Twitter timeline may be getting shuffled around


Users who enjoy a social media platform that keeps things in a chronological order – reverse to be specific – find solace in Twitter as the service has maintained that type of listing even as others have moved on to schemes to “surface” content in other ways. That may be changing as soon as next week according to rumors. Sources indicate Twitter may be planning to rollout a new algorithm to replace the reverse chronological timeline. Read more

Google employees Google bomb strategy to fight ISIS, radicalization


In a hearing before the U.K. Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee, Google representative Anthony House described efforts the search giant is taking to battle radicalization efforts by groups like ISIS. One of the programs House described uses Google’s search engine to return anti-radicalization links when someone conducts a search on certain terms, a technique that some will recognize as similar to a Google bomb. Read more

Must-have Android apps for your new device [2016]


There are so many Android apps out there that it can be difficult to tell which one is a necessity for your new smartphone or tablet. We here at Talk Android have taken the liberty of scraping through the Play Store in search of some of the best applications you should download on your smartphone first. Take a look after the break!

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A flock of Twitter employees leave the nest amid shakeup


The last eight months at Twitter have been nothing short of dull. Dick Costolo, the company’s longtime CEO, left in July 2015 with an unplanned successor. Founder Jack Dorsey assumed the role on an interim basis with the intent to set Twitter on a course to revamp its board, get everything on the right track, and name a new leader for 2016 and beyond. That new leader was never named because Dorsey permanently became the CEO once again in October, just one week before Twitter announced it would be letting go of more than 300 employees. But the reshuffling isn’t over yet. Dorsey himself announced a whole bunch of moves as The New York Times went public with Twitter’s decision to overhaul high-level positions throughout the company.

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