Twitter engaged in talks to purchase Flipboard


The next major acquisition for Twitter could be in a social aggregator. The company is reportedly engaged in talks with Flipboard that could result in a deal worth more than $1 billion. Negotiations have been ongoing since the start of the year and Twitter’s CFO, Anthony Noto, has led the way. The deal, if closed, would allow increased synergy for two services thata are all about content consumption.

A Twitter spokesperson responded to the report by saying “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.”

Source: Re/code

Tweets now appear in Google Search results on mobile


Results when using Google Search are going to look a little different starting today. Google has worked with Twitter to bring tweets to the search engine’s results on mobile devices. Most searches will have tweets appear organically, but users can force them to appear by attaching “twitter” to entries. Tweets come from both official accounts and users discussing the searched topic.

Google plans to bring support to desktop and additional languages over time.

Source: Google

Domino’s accepting hashtags and pizza emojis for orders


Ordering pizza once involved a telephone or an internet connection. Remember those days? Of course not! We have evolved. Domino’s, the pizza chain that supports smartwatches, wants customers to be able to order through Twitter. Simply have an online profile housed on the Domino’s site and enable the Easy Order option. Then use ‘#EasyOrder’ along with the pizza chain’s handle after jotting down an order.

Since Twitter limits the amount of characters in a Tweet, Domino’s has an alternative. The pizza emoji.

Meerkat (Beta) finally comes to Android, available now in Google Play


Meerkat announced a couple of week ago that their live streaming app would be coming to Android in beta form soon, and that day is here. The beta version of the app is in the Play Store now for your downloading pleasure.

We were thinking that this would be released as an invite only, but it appears anyone can download it. Now obviously this app won’t be free of bugs since it’s in beta form, so your feedback is important. You can do this by swiping the screen (within the app) with two fingers, which will connect you to the Meerkat team.

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Twitter’s new quote feature now available on Android


Last week Twitter announced a new quoting system in which it will embed the Tweet you’re quoting, allowing you to type a full 140 character comment. In the past, the entire Tweet that you were commenting on went towards your character limit, so you often times couldn’t comment more than a few characters.

The new feature was only available on the iOS app, but the update is now live in Google Play right now. All you have to do is update the official Twitter app, and when you tap on Retweet, then select Quote Tweet, you will see the original Tweet embedded below your 140 character comment.

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Legere, Trump launch flame war over the weekend


T-Mobile CEO John Legere is no stranger to having his tweets picked up and turned into headlines, a limelight that he seems to relish as he continues to push T-Mobile up through the ranks of U.S. carriers. Likewise, Donald Trump seems to be one of those larger-than-life characters in U.S. culture and he is not afraid to Tweet. Unfortunately, the two crossed paths over the weekend and it was not pretty although it has been entertaining for those who enjoy a good flame war. Read more