Fenix down! The third-party Twitter app has hit its 100k token limit

Fenix-IconAll good things must come to an end, especially if that good thing is a third-party Twitter client. Fenix, one of the better options for anyone that isn’t happy with the default app, has officially started down the path to obscure, abandoned apps.

In case you’ve forgotten or just don’t keep up with Twitter apps, Twitter has instituted a 100,000 token limit for all third-party apps. That means that once an app has signed up 100,000 unique users, it can no longer issue tokens and is effectively useless to new users. Existing users shouldn’t have a problem, but it completely stunts the app’s ability to grow. Read more

NFL’s Thursday Night Football will be on Twitter next season


A bidding war between the largest technology companies in the world has been going on since the start of the year. The prize? Streaming rights for the NFL’s Thursday Night Football. The league wants to expand its footprint by bringing in a digital partner to increase viewership for the games traditionally televised on CBS, NBC, and NFL Network networks. That digital partner would gain exclusive content from the $9 billion machine known as the NFL, putting on a weekly showcase that attracts attention from around the world.

Even though Verizon and Amazon were being labeled frontrunners late last week, Twitter is surprising everyone as the winner. The social network known for its real-time structure will be streaming ten games during the 2016 season.

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Twitter character limit staying put says Dorsey


Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, says the social media platform will keep the 140-character limit in place. That limitation has been one of the hallmarks of the service, although the company did some experiments with raising it possibly as high as 10,000-characters to match the direct messaging changes it rolled out. However, during a TODAY show interview, Dorsey says of the limitation, “It’s staying. It’s a good constraint for us, and it allows for of the moment.” Read more

#RIPInstagram movement hopes to stop feed manipulation


Despite large numbers of users complaining about social media platforms trying to curate user feeds, it seems like every social media company wants to do that. The latest to join the effort is Instagram after announcing that it would implement some algorithms to curate user feeds instead of displaying posts in a strictly chronological order. Just as predictably as Instagram’s efforts to steer users to certain content, a user movement has emerged to object to the change via a petition on change.org. Read more

You can finally search for GIFs on Twitter


On Twitter, GIFs have a booming presence. Over 100 million of them were shared in 2015 alone. People just love these little animated pieces of media because of their brief, expressive nature.

Twitter is doing its best to help you find GIFs on the service by allowing you to search tweets and direct messages.

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