to fully switch to Holo in fear that Android may shift their design guidelines in future versions. Now that Holo looks like it’s here to stay, they went ahead with the redesign. Before it was deleted, the blog post was dated May 28, so we will probably see the update live in the Play Store tomorrow.

Source: Android Police