Not a fan of Twitter’s Like button? This Chrome extension will bring the stars back to your timeline


If you are still in shock because Twitter changed over from using the Favourite button (indicated by a star) to the Like function (indicated by a heart) to acknowledge someone’s tweet, there may be help at hand to sooth your sorrow. There is now a Chrome extension available that will bring back the Favourite button. Read more

Twitter’s hearts mean the end for favorites


All social media platforms have their own special thing to express approval or agreement with content. Facebook has the Like button; Google+ has the +1 button; Instagram has the Heart (or Like) button. Twitter has never had something quick like any of those services. This morning, Twitter waved goodbye to one of its longest tenured features in order to become more like Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. The Favorite button on Twitter, indicated for years with a star, has been retired in favor of a heart to represent likes.

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Instagram unmasks new curated feed on Halloween


Embedding curated feeds within social media platforms seems to be all the rage these days. Recently Twitter launched both their Moments option and the advertiser driven Promoted Moments as a way to keep users within their app while delivery a more concentrated source of content to users. In a bit of a surprise move, Instagram revealed on Halloween they have their own take on a curated feed ready for users. Read more

Twitter’s Moments get a Promoted version


Earlier this month Twitter rolled out their new Moments feature that provides users with a dedicated feed of breaking news curated by specialists retained by Twitter. Twitter hopes this new way of storytelling will keep users returning to the social media platform. Expanding the idea of dedicated feeds, Twitter will be rolling out their first “Promoted Moments” feed this weekend focusing on the new movie Creed. Read more