Twitter for Android gets ‘While you were away’ feature


While we like to keep a close eye on our timelines, it is nearly impossible to monitor Twitter at all times. That is why Twitter introduced the ‘While you were away’ feature to recap missed content that a user would find valuable. Twitter collects top tweets published between timeline checks. A banner at the top of the display reads “While you were away…” followed by the content. Initially, iOS devices were exclusive to the feature; however, Twitter is rolling it out for Android today.

The ‘While you were away’ feature does not appear to be included in a download-required update.

Source: Twitter

Tweets to be Searchable via Google


Google is the search engine powerhouse of the internet. No one says, “Let’s Bing it!” or “Let’s try Yahoo!” The go-to response whenever a question is raised is to ask Google. Twitter is the quick and convenient was to send out a short statement to all of the people that follow you. The joining forces of the two seems like a match made in heaven, and it is.

Twitter is hoping to get more non-users to view tweets and raise advertising revenue, and what better way to do that than working more closely to Google to get tweets in the search results. Previously, Google had to search through Twitter’s website to give a searcher information; now Twitter will be giving tweets to Google as soon as they are published, making the experience better for everyone.

Supposedly Twitter will be receiving data-licensing revenue from the deal, to the tune of about $41 million. The deal was described as a “unique opportunity” by Anthony Noto, Twitter’s CFO.

Source: Bloomberg

Twitter rolling out Tweet Activity analytics to Android app


Earlier this evening, I learned that Tweet Activity is starting to make its way to mobile users around the world. The feature that has normally been found only on the web (and briefly on iOS) can be found hidden below a tweet’s timestamp. I tweeted about Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked 2015 event and then saw the VIEW TWEET ACTIVITY section shortly after. Tapping that will expand into the statistics found on the web. It shows how many people expanded the tweet, viewed the included media, replied, retweeted, favorited, and more. Above all of this are the totals for impressions and engagements.

Hit the break for screenshots.

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Twitter Adds Group Direct Messages and Mobile Video


The express-something-as-succinctly-as-possible market continues to evolve, with Twitter feeling plenty of pressure from Instagram, which recently passed Twitter in total users, and Snapchat, which, for some reason, a slew of adults actually use, as though channeling their inner fourteen-year-old, lamenting that they were forced to pass dirty notes in high school as opposed to sending dirty pictures.

Alas, in an effort to continue diversifying its portfolio, Twitter has added two new functionalities: group Direct Messages and mobile video camera.

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Twitter’s “While You Were Away” feature going live for some users

Twitter-for-Android-Receives-Bug-Fix-UpdateTwitter has been working on implementing a new feature for the social network that displays the most popular Tweets at the top of a user’s feed so they don’t miss anything important while they weren’t checking Twitter. The point is to drive up user engagement on the site, similar to how Facebook implements its Timeline feature. The feature is aptly called “While You Were Away” and it looks like it’s starting a slow roll out to some users.

The recapping feature is one of the first moves Twitter is making in 2015 to keep users on the site and posting. The tricky part will be finding the right balance between displaying tweets in the app that people actually want to see, and not just junk that takes up space at the top of a Twitter feed.
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Netflix and Twitter working on a “tweet me a reminder” feature for TV shows

Netflix Tweet Reminder

A new revelation made by a handful of users over the weekend suggests that Netflix and Twitter could be looking to bring a new reminder feature for TV show airings. This feature will let you click on a button below a TV show related tweet reading “tweet me a reminder“. This feature is still said to be in the testing stage and we can probably expect to get more clarity over the coming days.
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