Samsung’s U.S. market share grows as LG, Motorola, and HTC all see small dips


For the month of June, the top smartphone manufacturers in the United States did not see much of a change in United States market share. Apple and Samsung, the two leaders, are the only of the top five manufacturers to see growth. LG, Motorola, and HTC all saw very small changes that went south; however, none of the declines were more than -0.6%. Also, those three companies combined have yet to near Samsung’s 28.6% market share in the United States. On the overall software front, Android still leads iOS by an amount nearing 10%.

Hit the break for details on what mobile applications have the most reach.
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‘Buy Now’ buttons appear in tweets, suggesting Twitter Shopping is on its way


It looks as though Twitter Shopping is finally about to make an appearance. Some users have been reporting that they’ve seen “Buy Now” buttons in tweets, mostly in the Twitter mobile app.

The products that are being shared with the “Buy Now” buttons come from a shopping app called Fancy. Fancy originally pitched the idea to Twitter back in January, but Twitter didn’t do anything about it. Until now, it seems.

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Twitter acquires SnappyTV in order to bolster its video content for media partners


Twitter has announced the acquisition of a company that it has worked over time with. That company is SnappyTV, who works partners with various media entities to better serve video content through social media. The kind of video content served involves live events such as sports, award shows, or breaking news. Twitter’s acquisition of SnappyTV will allow it to expand its offering for media partners and improve the quality of video content. Rather than working separately, Twitter can provide direction to improve SnappyTV for itself.

Source: Twitter, SnappyTV

Twitter starting to officially roll out new mute feature


Twitter was already working on a new mute feature to help users better control what shows up in their timelines and notifications. Today they announced that they are making this feature an official part of the Twitter experience and will be rolling it out to users over the next several weeks.

Using the new Mute feature, a user you may be following will no longer appear in your home timeline nor will you receive push or SMS notifications from that user. The muted user will not know that you have them muted and they can still favorite, reply to or retweet your Tweets. To mute another user, you can tap on a tweet from the user you want to mute and access the “More” menu to mute them. You can also visit a user’s profile page, tap the gear icon and choose mute.

source: Twitter

Amazon introduces #AmazonCart to add items to shopping cart from Twitter


Today, Amazon introduced a new shopping feature which will allow users to add items to their carts directly from Twitter, by simply adding “#AmazonCart” to the end of a tweet.

Users have to sync their Amazon and Twitter accounts (through Amazon’s social settings), and will then be able to reply “#AmazonCart” to any tweet that has an Amazon product link in it.

Of course simply sending the tweet won’t close the sale for Amazon — the tweet only adds the item to your shopping cart. Check out Amazon’s promotional video for the feature after the break below.

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Twitter experimenting with a mute feature in its mobile app


Twitter could finally be implementing a “mute” option for their official mobile app. Twitter is currently experimenting with the very desired “mute” functionality, and could bring it to the mobile apps soon. Almost every popular 3rd party Twitter app already has this feature, so it’s nice to see Twitter finally doing it. I’m sure you’ve desired to mute a certain someone from your timeline for either a period of time or indefinitely, so this function should be welcomed by all.

Hopefully this feature will become a mainstay within their app. Do any of you guys use Twitter’s official app or have you grown too attached to a certain 3rd party app? If so, let us know!

source: The Verge

Twitter buys up Cover, the contextually aware lock screen replacement


Remember that contextually aware lock screen from a few months ago, Cover? The app hasn’t made any waves lately, but that didn’t stop Twitter from scooping up the app and its developers.

Twitter is generally pretty platform agnostic, so it’s interesting that they were willing to acquire a startup that only applies to the Android side of the fence. Of course, there’s always that chance that Twitter only bought Cover for some interesting technology or the developers, especially since Cover plans to stay available in the Play Store for the foreseeable future.
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Twitter enhances photo features on mobile client

Twitter-for-Android-Receives-Bug-Fix-UpdateGoogle+ probably has the most advanced image tools of the social networks, but Twitter is trying to catch up. Twitter announced new photo features today that include photo tagging and the ability to upload up to four images per tweet.

You will be able to tag up to ten people in each photo with Twitter usernames, without wasting any of the 140-character limit. Tagged users will receive a notification just like a mention. For the second new feature, users will be able to upload up to four images per tweet, compared to the original one that was allowed. The pictures will be turned into a collage, or album of sorts which can be viewed on mobile, desktop, and embedded clients.

The features are going to first roll out on iOS, but we’ll see them on Android soon.

Source: Twitter Blog