Twitter removes ‘interim’ tag in naming Dorsey CEO


After a three-month run serving as the interim CEO for Twitter, founder Jack Dorsey has been named the permanent CEO for the social media platform. Dorsey took over on an interim basis earlier this year after Dick Costolo decided to part ways from the company. In addition to his role as CEO for Twitter, Dorsey will continue as the CEO for online payment company Square, which he founded in 2009. Read more

Twitter may relax is trademark 140-character limit


Anyone who has ever tweeted in his lifetime knows the struggle of expressing their thoughts in Twitter’s 140-characters limit. More often than not, it is the English language that takes the beating with most of us tweeting away in SMS language – something that makes all of us look like middle school teens. Well, not anymore! If a re/code report is to be believed, Twitter is building a new product that will allows users to type and share longer tweets.

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Is Twitter down for you right now?


On Monday afternoon, users around the world began noticing that Twitter is experiencing technical difficulties. The web version of Twitter displays a page with the message seen above. Mobile users, though, are seeing spotty performance. Users on phones and tablets are split between using Twitter’s services like usual and not being able to do anything at all.

The social networking site has not yet commented on the outage.


Google and Twitter working on ‘Instant Articles’ solution for their platforms


In this fast-paced world, every second seems to count. Google and Twitter have started working together to trim down the seconds that smartphone users may wait for an article on their smartphone to appear from a few seconds to zero seconds. So-called “instant articles” are part of a push by social media and tech giants like Facebook, Apple and Snapchat to make it easier to connect content publishers with readers. The apparent Google and Twitter partnership adds a couple different wrinkles to the concept of instant articles as the companies plan to open source their publishing tools and they do not plan to host the content themselves, relying instead on cached web pages. Read more

Falcon Pro developer Vergès joins Twitter


In years past, third-party apps used to access Twitter were a hotbed of development with all sorts of perspectives on what the user experience should be like. The developers also tended to produce lots innovative features being requested by users, frequently at a much faster clip than what Twitter was capable of doing. Eventually Twitter started to take steps to put an end to this, much to the chagrin of the developers of these independent apps. Now, one of those developers, Joaquim Vergès, who developed the hugely popular Falcon Pro app has officially joined the Twitter development team. Read more